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415 E Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 251-9335
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Photo of Andrew Porterfield Andrew Porterfield
Jun 16, 2019 5

Have been here twice and had a fantastic experience both times. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is very chill. Deffenantly plan on spending a bit of scratch but totally worth it.

Photo of Mark Easley Mark Easley
May 9, 2019 5

Went again for the ramen and everything superb as last visit. Menu is well curated. Ambiance is nice. Food is tasty from apps to mains to desserts.

Photo of Jake Miller Jake Miller
Apr 30, 2019 5

This is the best ramen I’ve ever had. I had to get my order to-go, but it was well packed and survived the short trip back to the hotel. The staff was awesome and service was quick, even for a to-go order. When traveling I try to avoid going to the same place twice, but I will be back to Dashi.

Photo of Ilker Oruc Ilker Oruc
May 29, 2019 5

Great staff, great food! Meats on skew were pretty delicious. They have a huge variety of local and import beers. I had Miso Ramen. It was delicious but it was too spicy. I had a hard time to finish it. Not sure spicy level was mentioned on the menu but I was not expecting that much spice.

Photo of Sydney B Sydney B
Jul 8, 2019 5

I tried popping in for dinner on a Saturday night and the wait was 45 minutes, which didn't work for my schedule. This rating is based purely on the smell when I walked in. Holy cow. I cannot wait to go back and try this when I've got the time to wait. Edited once I got to go eat here: It smelled amazing the first time and it tasted even better than I expected. Loved their food.

Photo of Lisa Vines Lisa Vines
Jun 24, 2019 5

We loved this spot. It's really dimly lit, which I personally love. (I've only been to the second floor so far) The cocktails are really nice and it looked like they have a pretty massive whiskey selection. The ramen bowls were SO good. The egg was probably my favorite part since it was cooked spot on. Super friendly bar staff, too. We'll be back!

Photo of Erica E Erica E
Jun 18, 2019 4

We had a late night date at Dashi with friends and it was absolutely mind blowing. The waitress was knowledgeable, the drinks were great and quick. The ramen was amazing and I will definitely be back!

Photo of Stefan Klakovich Stefan Klakovich
Jul 5, 2019 5

Get a reservation or expect to wait a bit. Usually the upstairs has room for one or two people. Excellent ramen. If this is your first time, get the Tonkatsu and you will love it.

Photo of e g e g
Sep 29, 2019 5

A Durham must! The ramen is so good and well priced! There is only one vegetarian option but I’m sure it would be good. The appetizers and house-made drinks were delicious, as well! Seating can be a bit limited but when we went on a weekday night there was no wait although a large group might have a harder time. Overall, a fantastic experience!

Photo of Ryan Calderwood Ryan Calderwood
Aug 16, 2019 5

I make a point to eat here about once a week; it's that good. Fresh food, great wait staff, great cooks (you're the man, Guillermo), good beer, good house drinks, good buns, it's all just good. Go eat here. Don't look for another noodle place, don't let your SO re-neg on their "I don't care," go. Eat it.

Photo of Eric Saffron Eric Saffron
Aug 7, 2019 5

The menu had a great variety of choices, and the alcohol menu is expansive. The atmosphere is cozy (for a group).

Photo of Michelle Bisanz Michelle Bisanz
Oct 8, 2019 5

Service was fabulous. I loved how it was an open kitchen so you could see your meal being prepared. The food was delicious. We will definitely be back!!

Photo of Joel Munday Joel Munday
Sep 24, 2019 5

I had my first Ramen experience last night here. We had the Tonkatsu dish which had been highly recommended and it did not disappoint. The upstairs bar area is really cool with great atmosphere and a huge selection of hard to find liquors. The bartender (Alex) took the time to explain drinks in detail and makes some super craft cocktails. I will be back!

Photo of Rufus2322 . Rufus2322 .
Oct 11, 2019 5

The food is exceptional. The Izakaya lounge is the perfect atmosphere. When I make my trips down here twice a year from pennsylvania I make it a point to come here.

Photo of S P S P
Oct 31, 2019 5

This place has excellent drinks and food. My favorite restaurant in Durham. It is pricier but it delivers. They always have new stuff. Great for people who like to try new creative drinks and dishes.

