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Devil's Pizzeria & Restaurant


742 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-3090
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Photo of Daniel Ghasemfar Daniel Ghasemfar
Sep 9, 2023 5

My life has been terrible. My wife left me, I’ve been struggling with the IRS, and my boss hates me. None of this matters when Im at Devils Pizzeria. At devils life is simple. I go there to laugh, to relax. There is one worker who is extra kind.

Photo of Katana Evans Katana Evans
Jul 26, 2023 3

My slice was hilariously thin. We asked for a better slice because the bottom was unedible. Their response was that “all of our pizzas are thin crust”. They weren’t kidding. LOL. My friend said, “it looks like they gave you paper and drew on the toppings” and that’s what it tasted like. We also ordered jalapeño poppers, and even though, they forgot about it, they were fire 🔥 Chill, late-night vibes and the staff were friendly

Photo of Randi Horne Randi Horne
Jun 30, 2023 5

Literally the best pizza outside of NY. Being from NY, long Island specifically, you know the birth place of the best iconic pizza ever made... I thought the pizza and wings were outstanding. Ziad and his team went above and beyond to make my family feel like their family. We were up this way having our daughter treated at Duke University and we felt so out of place but walking in, the whole team spoke to us like they wanted us here and enjoyed our business. We truly appreciate it! Thank you!

Photo of malika imbert malika imbert
Jun 19, 2023 5

My favorite NY style pizzeria! Coming from a Bklyn girl....Some claim to be, but fall short.... Devils though...??? They really are NY style and brought that authentic essence here to Durham! They don't disappoint EVER & That XLarge pizza pie??!!! DOPE! I really appreciate their commitment to quality food and awesome customer service! Thank you!!!

Photo of Krystal Spencer Krystal Spencer
Jun 19, 2023 3

Edited! Just got pizza here for the second time and it was TERRIBLE! Thin, crunchy, very little cheese on most of it bc it wasn’t distributed evenly, and I couldn’t taste ANY sauce. I hate when place are so inconsistent with there food. Especially when your main dish is pizza!!! First time I went: Best pizza I’ve had in the Raleigh Durham area. Being from NY it’s very hard to find good Pizza and this place nailed it! Soooo good! Will definitely be back!

Photo of krystal palmateer krystal palmateer
Jun 6, 2023 5

Best pizza I’ve had in the Raleigh Durham area. Being from NY it’s very hard to find good Pizza and this place nailed it! Soooo good! Will definitely be back!

Photo of Virginia Montagne Virginia Montagne
May 29, 2023 4

We traveled from Baton Rouge, LA and didn't want to pick up pizza from a pizza chain. This place did not disappoint! My husband saw a deal on the jumbo pizza and got that. For the two of us. It's large enough to feed a family of 5 lol so just know that the slices are huge. Also there could have been more cheese. It was mostly pepperoni and sauce, but good regardless!

Photo of mi philips mi philips
May 16, 2023 5

This place was really good. It gives the old pizza nyc vibes as a new yorker...i approve🥰🥰 a little pricey but worth it. Had a med pizza and some hot wings.

Photo of Tonya Lewis Tonya Lewis
May 3, 2023 5

Oh boy! It was like being back home in NY. Driving up seeing the outside of the building alone made me nostalgic! As soon as we walked in, I knew it was the real deal! I ordered a slice with onions and peppers, and my husband ordered a slice with beef and mushrooms! We also ordered a large cheese pie to go with garlic knots, and every was absolutely delicious! The slices are HUGE and taste like home. If you love pizza, you are doing yourself an injustice if you don't go to Devil's NY Pizzeria! This is not New York style pizza. This is authentic New York pizza. Trust me me when I say you will not be disappointed!

Photo of Mary Kathleen Brickner Mary Kathleen Brickner
Feb 1, 2023 5

Absolutely top tier! I ordered this for a friend from several states away. They made the food fast, it came out excellent, and they even took a special customization request to leave a little heart on the box for my friend and included a little message if encouragement. I am incredibly impressed and appreciative!! Thank you so much to the crew there for your kindness and skills! 💞💞💞