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Cook Out


1540 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (866) 547-0011
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Photo of P. Fauntleroy P. Fauntleroy
Jan 8, 2024 5

Cookout is the quintessential down south, quickserve burger/fast food/shakes place. It is synonymous with NC for me at this point. Order a Cookout tray and one of their 40 different varieties of Milkshake and enjoy clogging your arteries while pleasing your soul! All for a low, low price. While it’a gonna run you more than a McDonald’s combo it’s less for a Cookout tray than 1 small cheeseburger (with no fries) at Five Guys! And you also get service damn near as fast as McDonald’s. The longest wait is in the Drive-Thru to order, but you just might have a piping hot bag in your hand at the same time as they handing you your card bag from paying. Mmmm…grease! 😋 FYI…this is the opposite of a sit-down. Ain’t no tables and chairs. You either going thru the Drive-Thru or grabbing our meal at the walk-up window like Pookie grabbing his fix. Cookout literally must sprinkle crack on the food because fiens…i mean customers be lined up around the corner like it was a crack house in New Jack City from the early 90’s. 😎

Photo of DJ Thesis DJ Thesis
Dec 25, 2023 3

Food's good but attitudes of staff are pretty rude and it's a real headache how long the lines get at night. There have been multiple times where I'm craving a late night snack, drive 10 minutes to get over here, then just turn around and go home because I can tell it's an hour+ wait time line.

Photo of RD Smith RD Smith
Nov 15, 2023 5

Great burger steak style double order of onion rings super hot great! Forgot to get the cookout sauce though lol ordered a caramel fudge shake it was awesome as always!

Photo of Makayla Hardman Makayla Hardman
Nov 14, 2023 3

Food always slaps but the service gets worse every time I go. Employees are rude on the intercom and snappy when you ask for more than one thing. And I swear it's doubled in price in the last 5 years!

Photo of Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams
Nov 13, 2023 5

Hidden gem, I've heard a great deal about the place, and I really enjoyed the experience. Burger (Dbl brgr w/ cheese all the way) was well prepared and great. Overall friendly service, fast and courteous.

Sep 14, 2023 4

Too slow!!! Plus they rush you to order and I wanted the small tray meal. They serve you the one that costs the most. Make sure you request a receipt and add up the price and cost. They are trying to outsmart customers.

Photo of Michael Manturuk Michael Manturuk
Aug 6, 2023 5

There was nowhere to park so I used a lot across the street, the group in front me repeatedly threatened the cashier (who responded with obscenities), and I had a flat tire when I walked back to my car. They have fantastic shakes and their quesadilla sauce works great!

Photo of Christine Perry Christine Perry
Aug 5, 2023 3

Cook Out used to serve pretty good food, but the quality of their food has decreased greatly, which was a real disappointment to me. I ordered the onion rings. They had no taste. All the flavor was in the breading, which crumbled away at the first bite, so then I was left with a greasy ring of nothing.

Photo of Kelly Smith REALTOR Kelly Smith REALTOR
Jul 9, 2023 4

Hot dog and onion rings were great. Hush puppies were a little heavy but still tasted great. Chocolate cherry shake is my new favorite. And the value is awesome.