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Cook Out


3624 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 382-2814
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Photo of P. Fauntleroy P. Fauntleroy
Dec 27, 2023 5

I do Cookout when I come to NC to visit. It’s sort of an institution. Fresh cooked food at a great price and the illest milkshake selection (over 40+ flavors) of any fast service chain. It’s also open for the late night runs!

Photo of Luma Berry Pi Luma Berry Pi
Dec 17, 2023 5

With 2 drive-thrus to choose from with quick interactions from the window, it makes getting your food quick & easy. The speaker was good, and I was able to hear the person taking my order. The food was prepared very fast and my whole time in the drive-thru was less than 3 minutes. (As of this review, I tried the Peppermint Shake and it was delicious, a must try for the holiday season)

Photo of David H Martin David H Martin
Dec 8, 2023 4

The hot items are always hot and fresh. The cold items are at cool temperatures. It is a fast service and yes they do run into some problems. Where the error comes from is the cashier move to fast and push onto the vehicle. They forget to ask the customer "is there anything else " but over all its goog

Photo of Ivy W Ivy W
Dec 3, 2023 3

I have been coming to this location for 2 years. Every time I order an Oreo shake with EXTRA Oreos, they just sprinkle some Oreos on top with barely any Oreos mixed into the milkshake. It is SO obvious. I am not fooled. I hardly ever complain but I'm going to start making them remake my milkshakes if they keep doing this. I used to give them a pass, but prices are going up everywhere. I'm not accepting bad service anymore. Anyways, try their Out West style burger, it's really good.

Photo of Jeanette Hartis Jeanette Hartis
Nov 17, 2023 4

The food was good, it was hot and fresh. I ordered a cappuccino shake, I got a vanilla shake. I am thankful they are open late. Not very many places are open any more after midnight. The service was quick and efficient. I would go there again

Photo of Ines Santana Ines Santana
Oct 26, 2023 4

The service is great, y'all are so nice and polite all the time. What a pleasure to come here! The service is super fast. The food is pretty good, but the quesadillas with chicken etc have no actual meat in them. So I just don't order them anymore. The burgers are great and chicken nuggets too and so is your ice water. Thank you workers for the great service!

Photo of Panther MS Panther MS
Oct 15, 2023 3

Late night order. Ordered 2 hot dogs tray. Chili, mustard, onions. One came with no chili and at least an inch of onions from end to end.

Photo of Earl Struble Earl Struble
Oct 5, 2023 3

Always intimidated when I go to cookout. Feel like I have to move fast and the order taker doesn't help because they also move very fast! Lol. I'll get better..

Photo of Kelli Scoggins Kelli Scoggins
Sep 23, 2023 5

Good food and nice workers. Had very long lines. But when nothing else is open you wait! Love their hours

Photo of Raven Sconce Raven Sconce
Aug 10, 2023 4

First time eating at Cook Out. I went to Hillsborough Road location up the road from Duke Hospital. The food: I got the $5.99 junior tray with "small burger," two sides (bacon wrap and cheese bites) and milkshake upgrade (blueberry cheesecake at $1.60 extra. --The "small burger" was about the size of a regular Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger, before Wendy's made the burgers smaller. The taste was similar but fresher. I paid $0.50 for cheese and $0.10 for tomato and chose not to pay for extras like bacon. The tomato was well worth it but next time might skip the cheese and upgrade to the regular $7.99 tray instead for their bigger burger. --The bacon wrap did have a more than usual amount of bacon. But it did not have much other filling so it tasted essentially like pieces of bacon wrapped in tortilla. I'd rather have the bacon on my burger. --The cheese bites were white cheddar in like a fried bread crumb. Think white cheddar Cheezits meets nugget. I liked the different flavor but would have liked a sauce. --The blueberry milkshake was impressive! Much too thick to drink with a straw. Thankfully the cashier gave a spoon unasked. This is not really a milkshake, but a soft serve similar to Goodberrys vanilla concrete. There was actual blueberry pieces in my milkshake and cheesecake flavor was not artificial tasting like I feared (they serve cheesecake slices as well). Would definitely order again. The price: $8.80 for a burger, two sides and a full size milkshake is not bad, especially for this area. The reality is though the price has increased from what I see in other photos, where the price of a regular tray is now the price of a junior tray. All things considered, I feel I got a good deal. However, it did feel like Cook Out was cheaping out by upcharging for $0.10 tomato and $0.50 cheese... those are pretty standard ingredients for burgers! The packaging: I appreciated my burger and bacon wrap were both wrapped in aluminum foil. It stayed warm even as I walked a while trying to find a place to sit (there's Duke Gardens thirty minute walk away and also a golf course and Elleebee park). A+ for thoughtfulness as the cashier asked if I needed a bag. Location: Has walk-up window for those on foot. You have to walk straight up to the window for the cashier there to open the window. They may not automatically open it. I appreciate this walk-up window but make no mistake this is primarily a drive through or pick up location. I didn't see tables and chairs around. And anyway it's difficult to get to as you cross highway roads without cross signs. Besides this though, this spot is a little fast food Mecca as there is a Bojangles, Krispy Kreme, Wendy's and Zaxbys all nearby. The service: Must have had great luck, as the cashier (a Latino man) might have been the nicest cashier I've met in Durham yet. He was helpful about everything. The service was also extremely quick as he was calling out my order even before I was finished ordering. There wasn't a long line at around 6pm. Overall: I was very much impressed with the milkshake, because at Goodberrys something of that size and flavor would cost $8 alone, not including any meal! I liked my food, it's packaging and overall service experience. The location is not very suited for people taking the bus. I would probably plan to spend $10-$12 next time for the full experience of the regular tray and the burger upgrades.

Photo of Tim Rohla Tim Rohla
Jul 16, 2023 5

Consistently good service and food compared to other locations I have visited. Not the closest to my house but worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to get there! Killer bbq sandwiches for a fast food establishment, better than some sit down bbq restaurants I've been to. This location is drive thru only BTW.

Photo of Bree Bristo-Wiggins Bree Bristo-Wiggins
Jul 2, 2023 5

The burgers are the best: freshly grilled, juicy and flavorful and very reasonably priced. The shakes are so thick you need a spoon, not a straw. By far the best fast food value around!

Photo of dannywashere2day dannywashere2day
Jun 29, 2023 4

Kept seeing signs for this chain during our road trip, so we decided to try it. Not disappointed. Great value for good food. Fed a family of 4 for under $40, and no complaints on quality. 8/10, would eat here again.

Photo of Kara Parkman Kara Parkman
Jun 27, 2023 5

This location was SUPER busy around 11:00-11:30 PM when my mom and I went, so it took a little bit but they moved as fast as they could in my opinion. And everything in our orders were correct! Beef quesadilla was so good. This is one of the best Cook Outs I’ve been to!