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415 E Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 251-9335
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Photo of Bianca Mims Bianca Mims
Jan 15, 2024 3

I recently visited here and tried the Tonkotsu ramen. The ramen broth did lack flavor and the pork was tough to eat. We did have great customer service while we were here. Our server check in on us and it didn’t take long to receive our food. He even recommended a good sake for us to try. There is plenty of parking in this area. There is a deck right across the street.

Photo of Jessica Booker Jessica Booker
Dec 7, 2023 4

I really enjoyed the environment here. It was a nice, calm setting. This was my 1st time trying ramen in a restaurant. Reminds me of pho, which I love, just a different flavor. I got the vegetable ramen, which was good. The hot chili was not hot to me, but I would give them another shot. Parking in the parking deck across the street is insane, so don't be in a hurry or come early and hope there is street parking

Photo of James J James J
Nov 29, 2023 5

Really awesome place. Been for ramen which is a must and went for a special Japanese whiskey flight plus dinner. Service was phenomenal both times. Must see spot if you’re visiting.

Photo of Justin Trosclair, D.C. Justin Trosclair, D.C.
Nov 22, 2023 5

Ambiance is relaxing with eclectic tunes. Service was friendly and fast. Egg was cooked to perfection. Quite enjoyed the texture of the noodles and the beef broth had plenty of elements while sipping.

Photo of David C David C
Nov 18, 2023 4

Very good Tonkotsu (it's like an alternate take - pretty tasty), nice ambience. It's an excellent spot if you're planning a downtown date night. It's walking distance to the hippo and other bars for an after, and hosts a slew of drinks to choose from as a well. I also love the manga inspired walls downstairs.

Photo of Callie Williams Callie Williams
Nov 13, 2023 5

So glad we went here! I would absolutely recommend Dashi. We arrived at 6 on a Monday and were sat promptly, and by 7 there was a line out the door! The miso ramen is stellar - crisp veggies, perfectly cooked egg, smoky chicken, and a well balanced, rich broth. I added the chili garlic butter and it melted into everything so nicely! We also got the bun of the day and the yuzu olive oil cake, both of which were 10/10. Cute little interior too (idk about the second floor, but the main floor was cozy and clean)

Photo of Daniel Perry Daniel Perry
Nov 1, 2023 5

There's nothing like a nice, hot bowl of Dashi ramen on a cold Durham night. I love the upstairs Izakaya because it is dark and cozy. The rice-washed Negroni is also the best Negroni in town.

Photo of Julian Foster Julian Foster
Oct 25, 2023 5

Ah, Dashi in Durham, a culinary haven for the discerning ramen enthusiast and a delightful gem in the world of Japanese cuisine. As a well-traveled ramen aficionado, I had the pleasure of indulging in this establishment with a party of six, and I must say, our experience was nothing short of spectacular. To kick off our gastronomic adventure, we decided to explore Dashi's appetizer offerings. The hot house cucumbers were a refreshing start, crisp and perfectly marinated in a delicate blend of flavors that danced on the palate. The bun of the day and tofu bun, though deconstructed, were an explosion of taste. Each component of these buns was a culinary masterpiece, with unique fillings and sauces that played harmoniously in your mouth. And the kimchi, oh, the kimchi! It packed a punch of tangy, spicy goodness that left us craving for more. But the star of the appetizers was the popcorn, subtly elevated with the ground seaweed, providing a umami-rich twist to a seemingly simple snack. Now, onto the main event - the ramen. Multiple members of our group opted for the Vegetarian Ramen, and it was a revelation. The robust and flavorful broth was a symphony of umami, rich and comforting. Packed with an assortment of fresh, crisp vegetables, it was a bowl that celebrated the bounty of the earth. Each bite was a journey through a vegetable garden, and it left a lasting impression. I, on the other hand, decided to explore the Tonkotsu with chicken instead of pork. While it provided a solid base, I found it in need of a touch of spiciness and salt to truly sing. However, it was still a serviceable dish and had its own merits, especially when personalized to taste. One of our companions embarked on the Miso journey, and it was a revelation. The smoked chicken brought an intriguing smokiness to the rich, savory miso broth. The mushrooms added depth and complexity to the dish, creating a truly delightful umami-rich experience. The ambiance of Dashi was a cozy, dark, and wood-filled wonderland, giving it a distinctive lounge-like vibe. With two floors to explore, it provided a sense of intimacy and authenticity that contributed to the overall experience. I must also commend the exceptional service we received from the two servers. Despite a busy evening, they were attentive and seemed to be everywhere, ensuring that our dining experience was flawless. Their dedication to the craft and genuine passion for the cuisine made our evening truly memorable. In conclusion, Dashi in Durham is a ramen haven that should not be missed. From delectable appetizers to diverse ramen choices and impeccable service, it delivers an authentic and memorable culinary journey. I left with a contented belly and a newfound appreciation for the artistry of ramen. Dashi, you've earned your place in my heart and my list of must-visit ramen destinations.

