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Cost Plus World Market


6807 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 405-2112
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Photo of Howard Cheetham Howard Cheetham
Dec 18, 2022 5

Surprised by the large selection of international foods, so a great place to find that special ingredient. They also have a great selection of kitchen equipment. I haven't looked at the test of the store.

Photo of Wiliam Turner Wiliam Turner
Dec 15, 2022 5

Oh wow! A sleeper store for me! I love this place!! The Paella kit was delicious! I cooked up some large garlic butter shrimp and mussels, tossed in the paella and we had that as one of our sides on turkey day! I told my wife I'm going to Google popular treats across the globe and then see if they have it here.

Photo of Luna Dwarf Husky Luna Dwarf Husky
Dec 1, 2022 4

Love shopping here to experience a taste of other countries and have quickly found new favorite treats and snacks.

Photo of Melissa Enoch Melissa Enoch
Nov 11, 2022 5

Was excited to see this place and all that it has to offer. Found chakra incense sticks, different candies from other places and more. Worth a look

Photo of Ellen Zaun Ellen Zaun
Sep 14, 2022 5

Always a pleasure to walk through. Never leave without a purchase..

Photo of Chelsea Ewing Chelsea Ewing
Sep 12, 2022 5

World market always has some great deals. It’s clean, good customer service and you can find some true gems there!

Photo of Harold Schmitt Harold Schmitt
Aug 23, 2022 5

I love World Market and I do my best to get by there anytime I have an appt.with the Durham VA.Being from Germany World Market is a go to for some items I dearly enjoyed growing up in Germany that I can't find in regular stores.A tiny variety of sausages ,red cabbage,herrings in a vinegar marinade, so glad I found this place.On top of that the staff is super friendly!!!!

Photo of Es “A Valid Consumer” Bee Es “A Valid Consumer” Bee
Jul 10, 2022 3

People raved on about world markets for years and I was really let down when I finally got to go there. I thought it was a bit basic and a bit lacking. The prices were all over the place but there was so many things That didn’t have any prices on them, so that was a bit of a turn off. The reason for three stars is mainly because the restrooms were Disgusting. Not just dirty but there was not one paper products in there at all no toilet paper, nothing for your hands, just nothing. They weren’t that busy and they had enough staff that someone could’ve checked. The worst was when we checked out and I told the cashier and he looked at me with a completely vacant expression. I said I’ve told you this so that you could tell someone who could maybe fix that situation and he just carried on staring at me. So you all are on your own there.

Photo of Daniel Weiner Daniel Weiner
May 28, 2022 5

shopped here for years and love the unusual items you find here, especially the international ones.

Photo of June Brougham June Brougham
May 7, 2022 4

Interesting place to shop around. Shopping center has. almost everything but confusing until you go there often

Photo of abigail oneill abigail oneill
Apr 29, 2022 4

I love World Market - love its selections of items from ready-made foods to decor to furniture. So this review is not about that - it's about why, the last few times I've been there, it seems that the only person actually working there is one hard-working gentleman at one cash register as a long customer line forms and no other WM help is in sight. Where is everyone? They can't all be stocking shelves, and when he calls for help, no one comes. It seems terribly unfair to him and to the customers. They need to do better; he shouldn't have to do all the work.