Cook Out


1540 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 957-4861
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Cook Out

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Photo of Nesta Gerberding Nesta Gerberding
Aug 21, 2019 5

Unlike most fast food, CookOut (on Miami Blvd) has never gotten my order wrong, and we're usually feeding 5-6 people. Also, their fruit shakes (peach, watermelon, berry) hit the spot on hot summer days.

Photo of Reyna Giusto Reyna Giusto
Aug 1, 2019 1

This place is so bad..... burnt quesadilla, lumpy fries, forgotten straws, and crew on their phones the entire time..... seriously. That’s really unprofessional! I usually love cookout but not this one. This isn’t the first time either. I’ve been to this location 3 times. Out of those 3 times they have always messed up one thing or another. Not coming here again. 😑😑😑

Photo of Michael Young Michael Young
Aug 10, 2019 5

The staff's very polite and courteous despite how busy they were. Recommend: Burger (any choice) & Cajun Fries.

Photo of Filip Jirousek Filip Jirousek
Mar 22, 2019 4

A good place to grab a quick bite if you are in the mood for typical American fare. This includes things like shakes, burgers, hot dogs, and several other types of sandwiches. They have many different types of flavored milkshakes and good fries and onion rings as well. Give them a try for a great hamburger made how you like it.

Photo of Jade Christina Jade Christina
Jun 5, 2019 2

Employees need to realize not ever customer is the same. I am 6 months pregnant and am not in the mood for employees not understanding how to talk to a customer. I don’t care that this is the job you chose, but i care about my food. If I ask an employee to make sure my order is correct because last time it was not, then that’s what I expect you to do. “I rang it up as a hamburger” is not the response I asked for. I asked for you to check because last time it was still RANG UP AS A HAMBURGER and I received chicken! So do what customers ask. K? Thanks.

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
May 28, 2019 4

It's amazing what you (and others) will do when you have a craving for something that's not so good for you.... especially french fries. The line was wrapped around the building but the wait was on! You can't and shouldn't eat it everyday but it's nice to enjoy a little fried food on occasion.

Photo of Nikki Lange Nikki Lange
Mar 22, 2019 4

I liked this restaurant. We don't have Cook Outs where we live so we've been curious and finally stopped tonight. The menu was larger than expected - more than burgers - and the service was fast and friendly despite the long line when we pulled up. There are also about 40 different shake flavors to choose from, some very unique, that I want to try on our next visit. Note - do not assume that they will put everything on your burger. Ask for the toppings you want.

Photo of James Wardrop James Wardrop
May 26, 2019 4

Two drive throug windows. As expected food experienced. They have better chicken nuggets than a lot of places and the Cajun fries and onion rings are great.