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Counting House


111 Corcoran St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 956-6760
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Photo of leslie Brown leslie Brown
Mar 12, 2022 4

My dining companions really enjoyed what they ordered and the cocktails were wonderful. Our server was largely MIA and we had better service from the other servers in the section than our own. She was inattentive at best. If we had a different, and more attentive server we would have had a better time.i gave an extra star because one of the other servers brought my friend a penguin to attend her as she ate. (They have hot pink plastic penguins everywhere)

Photo of Danica Thomas Danica Thomas
Feb 27, 2022 4

Excellent drink and food selection. The service was wonderful and the food preparation was incredibly quick. I've never been out to dinner with friends before where every single person ate every single scrap of food on their plate, but it was very warranted; no one wanted to waste a morsel!However, the restroom situation was less than ideal. It was co-ed (not too big a deal for me), but it was ALSO an all glass bathroom where you literally face strangers while you each use the toilet... There is signage taking about how privacy is a privilege that we take for granted, etc. etc. It is some sort of art exhibit, I believe. While a worthwhile topic to address, for sure, but if changing your tampon while some random dude leers at you is not your cup of tea, then you might want to go elsewhere...

Photo of Kaia E. Kaia E.
Feb 17, 2022 5

Best restaurant I've been to in a while! Atmosphere was amazing, and the staff was even more amazing! Food was great, and prices were reasonable

Photo of Carson P Carson P
Jan 30, 2022 5

Great food and art! Love how they do their soft scrambled eggs, and the french toast was amazing. I miss their soft scrambled egg and polenta option that was on their 2021 menu.

Photo of Lindsey Bullen Lindsey Bullen
Dec 10, 2021 3

The people were nice, drinks good. But the service in general poor. I am sure it is a reflection of hard times, but we waited for over 45 minutes for soggy dessert, then they forgot to give my friend her CC after charging her twice.

Photo of Chelsea Wilberg Chelsea Wilberg
Nov 27, 2021 5

This place was beautiful!! Like eating brunch in an art gallery. The food was great, the service was great, and the ambiance was great! I highly recommend if you are looking to be fancy 😊

Photo of Tom Brawn Tom Brawn
Dec 10, 2021 5

Very nice, eclectic decor. Not a huge menu, but the two entrees we had were great. Market fish (salmon) with drunken noodles (which were fantastic!). Staff very friendly. Great option before a DPAC show.

Photo of Zoë Marrich-Simon Zoë Marrich-Simon
Nov 23, 2021 5

Their Mac and cheese is to DIE for!!!! Also their pretty in pink drink is my favorite when I get a cocktail. Just so festive and fun!

Photo of Michael Stevenson Michael Stevenson
Nov 18, 2021 5

One of the best bars for cocktails. The lounge area is absolutely lovely. And they also have a full dinning room and private event area.

Photo of Michael Johnson Michael Johnson
Sep 24, 2021 5

Excellent food in a unique atmosphere. We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary here and enjoyed every moment.

Photo of Betsy Johnson Betsy Johnson
Sep 24, 2021 5

Very friendly staff and delicious food! Highly recommend the oysters from Canada if they still have them. It was a lovely meal and night at 21c for our 10th wedding anniversary! Thank you for helping us celebrate 🥂

Photo of Daisy Daisy
Sep 17, 2021 4

Not our favorite food for the price. We were let down by the portion sizes (rather small) and the overall quality of the food, we had the swordfish and chicken and felt it wasn't anything special. The duck small plate was delicious and well worth it.

Photo of Patrick Gray Patrick Gray
Sep 17, 2021 4

Pretty great burger, and the tiramisu was fantastic! My Oaxaca Sour was unfortunately so full orange zest I couldn't actually drink it. Everything else was good though so I will definitely be back!

Photo of Kira Heikes Kira Heikes
Sep 5, 2021 5

Came here for our first fancy brunch in a while - delicious and decadent! Monte cristo and biscuit sandwich are both delicious. Breakfast potatoes were perfect. And the restaurant decor is quite entertaining. Got to see some of the awesome 21c Museum exhibits intertwined throughout the restaurant and hotel but will have to come back to spend more time exploring "The Future is Female."

Photo of Steph Saucier Steph Saucier
Jun 12, 2021 5

Phenomenal restaurant and staff! The ambiance is perfect for any special occasion and the food is nothing less than exceptional! I took my mother to counting house for a birthday dinner and the manager, Phillip, made our experience unforgettable! Thank you for making our evening so special!!!! Ps. It was so wonderful we have reservations for the 2nd day in a row!

