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Curry Point Express


5400 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 474-7447
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Photo of Michael Kaufmann Michael Kaufmann
May 27, 2019 5

Curry Point really deserves more credit. Our food was absolutely delicious and it was relatively cheap compared to the competitor. The only issue I had was that most of the items we selected were not available at the time, but the staff assisted me in finding similar tastes, which actually turned out better than I expected. Indian food has always been a comfort food to me, and I was extremely happy with my purchase. Their Gobi Manchurian is absolute fire 🔥🔥. Both tasteful and spicy!

Photo of Rod nance Rod nance
May 26, 2019 5

I love this place. the food is really tasty and the staff is great. yeah, it's a hot lunch spot and can be crowded but I have always been satisfied. highly recommend this place.

Photo of Della Linder Della Linder
Apr 28, 2019 4

"Fast food" curry? I was skeptical at first but it was worth the visit. It may have been fast, but the flavors developed perfectly. Price is perfect, place was clean and food was great.

Photo of Tom W. Tom W.
Jun 3, 2019 5

No complaints here at all. They have a wide variety of indian dishes and all are very authentic. Great food, great service, check it out

Photo of Taylor Baker Taylor Baker
Apr 13, 2019 5

Honestly amazing. Got there right before closing and the food was still extremely good. The sauce on everything is DELICIOUS. The best Indian food we've ever had, and some of the best food I've ever had. We got the lamb masala, very creamy and sweet, the coconut chicken ironically the saltiest and least sweet out of the three, and lamb korma which was also delicious. Definitely get naan.

Photo of Amandeep Singh Amandeep Singh
Jul 1, 2019 4

I love the quick food service at amazing prices. The reason I am writing this review is to give a feedback on your pathetic front desk service. The guy and young kid are harming your business more than you would think, very poor customer handling skills and they come across extremely rude. They seem very disinterested while serving customer. If it was not for good food, I'd never visit again.

Photo of Teddy Spiliopoulos Teddy Spiliopoulos
Jan 4, 2020 5

My go to lunch time place and never disappoints. Really nice folks work here and cook some Indian varieties that are always yummy.. Be warned spicey, spicey so you know...

Photo of Rebecca Ramey Rebecca Ramey
Aug 12, 2019 5

Fast and cheap. Great place to get a quick curry fix

Photo of Anslie Noelle Anslie Noelle
Aug 15, 2019 4

Very tasty Indian food! My only complaint is they tend to hold back and be reserved on serving proteins, as you can quickly eat all of it out of the serving dish and meanwhile have a bunch of sauce left over, but they're generous with the sides and the sauce that is remaining is great mixed with rice or to dip your naan in! The mango chicken and tikka anything are always my go tos when available, but I'm yet to try anything I dislike on my many visits here.

Photo of Hiep Lien Hiep Lien
Oct 20, 2019 5

Great selections with meat and for vegetarians. Cheap price and quick service. Good portions and great taste.

Photo of James Hudson James Hudson
Aug 25, 2019 4

Excellent food. I'm a big fan of Indian cuisine and we're fortunate to have a rich variety of places to go in RDU. This place is more fast casual and suited for take away orders. The combos are priced very fairly. I've been a customer for about five years. Only four stars due to them often not having their full menu available. Go with back up choices in mind in case they aren't serving what you want. Just last time they didn't have any Naan. I was disappointed with that.

Photo of Max O'Grady Max O'Grady
Sep 24, 2019 5

Delicious Indian food spot near Raleigh/Durham airport. Mall food court-style with good prices.

Photo of James Reeves James Reeves
Oct 16, 2019 5

Great service and people. Large variety of options and very good food. Definitely my curry place for now on :)

Photo of Salahuddin Syed Salahuddin Syed
Nov 13, 2019 4

Quick service Indian food, reminiscent of a chipotle style joint. The food is already prepared and you walk up to the counter and order your main dishes/sides. The food itself is pretty good, but I would consider it spicy for non-Indians and it is not possible to reduce the spice level. I've had the chicken vindaloo, butter chicken, biryani, samosa, and pakoda. The chicken vindaloo is especially spicy for those who are interested and the butter chicken will appeal to most. They have limited dessert options, but feel free to check out Carolina Glazed Donuts next door if you crave something sweet. If you have a lunch break and are around the area, I would suggest checking this place out.

Photo of Chris Toscani Chris Toscani
Nov 19, 2019 5

This place never fails to impress. Great staff, great food and by far the best prices

Photo of Asif Mahmood Asif Mahmood
Nov 21, 2019 3

Food was fine, reasonable price; however everything was cold including bread. Staff is efficient and friendly and environment is fine.

Photo of Barrett Brewington Barrett Brewington
Jan 17, 2020 3

It was convenient but not my first pick for a place to get Indian food. I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala with Veggie Rice from the express lunch menu. The sauce tasted good, which is what was offered when I 2as told I could taste it for free. After I got my meal, which is served from various offerings from a hot bar, I took a seat to eat. The chicken was overcooked. It was so dry I couldn't eat it and no amount of sauce helped. The sauce and the rice we're good though. I will eventually return to try other things on their menu including vegetarian options. I'll take pictures next time as well.

