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Der Nachbar Bottleshop & Taps


4916 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (984) 244-7117
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Photo of Stohrer Music Stohrer Music
Mar 3, 2023 5

Great addition to the area. Great beer selection, nice atmosphere, and owners and staff are super nice. Outdoor seating is great even if it is just next to the road, and you can bring your own food or order from the (middling) Mexican place next door. Great place to meet some friends for a beer. Booths are tucked away in the back, but are especially nice for a chill conversation and they have a few board games too. Sometimes they have live music and/or food trucks on weekends, but if so, get there early to get a good seat.

Photo of Page Ballenger Page Ballenger
Oct 1, 2022 5

A well thought-out German kneipe theme with excellent execution. Lively even on a messy weather day. Great variety on tap and in coolers/on the shelves, knowledgeable and friendly staff, lots of different places to sit for a fairly small place. Outside tables are perfect on fall days and are serviced by a walk-up window. Inside has open tables, an ample bar, and cozy high-back Irish-style pub booths. Convenient spot for Durham/Hillsborough/Chapel Hill friends to gather.

Photo of Rachel Klem Rachel Klem
Aug 27, 2022 4

Was excited to try out this new spot less than a block from my house. It was very busy, which is great, but we had to sit inside to get a table. The place was packed with families and kids on Friday night. That could have been fine, but the fluorescent lighting inside (along with the kids playing rambunctiously in the bathroom hallway next to our table) made it feel like a family restaurant instead of a cool hip taproom. Less industrial lighting would do a lot to make the inside more comfortable and atmospheric. Couple other hints about coming here: be prepared to pay close to $10 for a beer and if you want tacos from next door, (highly recommended) allow for at least 30 minutes for tacos to be prepared. Edit: Thanks for the quick reply! I am happy to hear that the lighting is usually different- that would have made a huge difference to our experience. We are definitely coming back, maybe on a weeknight when it's most likely less busy, as is our preference. I am very happy for your success, though!

Photo of Juli Juli
Aug 15, 2022 5

The shop is well done: great selecting of drafts and bottles/cans. Atmosphere is fun. They got some board games. The outside seating area is really nice and you can bring your dog - it has decent amount of shade but not every table will be shady.

Photo of Johanna Burbridge Johanna Burbridge
Aug 8, 2022 5

Great new bottle shop and bar. Great outdoor seating and vibe. You can't drink the bottled drinks on-site but there's a healthy set of things on tap (20ish choices). Live music when we went. Definitely will return.

Photo of Douglas Graves Douglas Graves
Jul 30, 2022 5

Wow!! We are ecstatic to have this joint in our neighbor! Went for the first time tonight for a beer and diner (provided by the incredible German good truck - Kat n Around) and really enjoyed the vibe of this place! We sat outside (although plenty of indoor seating) very comfortably on this hot summer night. Their beer choices were SOLID GOLD albeit a little pricey - but HEY, it’s a great local business that is 100% working IT up here in North Durham. Another huge plus for us is that it RIGHT NEXT TO the absolute best tacos in Durham - El Jeficito! Looking forward grabbing a taco and walking over to Der Nachbar pair it with a delicious brew! We brought some home with us, as well! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? LET’S EFFING GOOOOO!!

Photo of John Hite John Hite
Jul 5, 2022 5

Great neighborhood bar. GREAT selection of beers. Very friendly staff. Good outdoor and indoor space. Would be nice if they posted a phone number or responded to messages sent via their FB page (but it's a new place... so i'll give them some time to figure it out).

Photo of Kimberly Caswell Kimberly Caswell
Jun 24, 2022 5

Lovely shaded outdoor and indoor seating with impressive on tap beer, cider and more. Welcoming to everyone and I very much look forward to my next visit- Next time I am ordering a pretzel too. Loved being able to grab tacos from next door and bringing over which is encouraged by the owners.

Photo of warren greshes warren greshes
Jun 12, 2022 5

You're going to love this place! Der Nachbar Bottleshop and Taps just had their grand opening yesterday, June 21st. My wife and I were there we loved it! From the 20 taps that serve a terrific selection of beer, hard cider, hard seltzer (my wife LOVED the mango/pineapple hard seltzer) and wine, to some interesting non-alcohol choices, to the beautiful outdoor patio, Der Nachbar has something for everyone: and very family friendly. The owners, Gert & Erin Blüschke and Eric & Laura Cannon, are wonderful hosts. Plenty of places to sit, inside and outside. Good, FREE parking and if you can't stay, grab some bottles or cans from their well stocked coolers to take home with you. Oh, I almost forgot: There are food trucks too, so you will not go hungry! Whether you're looking for a place to wind down after work or someplace to hang out on the weekend, Der Nachbar Bottleshop and Taps is the perfect place for you!

Photo of Meghan Flynn Meghan Flynn
Jun 10, 2022 5

I'm so excited to be able to frequent this new taproom! Gorgeous space with a really great selection both on tap and in the bottle shop. You can get service from the patio through the window, and I think this will be the perfect summer hangout space.

Photo of John John
Jun 9, 2022 4

Excellent new spot. Great brews on tap including a selection from some of my favorite Maine breweries. Also some nice selection of beers to go Nice decor and aesthetic. Hopefully they'll have music and shade in their outdoor patio! Food trucks are great too