Photo of a g a g
May 30, 2021 5

We went here for dinner and everything was amazing! I would reccomend the Japanese milk bread and the wings. Our waiter Josef was great! I left my food in the restaurant and he actually found us and returned it to me haha. Everyone was very friendly and hospitable. They also have beautiful art all around you as you eat! If I am ever in Durham again, I would definitely go back!👍🏿

Photo of katrice perry katrice perry
Apr 27, 2021 4

The aesthetic is really nice, great ambience. Very spacious as long as there not too many people. Drinks were okay. I ordered two different drinks (I believe one was called pink lady??) I felt like they were missing something. We had great service to entire night, we were a party 4.

Photo of Bret Smith Bret Smith
Apr 13, 2021 5

Went to dinner on a Saturday night, and the drinks were amazing. They were not watered down and had actual alcohol in them. Ordered the shrimp steak special and my best half order the fresh pasta. They both were mouth watering. It is our newest date night special. Josh was very entertaining.

Photo of Patricia De La Cruz Patricia De La Cruz
Apr 10, 2021 5

Impromptu date night turned extraordinary! I’m 8 months pregnant and craving a nice steak. Unfortunately, we had no reservations any where. Called Counting House and Sara and her manager were able to accommodate us. They and the entire staff (including the chef that came by to say hi) went above and beyond to ensure our experience was amazing. We had the NY steak and it was cooked to perfection. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious. The ambiance and the incredible food make this a marvelous dining experience!!!

Photo of Natasha Wilson Natasha Wilson
Mar 7, 2021 5

Due to the pandemic they have a smaller menu and use a qr code menu. Still a great variety and loved my large entree. Highly recommend the large over the medium meals. Dishes are very well done and some very unique twists.

Photo of Jea Hyun Kim Jea Hyun Kim
Jan 31, 2021 5

Best brunch spot in downtown Durham. Got the Japanese milk bread pudding and the soft scrambled eggs. The bread pudding wasn't overly sweet and the bread had nice subtle milk flavor. Compared to the ones I tried in Kyoto and Tokyo, the bread was more dense, but it did hit all the spots. Scrambled egg was good and the nice thick bacon bits made it enjoyable to eat. Pita bread on the side was an interesting choice and it was the only thing I really didn't like.

Photo of rvagourmet rvagourmet
Jan 3, 2019 5

This is one of the finest hotel restaurants I have visited in my travels. It's menu which often offers only a few distinct options continues to provide me with something intriguing to check out each time. When in season you can choose from a selection of raw oysters which often includes North Carolina and Virginia varieties. The plates function as high art, with explosions of color, sauces, textures and presentations which complement the overall aesthetic vibe of the hotel housing it. There is very beautiful abstract art including a crawling tiger on the walls, a nice bar and additional seating area as well as a small event space. The kitchen is open behind a glass enclosure. It is rarely crowded and takes reservations from Open Table. The servers are attentive and informed about the menu. Most recently, I enjoyed a venison dish and have enjoyed other meat, fish and seafood dishes. Dine first and enjoy the museum later.

Photo of Naadii Salaam Naadii Salaam
Dec 26, 2020 4

Counting House is one of my favorite spots in downtown Durham for small plates and great wine! The waitstaff is very knowledgeable about the vast wine selection. Great place for a date night or special occasion.

Photo of Ronnie Mooney Ronnie Mooney
Nov 12, 2020 4

Food is good.. hotel is nice

Photo of Diane Smith Diane Smith
Mar 8, 2020 5

This is an amazing restaurant. Great menu, terrific staff, excellent wine list and the meal was so delicious. I highly recommend the Counting House. Oh, and we loved the Penguin trio!

Photo of Ms Ways Ms Ways
Mar 1, 2020 4

They offer items such as Freshly made Pork rinds and they bring Cotton Candy to your table.The museum offers an eclectic collection of art.

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 3, 2020 5

This is a beautifully designed restaurant with wonderful works of art throughout. The food is delicious, and was much more reasonable than I’d anticipated. The cauliflower and sweet potato chips were both delicious and plenty to share. I’ve only been there for lunch, and the three of us all enjoyed the meal.

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Nov 29, 2018 5

I have always enjoyed the physical space and atmosphere in Counting House, but I thought they fell short on the food side. That certainly has changed. Outstanding and creative food dishes that are delicious. Excellent service. Same fun space. One of my favorite restaurants in Durham and also offers a lively bar.

Photo of Ms Ways Ms Ways
Mar 1, 2020 4

They offer items such as Freshly made Pork rinds and they bring Cotton Candy to your table. The museum offers an eclectic collection of art.

Photo of Jim Northrup Jim Northrup
Mar 8, 2020 4

The food was quite good. I did the Brussels sprouts appetizer and the trumpet mushroom entree with fennel and other stuff. Presentation was excellent on the entree. The brussel sprouts were excellent but just came in a ceramic bowl. Service was perfect.

