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The Dog House


3521 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-7900
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Photo of Martha Penny Martha Penny
Aug 8, 2019 5

The service was awesome. Food was really good. Extra nice people at the dog house on Hillsborough rd. In Durham, NC

Photo of J.R. Edwards J.R. Edwards
Jul 30, 2019 4

I don't want to tarnish this rating by giving it less than 4 stars however I don't think that this is the best dog I've ever had but it was good quality the wait was over 15 minutes to get for hot daal combos that seeing excessively longer than what it should be considering I don't didn't taste that they did anything extra to make the hot dogs take that long but they were freely decent hotdogs so I doubt if I would return back in the future but it was good while it lasted

Photo of Turner Industries Turner Industries
Aug 13, 2019 4

Best hot dogs in Durham hands down.

Photo of James Hudson James Hudson
Sep 21, 2019 4

Nice place to grab some dogs for lunch. Service is always friendly and I enjoy the smiles. Prices are fair, which is not always the case when eating out these days. I was surprised how good their barbecue sandwiches and Brunswick stew were. Give those a try if you don't want a dog. One side effect of the food is heartburn, which is unfortunate. I think it's their chili. Most of the people I know that eat there have complained of this and I was actually warned of it when I was brought there for the first time by a coworker. I still go back!

Photo of Kelley Lamphere Kelley Lamphere
Oct 20, 2019 5

I love hot dogs and these are some of the best! Family night out movies, pet store, hot dogs and donuts! Awesome service, very nice ladies.

Photo of Tyler Woods Tyler Woods
Aug 28, 2019 5

always enjoy ol yellows (and i dont like mustard and thats saying something)

Photo of Tonya Brigman Tonya Brigman
Nov 14, 2019 5

Grew up loving the dog house... glad they still have one around to go eat

Photo of Mary Me Mary Me
Dec 2, 2019 4

The best place to get a fresh hot dog. The service is fantastic. The people working behind that glass window are so friendly and always happy to see you come. Fast service and great food.

Photo of anthony nelson anthony nelson
Dec 6, 2019 4

This place is AWESOME friendly folks fast checkout and good food two thumbs up.

Photo of Mindy Espinoza Mindy Espinoza
Dec 10, 2019 5

Not a hot dog fan, but this place has really good hit dogs. It's the only place I will eat hot dogs, not even at home

Photo of Danielle Grantham Danielle Grantham
Feb 8, 2020 5

This was my first time going here and I have to say the hot dogs are amazing.

Photo of Racham Harris Racham Harris
Feb 20, 2020 4

I grew up going to The Dog House. I haven’t been in years and when I went this past week to get some food for a family member because it was requested and their in another city I had to get them their collie dog, apple pie and sweet tea. Their food is really good and they now have beef hot dogs, good for those who don’t eat the regular franks. I really love their apple pies and their sweet teas...literally their sweet is like grandma style sweet tea😋

Photo of DiMazing Starsider DiMazing Starsider
Mar 19, 2020 5

Always a great place to eat at with friends or family. Eat in your car, there at the picnic tables or take it home. Love how all the hotdogs are named after dogs. The fries are the ultimate best with really good tea. Actually I could find nothing wrong with the place excpet I always leave too full lol. It is the best place ever to get hotdogs!! Just saying.

Photo of Sylvain Johnson Sylvain Johnson
May 16, 2019 5

Great hot dogs.

Photo of Erick Mercier Erick Mercier
Jun 11, 2020 5

The Dog House in Durham has always been an ol school favorite pastime restruant for me and the dogs are banging!

Photo of Allison Zimmerman Allison Zimmerman
Jun 17, 2020 3

Great basic dogs and fries. Inexpensive. Love the new all beef dogs. For fast food, it's better than a lot of other options.

Photo of Terence Smith Terence Smith
May 11, 2019 4

If you like old fashioned hot dogs at a good price this is your place. They also have good North Carolina barbecue, coleslaw, and hush puppies. Their Brunswick stew is also good. If you are not southern you will probably not like the food. No indoor seating.

Photo of Greyson Meyer Greyson Meyer
May 7, 2019 5

The staff are great! Always super happy, polite, and helpful. My favorite place to get a poor man's hot dog!

Photo of Jennifer R Jennifer R
May 16, 2019 5

I am never disappointed with the food and the service here. You can eat at the picnic tables or go through the drive thru. Traffic can be a little tricky during rush hour getting in, but it's worth it. Great place for lunch!

Photo of Zachary Nally Zachary Nally
Mar 13, 2019 5

Wow, what a find! Great homemade chili and slaw, delicious dogs and great fries. All for drive-in prices. Definitely worth a visit.