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Cook Out


1540 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 957-4861
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Photo of Nesta Gerberding Nesta Gerberding
Aug 21, 2019 5

Unlike most fast food, CookOut (on Miami Blvd) has never gotten my order wrong, and we're usually feeding 5-6 people. Also, their fruit shakes (peach, watermelon, berry) hit the spot on hot summer days.

Photo of Michael Young Michael Young
Aug 10, 2019 5

The staff's very polite and courteous despite how busy they were. Recommend: Burger (any choice) & Cajun Fries.

Photo of Deandre Allen Deandre Allen
Aug 31, 2019 3

Service could've been better, I'm all for having fun at work. There's just a line between having fun with co workers & being attentive to the customer & just completely not listening and ignoring. Please manage staff better and not have them tossing BBQ sauce at one another when it's for us to use.

Photo of Adelicia Moses Adelicia Moses
Oct 19, 2019 5

Good old country food. Chopped bbq, Yamaha, coleslaw, pulled pork, southern fried chicken, catfish, huge biscuits and hush puppies and so much more. Casual atmosphere with good eating.

Photo of Candice Fernandes Candice Fernandes
Sep 3, 2019 4

Good value mean. Wish they offered sauces with their combos. Chicken sandwich was okay but the wrap was good.

Photo of Seth Richardson Seth Richardson
Oct 19, 2019 5

Although I got a bad sandwich the manager was very professional and fixed my order. Was a tall guy with dreadlocks but I didn't get his name. Very good customer service skills

Photo of Jim M Jim M
Oct 13, 2019 4

The best milkshakes of anywhere but as you can see from the pictures I posted it causes quite a crowd

Photo of Omar Smith Omar Smith
Oct 31, 2019 5

Great food. Hot food especially late at night. Very busy and popular spot after midnight. Great Service by staff!

Photo of titsand ass titsand ass
Nov 8, 2019 5

Busy as expected for a place that has very delicious food! The food was Hot! The order was correct!

Photo of kyle white kyle white
Dec 20, 2019 5

Great food. Excellent shakes. The only thing negative is that they need to bring their speakers closer to the customers so they can here us ordering.

Photo of karen williams karen williams
Jan 2, 2020 5

The food is always fresh and good. Try the barbecue plate... Yummy

Photo of This Girl Vapes This Girl Vapes
Jan 7, 2020 5

Staff can be what some would consider rude. But they're just trying to get the orders out. My food is always been hot and made to order.

Photo of Tyrone Allison Tyrone Allison
Jan 29, 2020 4

Umm. Cookout is always tops on my to-do list when I get back home to NC! This particular location I would give a 5... Based on the food and the staff...but I have to down rate it based on its awkward location! At least at night and in an unfamiliar area I found it difficult to get in...and out! Also the traffic right around this place is just nuts... Again difficult getting in and out! It's far too close... But also somehow not far enough away from... The nearest stoplight!

Photo of Paul Perreault Paul Perreault
Jan 31, 2020 3

It was a rainy night, and they were busy, but they messed up all of our orders. They did fix a little of it, but we noticed the mess ups when we got home. Not the best Cook Out. The food did taste good though.

Photo of Brianna Green Brianna Green
May 31, 2020 5

I love the cheese quesadillas a cookout on the chicken nuggets fries chicken sandwiches does milkshakes and everything else

Photo of Alethia S Alethia S
Jun 6, 2020 3

The prices have increased, which is understandable that has to happen sometimes. Food has become mediocre though. Chicken Quesadilla sauce was missing and the chicken was very minimum. The peach cobbler milkshake did NOT have the cobbler part instead a few vanilla wafers were thrown in there. They did provide straws, spoons, and napkins. Hopefully they step it up a little to match the increase prices.

Photo of S P S P
Jun 9, 2020 5

They have the best food and their customer service is amazing. Price are also very reasonable.

Photo of Coley Angel Coley Angel
Jun 20, 2020 5

This cookout had a line out the parking lot but they got through the cars quickly. Our food came out hot and fresh quickly, the order was accurate and the attendant have us service with a smile. At some other cookouts the food is cooked with too much char on the grilled items, this location cooked their food without that extra residue. The fries were crispy, the wrap I ordered was made well and with a large piece of chicken. One of the better cookout locations I have been to.

Photo of Spencer Williams Spencer Williams
Jul 3, 2020 5

One of the top NC fast food options in my opinion! - try the cookout tray with barbecue sandwich, hush puppies, cajun fries, and chocolate chip milkshake!

Photo of Drew Stark Drew Stark
Jul 13, 2020 5

Food is good parking lot is very small and to pull in can be hard if u have to turn left

Photo of CaLecia Fleming CaLecia Fleming
Jul 31, 2020 5

This cookout is good. Service is fast. They are always a dependable late night snack/meal

Photo of Reem W Reem W
Aug 7, 2020 5

I love the service the food thank you

Photo of Andy Ahmed Andy Ahmed
Aug 8, 2020 5

This place has good quality food and a reasonable price. I was able to get a good amount of quality food for just $5 in the middle of the night.

Photo of Patrick Hernandez Patrick Hernandez
Aug 16, 2020 5

Less crowded than other cook-outs I've been to (only one window). And the best onion rings out of all the cook-outs.

Photo of Josef Pauli Josef Pauli
Sep 5, 2020 4

Love their food but on this visit the order taking was hard to hear and they were in too much of a hurry.

Photo of ArtisticOverload ArtisticOverload
Sep 1, 2020 5

What a great location, i go there all the time. Their food is better than alot of other fast food places. That bar-b-q sandwich is on point!