Photo of Travis Johnson Travis Johnson
Nov 9, 2019 5

Dashi is one of my favorite spots in all of Durham. The ramen is absolutely amazing. While you wait you can visit their awesome bar right next door and even have your meal there if a spot opens up. Amazing all year round but especially nice to visit in the fall/winter.

Photo of Chrisa Walters Chrisa Walters
Nov 5, 2019 5

Great place for an awesome night out.. Special date, girls' night, family, best friends... Whoever you're hanging with, this is definitely an option to consider!!

Photo of Carole Budd Carole Budd
Nov 15, 2019 4

My food was delicious and the place looks great but we wanted a quick lunch and it wasn't quick. I've never liked the parking deck across the street. You sit close others and they don't give you a lot of clearance to walk in between tables. We didn't look at menus before going but we drank water had two bowls of ramen and two steamed buns and it was 38 dollars without tip. They charge one dollar to get some awesome chili butter. But that's more than 40 for two just for some broth, noodles and a little meat. There were a lot of great things about this place. Everyone was nice and kept plates picked up and cold water was brought to the table right after we were seated. I would absolutely go again, and will soon, and I would recommend to others but their pricing is a high.

Photo of Paula Loyd Paula Loyd
Dec 19, 2019 5

First visit and I was impressed. The food was delicious, service was good, in a cozy atmosphere. Very reasonably priced.

Photo of Leah Ramsier Leah Ramsier
Jan 2, 2020 5

One of my favorite restaurants in Durham! I love getting their ramen whenever I'm in town. They have great appetizers and desserts as well! Be sure to get there early, since it does get busy.

Photo of Ashleigh Brannon Ashleigh Brannon
Dec 27, 2019 5

Love the idea of two areas. The bottom floor for a restaurant scene and the top floor for more of a pub scene. The food was decent and you get a nice portion. I was going to give four stars due to the fact that I was missing mushrooms from my ramen but w/ Ian's quick wonderful service I was able to receive my mushrooms and my night wasn't spoiled. I recommend going at least once.

Photo of Joe Schofield Joe Schofield
Jan 15, 2020 5

This place is just awesome. The setting reminds me of a small, midtown Manhattan eatery which can fill up quickly due to their popularity. I've been three times and the service and food quality have been nothing but consistent.

Photo of Matthew Carter Matthew Carter
Jan 4, 2020 5

Love this place. Great whiskey selection, good ambience. The first and only place I've ever had beef tendon crackers, which I'm now hooked on. Lots of good gluten free ramen options

Photo of Kat Baker Kat Baker
Jan 7, 2020 4

Excellent food, reasonable prices, and friendly staff. The one issue I had was this place was packed (and LOUD) on a Tuesday night. I can only imagine how impossible it is to be seated on the weekend.

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Feb 23, 2020 5

A very nice Japanese styled restaurant with a simple menu but everything is good. We went with a party of six for dinner. It was about 40 minute wait but well worth it. There is also an upstairs bar which serves great drinks and the same great menu offerings. We will definitely come back.

Photo of Erica Walsh Erica Walsh
Feb 16, 2020 5

Holy smokes, the food is amazing. We did the omasake dinner with sake pairing, and can't wait to do it again. Every dish was exquisite and the pairings were perfect. I've posted the menu from our experience, but please understand that it is not set menu.

Photo of Devrat Kamath Devrat Kamath
Feb 14, 2020 5

The bar upstairs is nice and has a good ambience. Not too loud. Restaurant downstairs is good too. Good selection of alcohol, great ramen.

Photo of Rachel Furci Rachel Furci
Jan 14, 2020 5

Great experience here! The food was great, and not overpriced. It has a great atmosphere and the bartenders are very friendly!

Photo of Jacob Klimek Jacob Klimek
Mar 26, 2020 5

I'm not very cultured, and this place has a hip/cultured feel to it which was kind of fun as a date night place. I've been there twice and tried two different ramen bowls. They were both amazing. I also got the habanero infused drink, and it's no joke spicy. This is our new go to place to take friends when they come into town to show them we are hip and give a cool experience.

