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Cosmic Cantina


1920 Perry St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-1875
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Photo of Andrew Gasper Andrew Gasper
Jan 7, 2024 5

Really cool place! Definitely will be back! Got a chicken burrito and it was HUGE! Everything was fresh made and as you order you can see everything being prepped in the kitchen. Stephanie at the register was super friendly and everything came out pretty quick despite it being SLAMED.

Photo of sparrowmedrama sparrowmedrama
Jun 19, 2023 5

The giant burrito is such a great deal for two meals! The chicken is well marinated and the flavors of the burrito as a whole are quite delicious. One of the best burritos in the area! The hot sauce is also a must.

Photo of Aaron Ghering Aaron Ghering
May 31, 2023 5

I had the pleasure of visiting Cosmic Cantina in Durham on the recommendation of a friend. I am from SoCal originally so I am always down for good Mexican food! The burritos here basically ruined me for any other joint! This place is aptly named because it is out of this world! I had a deluxe chicken and deluxe steak burrito and they were both huge and amazing. If the deluxe was this big, I would love to see the grande. Both burritos had a great balance of ingredients; I couldn’t put them down! They also offer a great complement of vegan and vegetarian choices! In addition to the food, I also love the rustic hole-in-the-wall charm of this somewhat hidden gem. I recommend Cosmic Cantina to anyone who wants an exceptional burrito!

Photo of Brenda M Brenda M
May 25, 2023 5

When you first walk in it seems sketchy for the graffiti on the walls. It is part of the theme as it’s name is cantina. Once you step in the restaurant is really cool. Indoor and outdoor seating. Terrace is open and fresh air. We visited at night so it was cool. Staff was extremely friendly and smiling. Margarita was ready in no time before we sat after ordering. They ask for your name to call you after ordering over the counter. I just came back from Mexico couple of days ago and taste of this place is so so good and very close to be authentic.

Photo of Michael Dajoh Michael Dajoh
Apr 24, 2023 3

I was looking for a place to order late during my latest visit in the area. This restaurant opens late until 4 am, and had many good reviews on Google. I placed an order online, and drove up to the restaurant around 11pm on a Saturday night. The restaurant was not easily spotted at night if you are not familiar with the area. Parking (on the street) are limited. The restaurant is located on a second story of a building. You would have to take a flight of 20+ stairs straight up, not sure if they have a handicap accessible entry to the restaurant. Once you are in the restaurant, the place was vibrant with loud Latin music playing. There were long line of customers waiting to order. There was no separate lines for ordering for onsite dining or picking up. Finally picked up my food after 20 minutes standing in the line. Brought it back to the hotel, and discovered there was no utensils or napkins provided in the bag. I ordered a deluxe Steak Burrito with a side of tortilla chips and queso Blanco. The burrito was good and large. Chips however were just your average standard restaurant kind. Overall, not worth the drive and hassle for a pick-up order. I would consider dining in the next time, if I decided to give them another try.