Photo of Kate Gentle Kate Gentle
Mar 10, 2020 5

The lounge was a great place to stop and take a break during our busy day in Durham. Great drinks and very good selection of apps to share. Highly recommend the meat and cheese board!

Photo of Joel Salgado Joel Salgado
Feb 15, 2020 5

One of the most memorable meals of my life. Came for Valentine’s Day pairing menu, and most pairings were spot on and the dishes were equally delectable. Very friendly and educated staff, can’t miss!

Photo of Amy Graham Amy Graham
Feb 23, 2020 5

The food is beyond amazing, I cannot stress that enough. The seared scallop entrée is phenomenal, and the beef tartar melts in your mouth! Our server, Sam was great, taking the time to explain each dish to us. The rum cheesecake balls were the prefect ending to our incredible meal. If you want an outstanding experience this unique, art filled establishment is not to be missed!!

Photo of David Nershi David Nershi
Feb 19, 2020 5

A five-star dining experience before our show at DPAC (just a five-minute walk away). My Cornish Game Hen entree served with wheat berries and parsnips was insanely good. My wonder got the swordfish special with mussels, olives and capers. Outstanding. The artwork and ambiance adds to the great food and service.

Photo of Robert G Robert G
Feb 4, 2020 5

BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! No seriously! Everything was cooked to perfection. The ambiance was amazing. The seating wasn’t ideal but the service staff made up for it.

Photo of Nathan Miller Nathan Miller
Jan 26, 2020 4

A large group was at the bar area and there was nowhere to sit. There were empty restaurant tables right next to the bar that weren't able to be used apparently, which made for some awkward perching on the periphery. Kinda hip atmosphere. The bathrooms are cool.

Photo of Shoba Kumar Shoba Kumar
Jan 26, 2020 5

Good cocktails and great selection of bourbon and whiskey! Bartenders are very nice as well. Took the time to help me pick out a cocktail I would like even though the bar was completely packed

Photo of Wilmer Gregg Wilmer Gregg
Jan 17, 2020 5

Quite a pleasant experience celebrating Father's Day - their menu was both creative and simple to appeal to a wide range of tastes; Sara our server was attentive and not intrusive by any means, we never felt rushed, our meals were delicious and starting out with the Mediterranean fries with Lamb

Photo of Stephanie Beer Stephanie Beer
Dec 12, 2019 3

Good drinks. Limited menu, small bar, limited seating, reservations highly recommended. Restaurant seating only for full meals not appetizers only. Staff not very friendly, kind of a bougie place if you're into that kind of thing.

Photo of Marcus Barton Marcus Barton
Dec 2, 2019 5

The Counting House food is as interesting as the art you’ll find. We had swordfish, octopus, smoked oysters and more. Everything was scrumptious and delightful. Everything was extremely flavorful.

Photo of Robert G Robert G
Dec 3, 2019 5

BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! No seriously! Everything was cooked to perfection. The ambience was amazing. The seating wasn’t ideal but the service staff made up for it.

Photo of Katharine Sublett Katharine Sublett
Dec 4, 2019 4

It's alright, had some issues with my food unfortunately. They got descent menu, and they're really trying to be fancy; although,I wish it was more attention to the quality of food.Update:No hard feeling at all, things happen, I understand that. My issues were: I couldn't get latte or cappuccino made because the steamer wasn't working, so I asked to have a double espresso and a side of heated milk(which turned out to be cold anyways). For my meal I ordered chicken and waffles. When it arrived my waffle was ice cold, the butter wouldn't even melt. I asked it to be redone, when I got a new one it was just barely warm. The jelly that goes with it was spicy as hell (which luckily I got on the side) and I don't think it was clearly stated on the menu that it was spicy. So my meal was a dry piece of chicken leg and a cold waffle. There was literally nothing else with it. Another thing is that we had two different servers for some reason. First it was a girl that didn't even know what were the seasonal items and then all of a sudden another server started taking care of our orders. Both were really short with us and looked annoyed by any question.🤔🤔🤔 Like what is happening? Was our thoughts the whole time.

Photo of Robert G Robert G
Nov 22, 2019 5

BEST FOOD I HAVE WVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! No seriously! Everything was cooked to perfection. The ambience was amazing. The seating wasn’t ideal but the service staff made up for it.

Photo of Rion Holland Rion Holland
Nov 16, 2019 5

The food here was simply phenomenal. Very impressed. Eclectic atmosphere and great experience.

Photo of sebastien berube sebastien berube
Oct 24, 2019 5

Great spot for lunch. Food was awesome. Don't expect to be in and out in 30 minutes, but it'll be worth your time.

Photo of Michael F Michael F
Oct 21, 2019 4

For brunch on a Sunday, when everyone else has a line and requires a reservation which you don't have, this spot is top notch. Fabulous food, friendly, albeit slow service, and a choice selection of finely-crafted cocktails this option doesn't act like a second choice.