Photo of Akhil Kumar Akhil Kumar
Jan 4, 2020 3

Honestly it's very much a 3. Fast service food was fine but I'll probably never go back. Expensive for what it was though but I guess that's Cary these days. Also the menu is incredibly confusing even for an Indian who knows what they're doing!

Photo of Michael Whitaker Michael Whitaker
Jan 26, 2020 5

Great Indian Food! It's easy with the food ready and my kids don't have to wait. Definitely my go to for Indian!

Photo of Chris Hayes Chris Hayes
Mar 1, 2020 4

The overall food quality here is fair to good, not top notch, but also not at a high price! The staff are friendly, and much of the food generally looks fresh and inviting, however sometimes there are dishes that look as if they've set out for a little too long to be for my liking. Regardless, go give this place a try if you're looking for decent Indian food on a budget!

Photo of Silpa Sripuram Silpa Sripuram
Mar 16, 2020 4

Pretty decent little place for Indian food. The food tasted good for the price and options a bit low. It's based in the curries for the day for the combo meals and the place also has a small menu for other options

Photo of David C. Miller David C. Miller
Jul 28, 2019 5

Came here on recommendations from friends. I wasn't disappointed. They have a really good selection of different dishes. Nitesh was very helpful in giving me samples to try. I wanted spicy and hot, so he let me try the Chicken Vandaloo. It had a full-bodied curry flavor, but I didn't think it was that hot. For about a minute !! It made my nose run. Really kicked in. Forwarned ! I tried the Chicken Marsala. Yumzers! You get a good serving of chicken, and then a heaping of rice which is amazing. For $6 bucks and change, you can't beat this. Enjoy !!

Photo of Joy Holloway Joy Holloway
Apr 29, 2018 5

This was everything I wanted when I was looking for a good Indian restaurant. The food is very good and there is a very wide selection of it. There are many different types of meat and non-meat entrees. They have chicken and vegetable samosas. Both were very good. The man behind the counter helped us picked what we wanted. He explained to us what each item was called and whether it was spicy or not. We will definitely be returning again.

Photo of gijs aarden gijs aarden
Aug 23, 2020 3

Grabbed a quick bite here. Enjoyed the lunch special which was 3 sides and rice for about $10. Their oil needed to be changed, as the fried pakoda did not taste if it came from fresh oil.

Photo of Rutul Bavaliya Rutul Bavaliya
Aug 16, 2020 4

I had a lunch express combo with two curry and two sides. Palak planner and kadai chicken in entry and naan and veggie rice in sides with mango lassi. Mango lassi was too sweet and very liquid. Chicken entry was tastier but Palak paneer was ok. I had better Palak paneer in most places. Naan was better than I had expected. Price was good for the portion. I would appreciate if they provide one of the appetizer with lunch combo. I would give them a second chance when in the area.

Photo of Mike Boulet Mike Boulet
Sep 4, 2020 5

Love their food! We make an excuse to stop whenever we can.

Photo of Teddy Spiliopoulos Teddy Spiliopoulos
Oct 7, 2020 5

My go to lunch time place and never disappoints. Really nice folks work here and cook some Indian varieties that are always yummy.. Be warned spicey, spicey so you know...Small update..open and Covid-19 friendly...the food has not missed a beat..still so amazing..

Photo of Madison H Madison H
Oct 13, 2020 4

Good, inexpensive food. Selection varies and sometimes it's better than other days but overall a great spot for lunch.

Photo of Rutul Bavaliya Rutul Bavaliya
Aug 16, 2020 4

I had a lunch express combo with two curry and two sides. Palak planner and kadai chicken in entry and naan and veggie rice in sides with mango lassi. Mango lassi was too sweet and very liquid. Chicken entry was tastier but Palak paneer was ok. I had better Palak paneer in most places. Naan was better than I had expected. Price was good for the portion. I would appreciate if they provide one of the appetizer with lunch combo. I would give them a second chance when in the area.

Photo of Allen Hunter Allen Hunter
Oct 28, 2020 5

Great to get fast tasty Indian food, at quite reasonable prices,even in the late evening. Vindaloo did not disappoint, lit me up like I like it 🍛🌶️

Photo of Alan Hendricker Alan Hendricker
Aug 12, 2020 5

2017 review: Lunch is a cafeteria style where you pick items and sides you want. You'd think this would be terrible based on experiences at Chinese places that serve this style but it works here! Really flavorful dishes, inexpensive, good selection. You can't go wrong with any of the chicken dishes. Turnover seems high so the food stays fresh plus the style is just suited for this way of serving. Warm fresh Naan too. Perfect for "to go" or dine in. A surprising gem. Feb 2019: Just wanted to update this review from 2017, there is now a bit more variety (removed that critique), plus all the staples you love. This place is less busy now because of increased competition but to me is the *gold standard* for Indian Food. Parking is now fine too. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. My favorites are usually to get the 2 item 2 side (for like $8 and no guilt forced tipping, are you kidding me?!). Get one curry one "dry rub" style. The curry goes over the veggie fried rice so well and you have a lot of extra meat from the dry rub one to add to the meal. You can also wrap the dry rub pieces in Naan and make them finger food. So good. My personal favs are the Chicken Tiki Masala (of course), the Chicken 65 and the Manchurian Chicken. Try the Vindaloo if you want hotter. To the owners, thank you for the hard work and clear dedication you put into making this food. It is amazing, period. To everyone else, don't be fooled by others, this place is the best. Get here! Updated August 2020, Lunch is still open during pandemic and same style of serving and options! Food is still awesome.

