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Devil's Pizzeria & Restaurant


742 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-3090
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Photo of Hunter McDonald Hunter McDonald
Oct 4, 2019 5

These guys have great pizza and garlic knots. The guy in the front counter is always friendly and energetic even though he looks very tired. Over all, great place.

Photo of Jarvis Wright Jarvis Wright
Oct 8, 2019 4

They exaggerate about their pasta, but I do enjoy their pasta. I still have to try their pizza. They are usually very friendly and willing to serve. They have good Wi-Fi... If we could just get them to have the right channel on TV, which is any sports channel Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 😅 But they do a good job!

Photo of Genner Bullard Genner Bullard
Sep 17, 2019 5

Wonderful pizza and pasta... great atmosphere! The owner (Ziad) is always friendly and full of positive advice for my teenage son!

Photo of Tam J Tam J
Oct 11, 2019 5

One of the best in Durham. The pizza have a nice crunch crust and not to soft. The staff is great!!!

Photo of Latesah Cotton Latesah Cotton
Oct 23, 2019 5

I want too pour my heart out for this man. He did something for my family that our own family would not do. He helped us in a time me need. Thank u so much.

Photo of Davida Douglass Davida Douglass
Nov 14, 2019 5

Service is very nice, the pizza came out very quick and was better than soup on a cold day. The sauce alone was amazing, the cheese to sauce ratio was perfect and it’s a hint of something on the crust that completes this 10/10 restaurant. Like I got full and kept eating because it was so good!

Photo of N/A N/A
Dec 21, 2019 5

Best Pizza in the city hands down, the food is delicious and affordable. The owner Ziad is also very charismatic. If you want pizza come here, it’s the best.

Photo of yusuf mufaddal yusuf mufaddal
Jan 22, 2020 4

It's a decent place for economic options. The lasagnas are good. DO NOT understand the chicken club pizza. Wouldn't recommend the Buffalo chicken pizza though.

Photo of Lauren Resnik Lauren Resnik
Mar 4, 2020 5

Omg God bless the Devil's owner and this whole restaurant. I just had the Stuffed Chicken Club Pizza - some of best pizza I've ever had! Driver Shawn was so sweet and polite and exactly on time, late at night too. This is the 1st time Ive ever had food delivered out to this semi-rural house in 17 years! Thanks so much!! YUMMY. Will definitely order more. Keep up the great work!

Photo of Kentoria Wright Kentoria Wright
Mar 8, 2020 5

Amazeballs. 2 slices is basically a small pizza. The wings are phenomenal. This is my new pizza spot and it's only 5 minutes away 💃🏿💃🏿

Photo of McKenna Callahan McKenna Callahan
Apr 28, 2020 5

I placed a large order (chicken parmigiana, chicken alfredo, ham sub, garlic knots, a pizza slice, and cheesecake) through GrubHub, and my family and I were VERY pleased with the food. I wish I’d taken pics. Everything was absolutely delicious, and we will for sure be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!

Photo of Adrienne Efland Adrienne Efland
Apr 23, 2020 5

Fantastic pasta, garlic knots, and dessert! Speedy service and delivery during the quarantine.

Photo of Brianna Green Brianna Green
May 31, 2020 5

I love the hot wings there are so good every other type of hot wings they really good I recommend to get the hot I rather man I recommend to get the the wings I really do like the piece about really love the wings out of everything

Photo of Amanda Ryan Amanda Ryan
Jun 2, 2019 5

I stress-ordered some comfort food from here through Grub Hub. There was a mix up and Grub Hub sent the order with my work address instead of home address. The delivery person from this restaurant was extremely patient and offered to drive my food to my home address. He wasn't familiar with my home address, so he waited patiently for me to go to my work address to pick up the food. I have just gotten home and have barely begun chowing down. Each bite so far has been amazing. And the level of customer service on the driver's part was absolutely incredible. I will be ordering directly from the restaurant in the near future.

Photo of Hakim Ziyad- Bey Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Jun 8, 2019 4

This pizza place has the best pizza in spite of being right next door to another pizza store. One of the guys in the back Steve is an excellent chef and makes the Italian pizza. The service is always good even if there's a long wait the guys are always hustling to get things done courteous one time I overheard him saying it was his full that Emil wasn't ready in time he apologized and took ownership and the customer was happy on the phone. Great place to visit.

Photo of Dr Lady Smith Dr Lady Smith
Jun 10, 2019 5

As always. I ordered the peppperoni & three-cheese calzone. It is large enough for two people to share. I always order an extra cup of the delicious marinara sauce. It is made extremely generous with the cheeses and pepperoni. It's so rich, I can only indulge ever so often!!

Photo of Tony Dillard Tony Dillard
May 24, 2019 5

Huge slices of pizza. Great specials. Try their unique pie flavors or make your own pizza!

Photo of The Marduk Report The Marduk Report
Jun 26, 2019 5

Found this place while driving around and took a chance because I really just wanted a slice. I'm glad I did, because it's just the type of NY slice that I was looking for. Decent thin crust that's not too thin and crispy like California kitchen, but not too bready, like Papa John's. Sauce is good too, but could use more garlic and oregano. Slices are massive, see pic for size It's very NY pizzeria inside. Small space with just enough room to sit and have your slice and then move along. Everyone that works there is friendly and loud. No one will bother you, but don't expect quiet. It's kind of like an Italian household. Daily specials are worth checking out. Thursday is 10 flavored wings for $6.