Photo of David Rowland David Rowland
May 4, 2020 5

Best Japanese style food that I’ve had here in the States. Love the late night atmosphere, we come here after late shifts and sometimes after a show/concert downtown. Tantanmen and tonkatsu ramen are my favorites.

Photo of Nolan Buckner Nolan Buckner
Jun 3, 2020 5

Absolutely delicious! Reasonably priced

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 4, 2020 5

This ramen was super savory and delicious! It was a ton of food and very reasonable price. I am only taking off a star because I've seen other ramen places with way more meat options. However I would absolutely go back here and the service was great!

Photo of Howard Franklin Howard Franklin
Oct 18, 2020 5

Delicious! My wife & I got the “at home kit” today for the Tonkotsu & Shoyu Ramen. Instructions were simple & the ramen was great (see pics)! We’re so glad that Dashi is open now.

Photo of Elena Woiciechowska Elena Woiciechowska
Nov 5, 2020 5

The only place I’ve ever found (in the world) that is able to accommodate both gluten and soy allergies for ramen. Such delicious broths here! I highly recommend coming here!

Photo of Vanessa Krailler Vanessa Krailler
Nov 1, 2020 5

Great food and service. Was excited to see they have frozen meals you can take home and make later.

Photo of Liz Urquhart Liz Urquhart
Dec 1, 2020 5

The take-out is every bit as delicious as dine-in was pre-pandemic. Absolutely wonderful

Photo of Calvin Morris Calvin Morris
Dec 15, 2020 5

Fantastic! Some people are complaining that it comes in a lot of different containers for take out but that's how you keep ramen fresh and not soggy! Lovely flavor, fresh ingredients, and great service. Highly recommend.

Photo of Sean Berman Sean Berman
Dec 20, 2020 5

This place is delicious! They have great heat lamps roaring and felt very comfy eating outside on the cold night. The broth also helped! Would definitely recommend.

Photo of Lindsey Chew Lindsey Chew
Dec 29, 2020 5

Best take out ramen/noodles that I’ve have in Durham during covid. The soup is still piping hot and when poured over the noodles and veggies, this is the closest you can get to having the food served already made in the way it “used to be”.

Photo of gtetem retwee gtetem retwee
Feb 23, 2021 5

I went with the Mazemen. It was very tasty and a good sized portion. This dish has more heat than they probably advertise. It was pretty spicy, but in a good way, but might be too much for those who are not good with heat. I enjoyed going with a brothless ramen bowl. Highly recommend this place, very nice

Photo of Jim Dabbins Jim Dabbins
Feb 5, 2021 5

If you go and don't get the cheesecake you are missing out. It is exquisite and wonderful. Dashi is fantastic.

Photo of Peter Bent Peter Bent
Mar 3, 2021 5

I hadn't had Dashi ramen in a while and recently ordered one of the frozen kits. I had the Tonkotsu and it was excellent. The cooking instructions were perfect and it resulted in a delicious bowl of ramen. Highly recommended.

Photo of Ian Peterson Ian Peterson
May 4, 2021 5

We love this place and have gone here a number of times. Great atmosphere, spectacular food, good drinks. It is a unique experience a d so fun to be able to watch the chefs. Highly recommend.

Photo of George Toh George Toh
May 8, 2021 3

Saw the high ratings and great reviews so we came here for dinner. I ordered the tonkotsu, but the soup tasted weird. Probably because of the huge amount of pickled onions?

Photo of TillieAnn Boliard TillieAnn Boliard
Jun 8, 2021 5

Location of restaurant and the interior was great. Atmosphere was perfect. Casual, but still very nice. Prices are reasonable. Food was so amazing. Absolutely loved it. The only thing we didn't like was the alcoholic drinks we ordered. We really didn't like the first one, but they were kind enough to understand and took it off our bill. The second drink we tried was much better. Definitely requires a particular taste. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to experience soon authentic ramen.

Photo of Adrienne Tegreeny Adrienne Tegreeny
Jun 7, 2021 3

The inside of the restaurant has a nice vibe and the staff is great. Food was okay so we wouldn't pick this place again, but wouldn't say no if invited there.