Photo of T Pham T Pham
Sep 24, 2023 3

We were craving ramen so we came to this place after seeing all of the great reviews. The restaurant itself is lovely and the service was excellent. The ramen was...different. I ordered the tonkotsu ramen which is my standard order when I'm trying a new place out. For a soup broth that is supposed to be based on pork bones, it surprisingly lacked any depth. I also got pickled red onions as a topping, which was not what I expected (normally it comes with red pickled strips of ginger called benishoga). Overall, the ramen itself was tasty enough to finish but, if you're looking for traditional ramen, this isn't the place for you. The ramen here has a more fusion/Westernized flair to it which can serve as an introduction ramen to those who are new to it.

Photo of Monserrat Banda Monserrat Banda
Aug 26, 2023 5

I got the Tonkatsu Ramen with spicy butter , ot is very tasty. The egg was marvelous. I also got the nori popcorn and bun of the day, neither disappointed. Nori popcorn is slightly salty but good nonetheless! I wasn't a huge fan of the house made gingerale but they also give you water generously.

Photo of Nick GZ Nick GZ
Aug 18, 2023 3

Been here before, had some apps, and thought it was just ok. People swore to me that I was missing out on the ramen so I went back and tried it. It was pretty good but didn’t stand out among some of the other places in the area I’ve had

Photo of Duanne Punpiputt Duanne Punpiputt
Aug 7, 2023 3

Ordered Tantanmen with additional chilli butter and pork dumpling. Both were on the salty side. What I liked about their ramen is that there's a lot of veggies in it.

Photo of Sanga Poonia Sanga Poonia
Jul 23, 2023 5

Food was phenomenal. They have the meats! Our server was very efficient too. Great place for dinner. Tonkotsu Ramen w/ Chilli butter and pork belly was bomb!

Photo of Fernanda Kirk Fernanda Kirk
Jul 16, 2023 4

We got there right before they closed, so I was prepared for it to be rushed. They brought the desert before the food and since it had ice cream it started melting right away. We ordered the crispy tofu bao buns, but there was definitely too much bun for not enough filling. The dessert was amazing though, we got the yuzu olive oil cake with the vanilla ice cream and it was incredible.

Photo of Victoria Garner Victoria Garner
Jun 19, 2023 5

Best ramen and most authentic I've ever had. The gyoza was amazing, and the stinger cocktail was fabulous! Also the miso soup with tofu, scallions and seaweed was perfect, exactly what we wanted. We did get edamame and boiled peanuts and were disappointed because both dishes were chilled which just didn't make sense for dishes that are normally hot. So we didn't enjoy that. We got the shoyu and added pork belly. No wait on either of the two times we went.

Photo of Sayali Tungare Sayali Tungare
Jun 17, 2023 4

Went here on a weekday evening as a group of 4. Would recommend reserving a table before going. Wanted to try this place due to the popularity and the hype. To share, we ordered the spicy miso chicken wings, crispy tofu buns and grilled chicken liver skewers. All three items were good, nothing out of the world as such. For entrees we tried the tonkotsu ramen, the shio ramen and the chicken katsudon. Having tried ramen from authentic Japanese restaurants across multiple cities in the US, the tonkotsu ramen was very average and the broth lacked the depth in flavor. In comparison the shio ramen was better tasting but again nothing out of the world. The katsudon was good. To enhance the taste we ordered the chilli butter and chilli paste. Trust me the chilli butter is game changing, I put it in the rice, the ramen and tried it with the wings and it elevated the taste of all preparations, especially the katsudon rice! I ordered some chilli butter to go, but unfortunately the kitchen had closed already, so couldn't get some.