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Cosmic Cantina


1920 Perry St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-1875
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Photo of Karen Dawkins Karen Dawkins
Nov 14, 2022 4

Found this place thanks to reviews. Food is excellent, atmosphere is “late night college eatery.” Once you find the place (difficult — see photo), the next challenge is deciding what to eat. They have many options, including veg/vegan. Highly recommended.

Photo of Lisa & Wes Williams Lisa & Wes Williams
Sep 25, 2022 5

Fun college town mexican cantina. Lot's of graffiti, hard to find entrance, narrow steps and local vibe. Great representation of Durham and close to Duke. The Chimicanga's were tops for me!

Photo of Bill Ryan Bill Ryan
Jul 30, 2022 5

I lived on the food here in grad school. Cheap, delectable, late night with a surprisingly decent beer bottle selection. The prices have gone up a bit, but the food is still great!

Photo of Russ D (Rusty) Russ D (Rusty)
Jul 22, 2022 3

Mediocre place. On the plus side they have vegetarian options, they are open late, and there is a back patio. On the downside they always goof up my order. Today it was nachos with raw unmelted cheese on top of the salsa and guac. Not next to the warm beans. Cold nachos is not my jam! Last time it was the stale tortilla on a burrito, not steamed or fried. Just raw tortilla cracking at the corners. Went back and ordered plain nachos with no aguacate or crema. They still dont melt the cheese? It could be worse, at least they dont use what is cluelessly called “queso” by many. Queso is Spanish for cheese, not cheese sauce! I lived in the Bay Area for 15 years so I guess I am a bit spoiled. But you can find decent Tex Mex in NYC, Chicago and other cities. Its not hard! Its ok, I just wish they would take down the ‘best Mexican food on the planet’ sign. And buy a microwave.

Photo of Sheila Weaver Sheila Weaver
Jul 16, 2022 4

This was my first time here but my boyfriend has been here multiple times. It is located on the second floor so the only access is stairs. Hallway and tables are intentionally covered in graffiti. Was a very nice experience. We got burritos. They were very good and worth the money. I will visit again next time I'm in N.C.

Photo of Benjamin Green Benjamin Green
Jul 15, 2022 4

Very cool spot! Upstairs through the graffiti, and you got tasty burritos. They're huge though! Make sure to order the hot sauce and salsa, I wish I did. It costs extra. But yeah good meal for passing through!

Photo of Anthony Morris Anthony Morris
Jun 30, 2022 4

Great late night spot for latin food. Long wait depending on the time but well worth it. Food is fantastic.

Photo of Tim McFeaters Tim McFeaters
Jun 28, 2022 5

What an amazing literal hole in the wall!! If you find yourself going up the ominous stairs to nowhere you are in the right place. Burritos are delicious and BIG. If you leave hungry you did not eat here!!

Photo of The Jaime The Jaime
May 15, 2022 4

As a person that has tried many a burritos in my short lifespan, I would say I am happy to have had the pleasure of eating their delicious burrito! Brings back nostalgia that I had forgotten about. My guests enjoyed their foods, as did I. The only issue I had was my burrito was on the saltier side and my beer was warm. I will definitely be coming back.

Photo of Jenna Gilley Jenna Gilley
May 13, 2022 5

Absolutely loved my chicken burrito and the chips with salsa. The service was fast, the prices reasonable, and the food tasted so fresh. The margarita wasn't my favorite (too sweet) but reasonably priced!

Photo of Jeff Cutler Jeff Cutler
May 1, 2022 5

First time it was kinda tricky to find (poor signage, upstairs). Inside is a quirky grill restaurant with a rooftop patio. The place just exudes character. Then we got our food. I got a chimichanga, others in our party got burritos. They were... large. Like you should plan on taking some home with you. Either that or else living with the regret that comes with eating three pounds of food in one sitting (I chose the latter). It wasn't hands down the best food I've had, but it was really good. And you absolutely cannot beat the value. I know I'll be coming back.

Photo of Briana Azar Briana Azar
Mar 31, 2022 5

The best burrito in America, no joke. Nothing compares to Cosmic Cantina, which is sad because I live in DC now and can only get Cosmic when I’m in Durham visiting family. The chicken is unmatched, everything is fresh, and the ingredients are cooked to perfection. I’m glad that one of Durham’s staples has continued to thrive after all these years

Photo of Tarik Glenn Tarik Glenn
Mar 23, 2022 5

Cosmic has been a favorite spot of mine since 2000. Their burritos are filling, have great flavor, and fresh ingredients. I always get the vegetarian with chips and salsa. This location is directly off the road and at the top of a stairwell, so you may have to look for it (those who know where it is, know). Go hear if you want a quick, casual meal, are looking for flavor and freshness without a high cost, and want a chill spot.

Photo of Mackenzie A. Shepard Mackenzie A. Shepard
Mar 6, 2022 4

Good food. However, prices are not updated in the website. Amount of food is also good for only one meal, so leftover lovers beware. I also had to look up the ingredients of the food online. We had an allergen scare. Everyone else loves this place so you'll probably love it too.

Photo of B. Bowen B. Bowen
Feb 13, 2022 5

This place is a great late night eatery. Just remember it's close promoxity to Duke will lead to large lines during thurs to Sat night after many students are leaving the bars. So just be prepared to wait but the food is very tasty and you will definitely enjoy your tasty burritos or tacos.

Photo of Leah Vann Leah Vann
Jan 28, 2022 5

I’m in love with their chicken nachos. It taste different than any other Mexican spots I’ve tried. No one can top their ingredients.

Photo of madry bell madry bell
Jan 27, 2022 5

Amazing place! Cooler environment, spectacular food. Cheap beer. This place can get understandably very busy, but the quality and quantity of the food vs the price makes it extremely worth it. A Must check out if you're in Durham. The locals know this place is a staple of the area.

Photo of joe lesjak joe lesjak
Jan 26, 2022 5

Best burritos in North Carolina. Cheap, open late, and a great atmosphere. The location being tucked away adds to the charm and probably keeps it from having a line out the door all day

Photo of Team 7 Channel Team 7 Channel
Jan 19, 2022 5

Man this place is so great for Mexican food. Probably best and Cheapest family run Mexican Restaurant in Durham behind the giant La Cocina in Durham. Y’all make some great food and make the garbage Mexican restaurant beside my house look like a toxic waste lol. The taco is good too they have. For 4 people we paid around $35 which is a really good deal!!!

Photo of azen bby azen bby
Dec 27, 2021 5

Always good eats. They sell alcohol. There’s always a line but the food is worth it. They change the menu up so you don’t get bored. I’ve come for over seven years and they never gotten my order wrong. I’ve never had an issue with the employees ever. Sometimes the people are okay. After 2am it’s the drunk crowd under 30 so they are loud. But if you avoid that you’re fine.

Photo of Richard Rigney Richard Rigney
Dec 23, 2021 5

It's that hole in the wall place. Just good Mexican food and fairly priced. Definitely will be coming back