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Cook Out


3119 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 864-8634
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Photo of Rex D Rex D
Jun 21, 2019 3

The BBQ chicken plate was good. My sides of hush puppies and onion rings were just okay. The vanilla shake was amazing, and the caramel fudge shake was delicious.

Photo of Randy Parnell Randy Parnell
Mar 27, 2019 5

I love this Cook Out this location has one drive through but it had a 40 plus person dining room. They are normally busy but fairly quick. Best value for food around!

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
May 11, 2019 5

We always get good food from here. My husband and I share the hamburger and chicken wrap platter. They have the best milkshakes!

Photo of Martin Kapusnik Martin Kapusnik
Apr 9, 2019 4

I know it's fast food and it should be quick but I often forget about cook out when I don't smell one and need to grab a quick lunch. Foods generally good, always fresh but this last time I had a bit of a different experience. There were 2 employees working the register and one of them kept going over the loud speaker talking to his friends sitting down. When he was done he said to girl that f***** hears me. I told him I don't appreciate that language, he apologized and walked into the back. A few minutes later I received my food and left. I had ordered onion rings with my burger and sadly after driving away realized they only gave me 2 small, likely long forgotten onion rings. To be honest, I'd rather they just throw them out vs give me onion rings that I think they found somewhere left over. Coincidence or not? I'll not know. Outside of the employees unnecessary language, I can't knock them too much, they were very busy and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on it because every other time the food and service has been fine.

Photo of Ryan Burch Ryan Burch
Jun 1, 2019 4

Quick food that pleases all. It's Cookout, yes, but this one always delivers and the shakes are great as always. Also, my order is always right. I'm so tired of checking my orders due to errors but they always get it right here. Cheers!

Photo of R G R G
Apr 19, 2019 4

The food is affordable and delicious. The staff are some of the friendliest, sweetest people I've met. The only reason no 5 stars is because there's always a Christian Rock music station playing inside and it's a huge turn off while I'm trying to eat. I want to be able to eat fast food without being preached to.

Photo of Corey O'Brien Corey O'Brien
Mar 4, 2022 4

This is a super clean dine-in version of Cook Out with a dozen or so indoor tables. Service is always fast and friendly. For a while they had fat straws for milkshakes which was awesome and unique, I hope they bring them back. Take-out has one lane compared to the ordinary two so there are much longer lines that go slower but they process orders at lightning speed. Definitely love this location especially for dining in.

Photo of Lucy Marie Lucy Marie
Jan 20, 2022 3

They were so packed the lane was behind the building. They're so slow , my order wasn't right at all. However I will say the cashiers were so sweet and nice. That I didn't even complain, also it was to packed to even go back. You can tell they need more help .

Photo of Nesut Piankhi Nesut Piankhi
Nov 6, 2021 5

Honestly never heard of this place. My lady introduced me to this place and I must say it a nice little alternative to McDonald's. Their burgers 🍔 are pretty good. They have a bit of a smoke taste! I will be back for a follow up for sure!

Photo of Chadwick Mathews Chadwick Mathews
Jul 27, 2021 5

I just had a quick casual dinner inside of Cook Out. Food was awesome and so was Jason who was working the front and checked me out! Obviously the food being good is important, which again it was…but also my experience is important as well and Jason was very courteous and helpful! It took me forever to make up my mind, and he was very patient and helped me! Thanks Jason! Thanks Cook Out! 🙌🏼

Photo of Rabbit758 Rabbit758
Jul 9, 2021 4

Wasn't crowded on a Thursday night. The strawberry cheesecake milkshake was really good. They make pretty good tea as well. The beef quesadilla and cheese was tasty. The order take told us to pull over to get our order out to us, but there was no where to pull over. We weren't sure where to go, we pulled around to where it looked like the front. Hispanic Guy came out, had to go back couple times, for straws, utensils, sauce..etc.

Photo of Nickcash246 “Nickcash246” Nickcash246 “Nickcash246”
May 30, 2021 5

Long line but it moves pretty quick considering what they sell. Milkshakes are always amazing and the food is usually really good. It's always hot and fresh. I love this place.

Photo of J.T. Musson J.T. Musson
Apr 6, 2021 4

Can't go wrong with cookout. One of the girls was rushing me to order and wouldn't let me take my time. Somewhat irritating. But will always love cookout

Photo of Matt Holsclaw Matt Holsclaw
Apr 10, 2021 4

It is an extremely busy place. It can be a long wait because of that. However the food is constantly good and the prices can't be beat. If you can find a little slower place I would recommend that.