Photo of Kushal Berera Kushal Berera
Sep 1, 2020 5

The eastern in &out burger joint. Quick tasty burgers

Photo of Troy Adams Troy Adams
Aug 23, 2020 5

Try their chocolate & peanut butter shake

Photo of Jenn Hardiman Jenn Hardiman
Sep 17, 2020 5

Fast & always HOT FOOD!!

Photo of Constance Smith Constance Smith
Oct 6, 2020 5

The food was hot. It was busy, but drive-thru was moving really well.

Photo of Christy Webb Christy Webb
Oct 13, 2020 5

Best Cookout in the Triangle hands down! Fast and and friendly workers. We choose to drive from our home in NW Raleigh all the way to this one. When the pandemic started we still chose to eat here, always witnessing proper precautions. Day or night their food and sweet tea are consistently great!

Photo of Jim Gibson Jim Gibson
Dec 17, 2020 5

Very very good. Great even! And the prices would fit a college student that has to work for tuition.

Photo of Gene Lassiter Gene Lassiter
Jan 26, 2021 4

Food is great, but you have to take out or eat in your car. Get the Cookout tray with 2 sides. Milkshakes are awesome.

Photo of Seth O'Connor (PWNADDICT) Seth O'Connor (PWNADDICT)
Feb 28, 2021 5

Thank you for always being there for me.. not just me.. but drunk me.. for when I stumble out of the bar late at night and no one is there I can always depend on you. Sign shines like a diamond in the sky. Thanks for filling me up. 😏 Love you cookout 😘

Photo of Miguel Pope Miguel Pope
Mar 25, 2021 5

The staff were nice and our food came quickly. There are many food options and combinations to choose from. Ranging from burgers to wraps. They also have an assortment of milkshake flavors.

Photo of Dorie Pope Stephens Dorie Pope Stephens
May 10, 2021 5

Let's be honest....the milkshakes are one of the main draws to Cook Out. Another being their very reasonable prices. The food is good. Some food maybe really good or just okay depending on individual tastes but as for me...I've been a customer since they opened and I'll be their customer as long as they're in business.

Jul 8, 2021 5

Nostalgic must have if you've ever lived in or frequented the area. Good eats and easy on the purse. I always get the seasoned fries...delicious!

Photo of Adam Wilson Adam Wilson
May 22, 2021 5

This particular location like all the cookout locations are extremely busy long lines. but the employees at cookout are fast quick and very professional. The employees are accurate and funny every time I place an order. Locations at Hwy 70, Roxboro Rd and Western Blvd in Raleigh are my favorite locations. If you haven't been to Late Night Cookout your missing out. After being in LA for 15 years this is a gem of a business. Well done owners on your concept and employees on delivering 100% effectiveness.

Photo of Melissa Urch Melissa Urch
Aug 18, 2021 3

I just moved to Durham with my fiancé and this is the closest Cookout location to us. We randomly get milkshake cravings, but have been disappointed with the milkshakes at this location every time we've gotten one. Every time they have very little flavor and aren't fully blended. One night they were super icy/frozen. The only saving grace for this location is the food. The food is always great.

Photo of Dominic Lenhauser Dominic Lenhauser
Sep 13, 2021 5

Drive through is always long, but, they are quick getting you in and out. Never had an order messed up... one of the BEST SHAKES you can get. Friendly staff!

Photo of Owen Jackola Owen Jackola
Nov 5, 2021 5

Cookout is usually a great place to eat. They get your order right at least 95% of the time. The food is great. I would suggest the cheeseburger or chicken sandwich tray. For the sides I would definitely recommend the chicken cascade. The other sides are fries ,onion rings, and lots of good stuff. They’re service has always been excellent and that’s all that matters to me. Definitely a great place to go.

Photo of Victoria Cameron Victoria Cameron
Nov 27, 2021 4

We were there on a late night food run and though it was close to closing we still got our food hot and in a timely manner. Attitudes were definitely low but just the level of tired I would expect someone to have taking fast food orders at 4am.

Photo of Muki Gary A. Brown Muki Gary A. Brown
Dec 31, 2021 3

We got the wrong order. Spicy grilled chicken sandwich was not cooked evenly, part juicy other part dry & seasoning just sparkled on it. Chicken tenders were over cooked dry & hard. Onion rings & nuggets were great. Nut Meg shake was good & thick.

Photo of Stefan Kowalewski Stefan Kowalewski
Mar 11, 2022 5

Great food for the prices. Milkshakes are awesome! The service at this location was the quickest I've ever had at a Cook Out!

Photo of Filip Jirousek Filip Jirousek
Mar 22, 2019 4

A good place to grab a quick bite if you are in the mood for typical American fare. This includes things like shakes, burgers, hot dogs, and several other types of sandwiches. They have many different types of flavored milkshakes and good fries and onion rings as well. Give them a try for a great hamburger made how you like it.

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
May 28, 2019 4

It's amazing what you (and others) will do when you have a craving for something that's not so good for you.... especially french fries. The line was wrapped around the building but the wait was on! You can't and shouldn't eat it everyday but it's nice to enjoy a little fried food on occasion.

Photo of Nikki Lange Nikki Lange
Mar 22, 2019 4

I liked this restaurant. We don't have Cook Outs where we live so we've been curious and finally stopped tonight. The menu was larger than expected - more than burgers - and the service was fast and friendly despite the long line when we pulled up. There are also about 40 different shake flavors to choose from, some very unique, that I want to try on our next visit. Note - do not assume that they will put everything on your burger. Ask for the toppings you want.

Photo of James Wardrop James Wardrop
May 26, 2019 4

Two drive throug windows. As expected food experienced. They have better chicken nuggets than a lot of places and the Cajun fries and onion rings are great.