Photo of Bill Ryan Bill Ryan
Jan 12, 2021 5

Curry Point has fantastic Indian food at very low price! The Lamb Biryani and the Chicken Vindaloo are phenomenal. Such a great value and so tasty!

Photo of iris iris
Jan 9, 2021 5

great indian-british food, definitely recommend the chicken tikka (ask them to add a bit of a kick) and garlic naan (who doesn't love garlic naan?) i just wish they would spell my name, which is "Jay" correctly.... no, Joy, Jey, or Jae is not the correct way to spell my name

Photo of Axel Sanchez-Aguirre Axel Sanchez-Aguirre
Jan 2, 2021 5

Good food, decent prices, and well portioned. Would highly recommend, try the chicken tikka masala.

Photo of Christian Benavides Christian Benavides
Jan 18, 2021 5

Food is good and cheap too. Stop by whenever I'm craving some spicy curry. Their daily specials are cooked to order so you might be waiting a few minutes for your food.

Photo of Robert Gerena Robert Gerena
Feb 17, 2021 5

Food was fresh and hot. Taste was excellent. Will definitely be going back.

Photo of William Nevius William Nevius
Mar 9, 2021 5

After ordering twice, I absolutely love this place. Best value I have seen with an 11 dollar, 2 entree and side combo. Taste is amazing. Definitely going to continue being a regular

Photo of Carmen Lewis Carmen Lewis
Mar 14, 2021 5

This was my second time here, will be one of my favorites!!😋😋 Always a large quantity of food at excellent prices! Friendly, warm service!

Photo of Fredy Rodriguez Fredy Rodriguez
May 11, 2021 5

Very tasty food, very good service and a lot of food for the money. Totally recommend 👌👍

Photo of Coby Batts Coby Batts
Jun 21, 2021 5

A nice place for a gentle introduction to Indian food at a great price! The food is great, but the Vindaloo is out of this world! If spicy isn't your thing, the Tikka Masala is a great choice. Curry Point Express is my go-to for a hot, tasty meal as a person that gets off of work around 9pm. Kudos to the whole team!

Photo of Brian Hicks Brian Hicks
Jun 15, 2021 5

This place is the absolute freaking BEST! Never had such good curries and I've been around to most of the restaurants! The only complaint is that its always very hot and humid in the restaurant.

Photo of Kenneth Williams Kenneth Williams
Jun 28, 2021 5

This happened a few months ago. Sorry, it's so late. We went to Curry 10 mins before they closed. The awesome lady who works the front counter and very nice chef were cleaning up to leave. She let us in and patiently went over the menu for us. The Chef had to prepare some of the meals, because they didn't have any more. They were truly amazing. The food was great, and the prices were reasonable. I recommend this place and hope you give it a try. It would be nice if Curry gave the Cashier and Chef a nice bonus for their great hospitality😁

Photo of laquyia henderson laquyia henderson
Jul 19, 2021 5

I was picking up deliveries here pretty frequently so I decided to give the restaurant a try and the food for the quality and the price is outstanding. The value is actually unreal in my opinion. The food is incredibly flavorful, the staff are so helpful especially if you aren’t familiar with their menu, I haven’t had anything that wasn’t delicious. I’ve taken a couple of my friends here and they are all so impressed with the food quality and price. The service is amazing and Covid precautions are definitely in place. I recommend this restaurant for anyone who is in the triangle! It’s actually become one of my favorites and Im now a regular. Service is really quick so you can go in and pick up but I’ve also ordered online and the food was both ready and fresh.

Photo of Kittu P Kittu P
Jul 18, 2021 4

Decent food and good for the price . I have been visiting this place over 7 years whenever I come to raleigh. I do recommend 👍

Photo of Sheldon Fernandes Sheldon Fernandes
Aug 29, 2021 5

This simple little restaurant bordering Durham Morrisville is a great place to find great meals here at a great price! The mutton curry , spicy chicken curry, vindaloo are a treat to spice lovers. Chicken tikka masala works great with the kids.. The also got a great mango lassi.. the best I have tasted in the triangle area. The staff is courteous and friendly! All in all great place for takeouts or dine-ins!

Photo of Abhijit Desai Abhijit Desai
Sep 22, 2021 5

Excellent food at comparatively lower rates than its peers in this area. This restaurant is unnecessarily underrated.

Photo of Jason Shaw Jason Shaw
Sep 16, 2021 5

One of my favorite lunch spots. Great Indian food for my tastes.

Photo of Skye King Skye King
Nov 14, 2021 5

Super kind and generous with portions. Great food