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Cook Out


1540 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (866) 547-0011
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Photo of Michael Manturuk Michael Manturuk
Aug 6, 2023 5

There was nowhere to park so I used a lot across the street, the group in front me repeatedly threatened the cashier (who responded with obscenities), and I had a flat tire when I walked back to my car. They have fantastic shakes and their quesadilla sauce works great!

Photo of Christine Perry Christine Perry
Aug 5, 2023 3

Cook Out used to serve pretty good food, but the quality of their food has decreased greatly, which was a real disappointment to me. I ordered the onion rings. They had no taste. All the flavor was in the breading, which crumbled away at the first bite, so then I was left with a greasy ring of nothing.

Photo of Kelly Smith REALTOR Kelly Smith REALTOR
Jul 9, 2023 4

Hot dog and onion rings were great. Hush puppies were a little heavy but still tasted great. Chocolate cherry shake is my new favorite. And the value is awesome.

Photo of Shemaiah Roberts Shemaiah Roberts
May 28, 2023 3

I ordered a cheddar style burger and unfortunately received steak style. The burger was very good however it wasn’t what I asked for which is the only reason this will get 3 stars. I have been coming to this cookout for a while and have never been disappointed with the quality of food. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a quick bite especially late night/ early morning

Photo of Timothy Ford Timothy Ford
May 27, 2023 5

My experience is always great! The food is hot, it's fresh, and tastes great. 99.999% of the time my order is correct. They have 2 drive-thru's and a window for walk-ups. Sonic use to be my #1 burger spot for over 20 years, but Cookout tastes way better!

Photo of Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez
Apr 26, 2023 4

The food was much better than I expected. The hush puppies were very fresh and crunchy, I wouldn't hesitate to go back. My only point of critique is that they should update the speaker on the drive thru, I couldn't understand anything that was communicated. I just spoke and hoped that my order went through properly, which it thankfully did.

Photo of Beatrice Mannes Beatrice Mannes
Apr 6, 2023 5

We went through the drive thru. The employee who took care of us was so helpful and polite. The hot dogs and onion rings were yummy, and the Fresh Banana Shake has no equal.

Photo of Brett Brett Brett Brett
Mar 25, 2023 5

I only come here at really late hours but they actually cook their food perfectly and are actually good with customer service. Very impressive compared to the other cookouts

Photo of Trung Le Trung Le
Jan 29, 2023 5

Was there at 1 **am** today and the drive through line was too long wrapped all the way out to the main road they had to open another line. I figure they have to do something right if they have that kind of business at that hour. The window guy was super nice and called me sir. The cheesecake shake is also very good.

Photo of Barb Stone Barb Stone
Jan 24, 2023 4

The food was good but we didn't check the bag until we got home and they had forgotten one of our sandwiches.

Photo of Alexis Belmonte Alexis Belmonte
Dec 5, 2022 4

I went here for a birthday and was impressed by the atmosphere. They service was top notch and the food was really good as well. The servers are happy to help with recommendations if you are unsure of what to order. I highly recommend any of the grilled platter items. They also offer unique drinks that were tasty so try those as well.

Photo of Arun Reddy Arun Reddy
Nov 26, 2022 3

Ends up missing an item from order or ends up taking wrong order. 4 out of 5 times had the same experience. Hopefully they can work on this and fix it. Food quality is good. Banana nut milk shake is awesome.

Photo of Trent Legrand Trent Legrand
Sep 25, 2022 5

Best cookout ever I came during lunch and I got a bbq tray with fries and nuggets and my food was fresh and cashier Xavier has the best customer service why? He was polite , cheerful, smiling and had my order correct