Photo of Amelia Roberts Amelia Roberts
Oct 23, 2019 5

Husband took me here for a date. Staff was very nice and friendly drinks and food were great. We had a wonderful evening!

Photo of Maria Kidner Maria Kidner
Oct 3, 2019 5

Wow!!! An amazing culinary delight of flavors, perfect serving size, excellent staff...a truly lovely night.

Photo of Tricia Lease Tricia Lease
Sep 21, 2019 5

Their upscale fries and grilled cheese are to die for. The ambience and decor are beautiful, and we love the gallery! It's a fun place to visit, especially the old bank vault. A Durham favorite.

Photo of Tammy Butcher Tammy Butcher
Jul 13, 2019 3

Great place to visit if you are interested in history (it used to be a bank) or art (upstairs). Our brunch was just ok this time. Eggs Benedict was overcooked but still good. The drinks were on the pricey side. Our companion had chicken and waffles that looked outstanding.

Photo of Entropy's Arts Entropy's Arts
Aug 17, 2019 5

Not sure why there are so many mixed reviews. We came in on a Friday night and were seated quickly and had such good service you would think we had known the server our whole life. I believe her name was Jenny? Our water glasses never went empty, either. The food was World Class and the plating was art all on its own. The atmosphere and all the different art pieces in the restaurant were cool and unique. I definitely recommend the Semifreddo for dessert! We had the Pork, Hen, and the Ribeye and all were fresh and cooked to perfection. For a fun, out of state visit, or a romantic night to celebrate, this is absolutely worth the price. I just wish we lived closer to come more often!

Photo of Stephen Daniel Stephen Daniel
Mar 24, 2019 5

Service was impeccable. The food was innovative and delicious. The bar is a bit crowded and noisy, but a bar should be lively. The dining room is separated from the bar and is a bit more quiet and not crowded. Pricey, but not more than expected.

Photo of Miguel Lozada Miguel Lozada
May 14, 2019 5

Sunday brunch was great. Service took a few minutes to warm up and keep the pay one price mimosas coming but in the end it worked out. The food was good I'd not necessarily innovative.

Photo of Bruce Dow Bruce Dow
Apr 21, 2019 3

Service was mediocre - server seemed like she was terrified when she came to our table but when she went to the table near ours she would spend forever there talking and laughing...she finally came to back to our table to let us know our food was delayed because the ticket was caught up behind a table of 20 (although the table of 4 who seated well after us were eating their meals when she finally broke away from laughing it up with the other table to let us know this)...so after about an hour our meals showed up and the redeeming part of the meal was that the food was good. Oh...and our water glasses were finally refilled by someone (first time since we had been seated) after we paid our bill and were getting ready to get up from the table.

Photo of Kyle Faltisco Kyle Faltisco
May 9, 2019 5

Awesome place!! Coolest original bank vault with money floors to go with it. Awesome museum. Never stayed in the hotel above, but it's definitely on my list! We met the members of the rock band "Garbage" there. Butch Vig is an awesome person and producer. Many thanks for the great experiences Counting House. Have had many and counting on many others to come. 😉

Photo of Krista Ung Krista Ung
Jun 12, 2019 5

We really enjoyed our meal. The ingredients were unique and blended well. The portions were small though for one dish that we ordered. The other dish had a little more of a generous portion. Decor is also entertaining.

Photo of Russ Dean Russ Dean
May 13, 2022 4

We've been to 5 of the c21 Museum Hotel restaurants and had another wonderful experience at Counting House. Our server was excellent and we were greeted with champagne from the beverage director. It felt familiar yet unique and the architecture makes it is a rare gem. The food made it more a 4 than a 5, but we also dined at closing time and their sister restaurants set the bar high. Would absolutely recommend for any date night and we will be back to stay in the hotel.

Photo of Kori Hennessey Kori Hennessey
Apr 9, 2022 5

First time visiting was for Drag Brunch and it was INCREDIBLE! The food was delicious, the art and atmosphere was beautiful and the staff was very welcoming. I loved the bathrooms, especially being single stall and inclusive. Will definitely be back for a regular meal sometime.

Photo of Albert C. Wilmer Jr. Albert C. Wilmer Jr.
Mar 21, 2022 5

Lovely location! I decided to propose to my lady at this place and they were extremely accommodating! The food was amazing..the drinks were strong..lol, and the ambiance was excellent. ...and she said yes!

Photo of Ms Travel Ms Travel
May 6, 2022 5

The food was delicious. My trout was cooked to perfection. And our waitress, Erica was very attentive to our needs. If we lived here, my husband and I would make this place one of our standards.

Photo of Tommy B Tommy B
May 24, 2022 5

Walked passed and decided to give it a try. Staff was nice. Food was a little pricey but very good. Nice atmosphere as well.