Photo of Robert Gerena Robert Gerena
Feb 7, 2021 5

As usual the food was hot and fresh. Customer service was excellent. Have been going here for 2 years now and they have never messed up my order.

Photo of Patrick Smith Patrick Smith
Feb 4, 2021 5

Was in Durham NC. First time I tried this place. Long line but it moves fast. Good food and fast. Great shakes. Loved the curb dog. How they open some locations in Virginia soon.

Photo of AJ Headen AJ Headen
Jan 29, 2021 4

The haven for your craving late night. Service feels like a F1 pitstop, good because it's quite popular. Food, options and price are all good.

Photo of Gabrielle Dunn Gabrielle Dunn
Dec 30, 2020 5

Has the best food plates around. Also really loved the art on nearby buildings. It made it quite scenic

Photo of Joy Joy
Nov 11, 2020 5

Don't play y'all, if you've never eaten at cookout you've missed out! Such a variety of foods that you can never Tire. Working together like a well-oiled machine the team here cook every order up and make sure you have exactly what you need to be happy fat and full! LOL you guys are awesome

Photo of Nettie Brockington Nettie Brockington
Sep 16, 2020 4

BBQ Plate very tasty! Just not enough BBQ! Very sad for the money...

Photo of Tak Yan Tak Yan
Sep 29, 2020 5

Great fast food for the price

Photo of ローラ ローラ
Sep 11, 2020 5

So far they've always gotten my order right, and I'm one of those special order kind of people, so good on them! Even during this pandemic they've been polite, fast, and accurate. I think this is a great location.

Photo of Julie Hanson Julie Hanson
Aug 19, 2018 5

This was my first visit to the east coast, I've never been to a Cook Out. I loved it. The food was great and it's a steal. I ordered the 1/4 burger tray with fries and onion rings. You order your burger and tell them what you would like on it from the usual options (mayo, mustard, onions, pickles, ketchup, lettuce) paid 10¢ extra for tomato. They have a special Cook Out sauce for the onion rings that was really good, looks like an orange mustard. Burger was cooked Well done which I actually prefer. My friend ordered the spicy chicken sandwich with fries and a side of chili. I tried the chili and it was good. Definitely going back!

Photo of Patrick Hernandez Patrick Hernandez
Sep 21, 2020 4

Fast service. Best onion rings at this place then any other Cookout. I did order a single meal once, and they handed me the food without a bag or napkins, but they got everything right in the order, and were very polite. The best Cookout I've had so far.

Photo of Cal Cal
Sep 18, 2020 4

Pretty long wait to order in drive through, cars in line all the way to the road from the parking lot. Nice of them to be taking orders from curbside as well though. Once order was placed food was made very accurately and quickly. Milkshakes are fantastic as always and the burgers are just like home. Would recommend for a once in a while meal. Very inexpensive but much better than any other fast food place. Would recommend.

Sep 9, 2020 5

I love the fast food service! Super speedy!!

Photo of Bethany Geiger Bethany Geiger
Sep 5, 2020 4

Burgers and shakes are decent but the sides are really yummy. Onion rings, cheese bites and hushpuppies were great.

Photo of Wingandaprayer 0205 Wingandaprayer 0205
Jul 9, 2020 4

The food is hot and fresh each time you order, in my experience. Depending on the time of day you visit determines how much of a wait you have in the drive-thru. Even at their busiest, I was willing to wait, as it wasn't more than a 10 minute wait in line to order. Recently, however, they've added an outside window that you can get out of your car and order from, as well, giving you more ordering options. The food is a little pricey, but well worth it! Dine-in is not yet available, but you can also order from Grubhub where you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Photo of Ginger Kelly Ginger Kelly
Jun 29, 2020 3

The food is great. However they should work on there customer service and be more friendly and welcoming.

Photo of David Knox David Knox
May 30, 2020 5

Cook out is great, both as a chain and as this particular location. Quick service, good burgers, and the best malt milkshake in the area. Be wary of the fries, they're a bit underseasoned, but the cheese bites are well salted and fried in a crispy batter.

Photo of Khi Turner Khi Turner
Jun 1, 2020 5

A | Amazing place with tasty food

Photo of German chavira German chavira
Mar 2, 2020 5

Always a nice place to eat,clean and friendly place!

Photo of Joe Knotts Joe Knotts
Mar 7, 2020 5

Very good, classic southern food. Burgers on point, milkshakes SO good, highly recommend. It does get very busy, but service is usually fast.