Photo of Arjun Madhusudan Arjun Madhusudan
Jun 22, 2021 4

The food here was good, and worth the wait. The staff was very kind and helpful in explaining what the Japanese drinks are like. We went in a group of 5 people, and there are only 2 tables that can seat groups of 4 or 5 at once. So you might have to wait for a long while. Call ahead to reserve. We waited for about an hour to finally get our tables.

Photo of Noel Haroon Noel Haroon
Jun 20, 2021 4

Pho and sides good. Atmosphere was comfortable earlier on, after it got a little more populated we left. To close for comfort.

Photo of Barrett Ames Barrett Ames
Jul 18, 2021 5

The tonkotsu broth has a wonderful hint of char that goes extraordinarily well with the pork jowl bacon. The pork jowl bun was was the highlight of our meal. The rich melt in your mouth fat paired with a fresh steamed bun and just a hint of pickled vegetables resulted in an amazing bite. Extensive bourbon selection and an admirable sake list. We'll definitely be returning.

Photo of Jasmine Pflepsen Jasmine Pflepsen
Aug 14, 2021 5

Really nice ramen in a relaxed atmosphere. They did have a modest selection of vegetarian dishes, which tasted great, and the meat options were good too (according to my dinner companions). The cocktails were fun, and the staff were friendly. A great start for a night out downtown!

Photo of Em Kerstie Em Kerstie
Oct 16, 2021 5

I had a great time here! The ramen is so good, I had it gluten free. They do add a dollar for gluten free noodles but that’s not bad! Also had the strawberry cup sake, it was very smooth to drink and had a nice fruity flavor. The bartender Paul was so nice to talk with and had a lot of recommendations for drinks and food! He was knowledge and friendly, definitely made it a better experience. Don’t be afraid to sit at the bar! It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and very delicious food no matter where you’re sitting. Highly recommend.

Photo of Susan Jennings Susan Jennings
Oct 31, 2021 5

My friends and I really enjoy going to Dashi. We are glad they are now open for dine in and that they require proof of vaccination. I am not that familiar with ramen but they make it really accessible. I got the meatball ramen which was awesome. My friend is highly allergic to gluten and they were very accommodating for her and helped her order something that was safe for her to eat.

Photo of Brian Miles Brian Miles
Jan 15, 2022 5

Mouth watering food! I could definitely eat here once a week, great customer service. Not a huge food menu but delicious.. a nice size list of Japanese Spirits and other alcohol

Photo of Quinlan Gallagher Quinlan Gallagher
Jan 28, 2022 4

Pretty good. Got the steamed buns which were great, however with the ramen my protein portion was extremely small… as in one bite. Very high quality food however just wanted to give a heads up about portions. Very good appetizers!

Photo of Lexi Stone Lexi Stone
Feb 12, 2022 3

The best thing about this place is the atmosphere/location. I've been disappointed multiple times by the vegetarian ramen (consistently burnt sweet potatoes, not many veggies or protein at all, and not the best broth I've had). Overall average food but a fun place to eat!

Photo of Katherine Harmon Katherine Harmon
Nov 14, 2021 5

I just dined for the first time at Dashi since the beginning of the pandemic (although I have ordered to-go). I am happy to announce that the ramen bowls are still delicious, the items are reasonably priced, the menu is still vegetarian friendly, and the sake list is extensive ( thanks to the bartender for helping us navigate the menu). Also, I appreciate the requirement to show proof of vaccination prior to dining. The indoor space is quite small, so I felt more comfortable knowing that my fellow diners were vaccinated.

Photo of Emilie B Emilie B
Mar 27, 2022 5

This review is for the Izakaya portion of the restaurant. Wow...just wow. Such a completely delightful experience is so rare lately that I was utterly blown away. The food, drinks, service, and ambiance were so completely on point that there was literally nothing to complain about. There was a comfortable rhythm to the placement and removal of dishes that I felt like it was a performance of some kind. Clearly every detail of the dining experience was being looked at with a discerning eye by whoever runs this establishment. From the moment we walked in and had our vaccine status checked (which made us feel safe) from the time we left it felt purposeful and perfect. Thank you Dashi for a wonderful experience!