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Cook Out


3119 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (866) 547-0011
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Photo of Brennen Brennen
Dec 29, 2023 3

I love cookout but I was disappointed today. I wanted to order a quesadilla tray with two wraps but the cashier charger me separately for each item which increased the overall price by 33%. It was not ideal and they were not able to resolve it. Should have just gone for the burger tray.

Photo of Rasheeda Etheredge Rasheeda Etheredge
Nov 19, 2023 4

The food and service was great, however the bathrooms were terrible! Also the cashier charged me for an extra hamburger that i didn't want. He didn't break down the order so i could understand what i ordered . Other than that, no complaints.

Photo of Matt Pressley Matt Pressley
Sep 21, 2023 4

I have been here several times. The line moves quick. I always get what I order. I accidentally pulled forward at the pay window and had to move back one night and they teased me for thinking there was a second window. I felt a little shamed. But lately it's been no issue. Good service.