Photo of Hannah Mingus Hannah Mingus
Dec 15, 2019 3

Love Cookout. However this experience was odd. The cashier was meditating at the counter and ignoring customers. They lost my friend's order and she stood at the counter for 20 minutes trying to get their attention but no one would help her.

Photo of Betsy Brucker Betsy Brucker
Nov 17, 2019 5

Often a long drive thru line at this location, but fast service when you park and go inside. Friendly cashiers. Local college paraphernalia on the walls. Great food at great value, just like every other Cook Out.

Photo of Fonz Threlkeld Fonz Threlkeld
Oct 30, 2019 5

This is a wonderful place to grab a wholesome meal. While not super fancy the food is delicious and the staff super friendly. Do Not Hesitate stopping there for a bite to eat - you will not regret it. I love this soup and happy to say it has been the Wednesday special for several years. It is a great little restaurant I highly recommend, their food is great, their staff kind, considerate and attentive and the price cannot be beat. This is one of the best places to eat on the North end.

Photo of Donna Gregory Donna Gregory
Oct 5, 2019 5

Cook Out is our favorite place for take-out food. Great selections of the best milkshakes in town. Good food too. We usually get the Out-West Burger. The chicken is good too, and the barbecue. The shakes are thick, but you can drink them through the wide straws they provide. The friendly staff is young people who work very hard. Yes, the lines are long, but that's because they are sooo good and inexpensive too. And the lines move quickly. Young people love to gather at Cook Out to socialize. It's nice they have a safe, friendly place to go.

Photo of Albert Luo Albert Luo
Nov 5, 2019 5

Lots of food for cheap. If you're looking for top quality or healthy food, you shouldn't be eating at a fast food joint. It's always packed on a Friday night, loud and happening with the line out the door. Tip: it's usually faster to park and order inside, cuz the drive through is SO SLOW

Photo of Alex Borowski Alex Borowski
Sep 17, 2019 5

If you're looking for the BEST Cookout, go here! Great service, great food. The staff here is always great. Marcos is always on point! And so is everyone else who was working that night! (9/16-9/17)!

Photo of Hemanth Ramineni Hemanth Ramineni
Sep 16, 2019 5

Bang for the buck. The shakes stand out. You can have 20 flavors mixed in one shake.

Photo of Brittany Williams Brittany Williams
Aug 24, 2019 5

I am BEYOND pleased with this cookout location. The staff is very kind and helpful, food service was great and the food is hot fresh and delicious. I’ve never seen a better cookout. Amazing job staff ❤️

Photo of Kevin McCarty Kevin McCarty
Jul 10, 2019 5

The food is cheap and good. It's easy to get a full meal for less than $6

Photo of Sharon Smith Sharon Smith
Jul 15, 2019 5

If you got to eat fast food. You should eat at Cookout. The Shannon Rd establishment is great. Quick fresh menu items and the staff is amazing.

Photo of Patrick Lewis Patrick Lewis
Jun 23, 2022 5

This Cook Out has been here a long time and has been remodeled and looks great! Fast service, good food, great prices. No complaints.

Photo of Keith Keith
Jul 8, 2022 4

Food is always hot and great, on par with any other cookout I've been to. Order is always right, but I rarely have more than just my 1 tray on order. (Cookout as a chain is one of my favorite places, though the value has dropped quite a bit in pandemic times. Portions aren't nearly as generous as they used to be, and everything is way more money. I still go now and then though.) This location is in a very tight parking lot, it's usually coned off on one end which makes it worse. Be careful if you have a large vehicle. If it's busy you'll get in a bind and it'll be messy to try and get out. Dining area is typical Cookout. Sometimes it's super clean, other times they just can't keep up and it's been wrecked by children and terribly behaved adults.

Photo of Emily Kerl Emily Kerl
Aug 17, 2022 5

went in at 9:19pm on 8/17, my shake was taking a little longer than usual so I asked the girl behind the counter. she was on it right away - still took quite a while. she came back and gave us the shake + some extra in another cup for the wait! made my whole night. 10/10 i hope she has a great night

Photo of Han Setiawan (Han) Han Setiawan (Han)
Feb 5, 2022 4

The drive thru lane was really long so I decided to come inside and did dine in. Quick service and as usual not a bad meal. Had the walking taco which was a bit too salty but overall the food was ok. Opens late but dine in is only until 9:30 pm. Parking is available on site.

Photo of Paul Rydell Paul Rydell
Aug 17, 2022 5

This is a really great fast food restaurant! You can get a tray with a burger, a chicken wrap, and fries, and a soda for 7 bucks! Amazing.