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3119 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 864-8634
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Cook Out

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Photo of R G R G
Apr 19, 2019 4

The food is affordable and delicious. The staff are some of the friendliest, sweetest people I've met. The only reason no 5 stars is because there's always a Christian Rock music station playing inside and it's a huge turn off while I'm trying to eat. I want to be able to eat fast food without being preached to.

Photo of Ryan Burch Ryan Burch
Jun 1, 2019 4

Quick food that pleases all. It's Cookout, yes, but this one always delivers and the shakes are great as always. Also, my order is always right. I'm so tired of checking my orders due to errors but they always get it right here. Cheers!

Photo of Martin Kapusnik Martin Kapusnik
Apr 9, 2019 4

I know it's fast food and it should be quick but I often forget about cook out when I don't smell one and need to grab a quick lunch. Foods generally good, always fresh but this last time I had a bit of a different experience. There were 2 employees working the register and one of them kept going over the loud speaker talking to his friends sitting down. When he was done he said to girl that f***** hears me. I told him I don't appreciate that language, he apologized and walked into the back. A few minutes later I received my food and left. I had ordered onion rings with my burger and sadly after driving away realized they only gave me 2 small, likely long forgotten onion rings. To be honest, I'd rather they just throw them out vs give me onion rings that I think they found somewhere left over. Coincidence or not? I'll not know. Outside of the employees unnecessary language, I can't knock them too much, they were very busy and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on it because every other time the food and service has been fine.

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
May 11, 2019 5

We always get good food from here. My husband and I share the hamburger and chicken wrap platter. They have the best milkshakes!

Photo of Randy Parnell Randy Parnell
Mar 27, 2019 5

I love this Cook Out this location has one drive through but it had a 40 plus person dining room. They are normally busy but fairly quick. Best value for food around!

Photo of Rex D Rex D
Jun 21, 2019 3

The BBQ chicken plate was good. My sides of hush puppies and onion rings were just okay. The vanilla shake was amazing, and the caramel fudge shake was delicious.