Counting House


111 Corcoran St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 956-6760
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Counting House

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Photo of Krista Ung Krista Ung
Jun 12, 2019 5

We really enjoyed our meal. The ingredients were unique and blended well. The portions were small though for one dish that we ordered. The other dish had a little more of a generous portion. Decor is also entertaining.

Photo of Kyle Faltisco Kyle Faltisco
May 9, 2019 5

Awesome place!! Coolest original bank vault with money floors to go with it. Awesome museum. Never stayed in the hotel above, but it's definitely on my list! We met the members of the rock band "Garbage" there. Butch Vig is an awesome person and producer. Many thanks for the great experiences Counting House. Have had many and counting on many others to come. 😉

Photo of Bruce Dow Bruce Dow
Apr 21, 2019 3

Service was mediocre - server seemed like she was terrified when she came to our table but when she went to the table near ours she would spend forever there talking and laughing...she finally came to back to our table to let us know our food was delayed because the ticket was caught up behind a table of 20 (although the table of 4 who seated well after us were eating their meals when she finally broke away from laughing it up with the other table to let us know this) after about an hour our meals showed up and the redeeming part of the meal was that the food was good. Oh...and our water glasses were finally refilled by someone (first time since we had been seated) after we paid our bill and were getting ready to get up from the table.

Photo of Miguel Lozada Miguel Lozada
May 14, 2019 5

Sunday brunch was great. Service took a few minutes to warm up and keep the pay one price mimosas coming but in the end it worked out. The food was good I'd not necessarily innovative.

Photo of Stephen Daniel Stephen Daniel
Mar 24, 2019 5

Service was impeccable. The food was innovative and delicious. The bar is a bit crowded and noisy, but a bar should be lively. The dining room is separated from the bar and is a bit more quiet and not crowded. Pricey, but not more than expected.

Photo of Amanda Jones Amanda Jones
Jun 29, 2019 2

I typically read reviews, but rarely post — I feel compelled after tonight’s experience. While the decor is contemporary and interesting, this is absolutely not an upscale dining experience. The prices are definitely fine dining, however. Staff is not well trained, a lackadaisical experience. We left after ordering an appetizer.

Photo of Sean Bokhoven Sean Bokhoven
Jul 29, 2019 2

We stayed at the hotel this weekend and had drinks at the Counting House bar a couple times. I wanted to give this 5 stars bc it's got a nice vibe to it and the staff were all fantastic and friendly. But the drinks were so overpriced I can't recommend it. Need an example? One Old Fashioned = $19. You read that right. This is Durham not NYC.

Photo of Entropy's Arts Entropy's Arts
Aug 17, 2019 5

Not sure why there are so many mixed reviews. We came in on a Friday night and were seated quickly and had such good service you would think we had known the server our whole life. I believe her name was Jenny? Our water glasses never went empty, either. The food was World Class and the plating was art all on its own. The atmosphere and all the different art pieces in the restaurant were cool and unique. I definitely recommend the Semifreddo for dessert! We had the Pork, Hen, and the Ribeye and all were fresh and cooked to perfection. For a fun, out of state visit, or a romantic night to celebrate, this is absolutely worth the price. I just wish we lived closer to come more often!

Photo of Tammy Butcher Tammy Butcher
Jul 13, 2019 3

Great place to visit if you are interested in history (it used to be a bank) or art (upstairs). Our brunch was just ok this time. Eggs Benedict was overcooked but still good. The drinks were on the pricey side. Our companion had chicken and waffles that looked outstanding.