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The Dog House


5279 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27712
Phone: (919) 471-3800
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Photo of Steve M Steve M
Dec 24, 2018 4

Great hot dogs. Good fast service. Cheap prices. And, the sausage dogs with peppers and onions are really good too.

Photo of korpo roberts korpo roberts
Mar 28, 2019 3

Not as great as i remember from my childhood. But it was still good

Apr 30, 2019 4

Good hotdogs and fries. I wish they would salt the fries and quit charging me for cheese on my dogs. David Warren

Photo of TheExceptionalThief TheExceptionalThief
Apr 22, 2019 5

The staff is very nice and helpful, they also make sure that they get your order right. The food is always hot and fresh. Overall the doghouse is a damn good place to grab a quick bite to eat with family and friends. Definitely worth the five stars.

Photo of Nakeia Thompson Nakeia Thompson
Mar 14, 2022 3

Cheese Spud are good the pies are good and there's sausage dogs are good overall a very good place to eat

Photo of Scott Duncan Scott Duncan
Jan 20, 2022 5

The hotdogs are good but that brunswick stew is to die for!! If you have not had, you should give it a try! Staff if always friendly and seem to take the extra precautions to deal with covid.

Photo of Chicken Man (Chicken farmer01) Chicken Man (Chicken farmer01)
Jan 18, 2022 4

If you like hot dogs this is the place for you. They have good hotdogs and fries. They are a little slow ,but it is definitely worth it. I like the sweet tea. I don’t know what or if the other food is like. I always just get two hot dogs with fries and a sweet tea. I like it a lot. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes hotdogs. The dog house is a great place to do.

Photo of Amy Byrd Amy Byrd
Jan 1, 2022 5

The 3 adults(no teenagers) worked smoothly together in a good rhythm.

Photo of Inez Williams Inez Williams
Dec 7, 2021 5

Wonderful. Haven't eaten at this location, but, the hot dogs were good as usual and the staff very professional.

Photo of Penny Pool Dixon Penny Pool Dixon
Nov 1, 2021 5

Fast, great service. Really nice people and the dogs are great 👍

Photo of Brad Schmaling Brad Schmaling
Oct 4, 2021 5

Everything was great. Hush puppies were awesome and crisp. The fries are old school and the turnover was the perfect touch. I will return!

Photo of TALIA Will Tell Ya TALIA Will Tell Ya
Sep 25, 2021 5

Tailswaggin! Brunswick Stew ... Cheese Spuds ... Sausage Dog! Excellent Crew!

Photo of Darrell Phipps Darrell Phipps
Sep 26, 2021 3

Haven't eaten there in 35 years....I remember why now. Good for hotdogs.

Photo of Nisse O Nisse O
Jul 16, 2021 5

We ordered the Tailwagger Meal, Bulldog style and the Boxer style. One is with slaw chili mustard and onions and the other is the same but without slaw. The Tailwagger is 2 hotdogs, medium fry and a LARGE drink!! They have crushed ice and crinkle cut fries and all beef hotdogs!! The chili is flavorable and goes perfect with the hotdogs. They also have sausage dogs, BBQ, and Brunswick stew. Kids menu is a too. The only thing is the the drive thru can take long a time. There is a table in the back on the outside of the establishment where you can eat. There is no dine in experience.

Photo of Pisces Mike Pisces Mike
Jul 4, 2021 4

Pretty standard doghouse Fair.

Photo of Thomas Oliver Thomas Oliver
Jun 21, 2021 5

Awesome group of people and fast service!

Photo of Jenn Jenn
Jun 21, 2021 5

2 ladies working here today made our take out meal so special by their care in how that packed and prepared our food. And they took time to be kind . TY!

Photo of Tim Cole Tim Cole
Apr 27, 2021 4

I love there hotdog

Photo of Anne Robinson Anne Robinson
Aug 21, 2020 5

The young ladies were very friendly. Food was very good. The Service was Fantastic.

Photo of Debra Evans Debra Evans
Aug 31, 2020 5

Good dog's and good service.

Photo of Ashley Miller Ashley Miller
Sep 14, 2020 4

Good just get orser wrong sometimes

Photo of Michelle Murray Michelle Murray
Aug 17, 2020 5

Every time I visit Durham, I stop by for a delicious hotdog! I love this place.

Photo of Anne Robinson Anne Robinson
Aug 21, 2020 5

The young ladies were very friendly. Food was very good. The Service was Fantastic.

Photo of W M G W M G
Jun 20, 2020 4

For hot dogs, this place is very good. Fries could have been a bit crispier. Their tail wagger special is the way to go, 2 dogs, fries and a medium soft drink.

Photo of Gil Jinorio Gil Jinorio
Feb 29, 2020 4

Good service, reasonable prices, good hot dogs.

Photo of Veronica Thomas Veronica Thomas
Feb 9, 2020 5

This is the first stop we make every year when we come to Durham NC. Love it see y'all in May😊

Photo of silence the ignorant silence the ignorant
Jan 30, 2020 5

Stuart and Charlotte should be proud of their legacy and the food. Great hot dogs, awesome fries...my fav anywhere and have you tried the apple turnover...good god. Awesome.

Photo of Shirley Lane Shirley Lane
Jan 6, 2020 5

So quick but so good.

Photo of papa bear papa bear
Dec 21, 2019 4

Really good hot dogs and fries. Not the best, but really good. Hot apple turnovers are delish.

Photo of Grayce Woods Grayce Woods
Nov 11, 2019 5

Very friendly,great beef hot dogs and hot fries

Photo of R Ferguson R Ferguson
Sep 5, 2019 5

Great customer service. Fresh hot dogs and fries.

Photo of Gary Cooper Gary Cooper
Oct 14, 2019 3

It's been years since I've had a hot dog from the Dog House and they have remained the same ever since. I chose the drive-thru for service and it took awhile because two vehicles were in front of me. The service and food was good.

Photo of Larry Flannery Larry Flannery
Aug 14, 2019 5

Fast service, beef hot dogs excellent

Photo of Audra _ Audra _
Aug 8, 2019 5

Fun little spot for a low key meal that is good quality and fresh, from people who are happy to have you visit and take pride in their work. Apple turnovers are great and the sausage dog was enough to turn my vegetarian heart evil for just one meal. Totally worth it, too 😁