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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store


3703 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-2888
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Photo of Stephanie Stephanie
Jan 9, 2024 4

The food was good. I got fried chicken it was not that crispy like it used to be. Mashed potatoes and fried apples. The server did a good job always keeping my drink full and being attentive. The only thing was it took longer to get the food.. but other than the long wait time everything was good.

Photo of Tekatta Silvermane Tekatta Silvermane
Dec 29, 2023 3

Long wait for such a small crowd. Half the party was missing things from there orders and 1 person waited almost 20 more min for their food than the rest. Waitress was new and don’t think they were the issue. Manager appeared not to care and believe the back room staff was the problem

Photo of Howard Smith Howard Smith
Nov 27, 2023 5

Food and service were excellent. The 2 ladies that served us and took our orders were sisters and were very nice. One of the sisters said that they are always tasked with the big groups. They do am excellent job. No complaints. Highly recommend! They had nice Christmas decorations too.

Photo of Ally Diaz Ally Diaz
Oct 11, 2023 3

I was very disappointed, for my first experience eating at one of these place wasn’t very great, so I decided to give it a try again and again, but It seem to disappointed me. The food was okay could be better, the service was okay, it wasn’t so busy, usually Sunday it is but it wasn’t. I ask for a kinda basic breakfast, I had grandma sampler French toast breakfast. Now the eggs were cook the way I wanted it but the country ham, was half of my partners country ham, and my French toast well seems like it was butter toast and mix with some egg dip and that’s all, I tried to eat it and I couldn’t, it was hard and the taste was very buttery. I wouldn’t go to any Cracker Barrel again. I gave it chances and they all disappointment me.

Photo of Lena Ash Lena Ash
Sep 27, 2023 5

Was NOT expecting having to go through a knick knack store to get to the restaurant. The bathroom is always at the back of the store. They know how to get you 😄 The food is everything you want out of comfort food. It makes you feel like getting a warm hug or being wrapped in a blanket. Cozy atmosphere with vintage pieces decorating the walls.

Photo of Sheryl Gray Sheryl Gray
Sep 7, 2023 3

We placed to go orders for seven orders. We weren't advised that the wait time was more lengthy than usual due to staffing issues and a large catering order being prepared. The wait time was unrealistic for what I anticipated, and some of the food received was cold when we finally got it. I am usually very satisfied with my food and service at CB, but not on this trip. I give most places a free pass on the first offense, but there are no third ones.

Photo of Sandra Human Sandra Human
Aug 8, 2023 3

Waited 10 minutes for a table, then waited 9 minutes for a waitress after we were seated. Once we ordered the food took 46 minutes to come out. It was 1135 on a Monday morning. We ordered breakfast. Never had food take as long to come out at a cracker barrel. Especially not breakfast. Food was all good except for the hash brown casserole which was overcooked and cold. From the moment we walked in til we left we heard 4 different employees complain about it being busy. Isn't that what u want? And the restaurant was only about 1/2 full!!

Photo of Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright
Jul 29, 2023 3

My S.O. and I went for breakfast. It was my first experience at a C.B. and I was skeptical. The food outstripped my expectations. Unfortunately the service was abominable. 20 minutes before coffee or water. After having to go seek out the hostess and politely inquire. Our server emerges from hiding and apologizes. Then we wait another 20 minutes or more with nobody checking on us, no refills, no water, and no food. I get up and seek out an employee and ask for the manager. Note: we ask to speak with a manager once or twice a decade. The food comes. It's not cold, the order was correct, and as mentioned quality surpassed my expectations. Manager arrives quickly and asks us what the issue was. Polite, friendly, professional. Comped the whole check. It wasn't a great experience, but I've had much worse.

Photo of Daniel Minnick Daniel Minnick
Jul 15, 2023 3

Acceptable service at this location. Good food arrived fast. Not a very clean location. Men's and women's restrooms were smelly and dirty, and had not been replenished with supplies. Floors were fairly sticky as well. Staff were not particularly cordial. More of a "let's just get the job done" atmosphere.

Photo of Arif M Arif M
Jul 7, 2023 4

Road trip to DC and decided to come over here for breakfast. Restaurant is not busy at the moment, but the server seems like bit slowed to serve us. Food was okay, the chicken is the best. I will try another Cracker Barrel store for sure next time.

Photo of Bruce K. Bruce K.
Jun 30, 2023 5

We arrived late and left early, skipping eating at Cracker Barrel entirely but using their parking lot to park the Sprinter van and spend the night. We owe you one, Cracker Barrel!