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Clean Juice


8202 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 797-0033
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Clean Juice

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Photo of Chelsea Rodriguez Chelsea Rodriguez
Jan 27, 2019 4

Okay. So this place is great and the people that work here are fantastic. My one complaint is about consistency. The website menu suggests you ask for frozen pineapple in the immunity one for extra help with a sore throat or something. I thought this just sounded amazing and that’s how I order it, but every time I go in the staff seems confused and I get a drink different from the last time.

Photo of Tomanise Chalmers Tomanise Chalmers
May 8, 2019 5

Great customer service and great smoothie (The So Basic One)!

Photo of ritika bhatnagar ritika bhatnagar
Jan 24, 2019 5

Love this place. The juice was fresh and amazing. Love that they don't add any sugars, etc. I asked for a little customization and they happily did that for me. Will visit again very soon.

Photo of DeBorah Smith DeBorah Smith
May 28, 2019 5

Fresh and Tasty Beverages, Fast Service, 5 Star Customer Service.....AND it's GOOD for you!!! What's not to like???

Photo of Mary Kyle Manson Mary Kyle Manson
Sep 1, 2018 5

Since I found Clean Juice during their July 4th promotion, I have been obsessed with it. I go at least once a week, usually twice. I can’t eat gluten which limits me in most restaurants, but here I can eat EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! It’s wonderful! (Just specify gluten-free bread or granola for the bowls and bites.) Everything is organic except the items listed on the chalkboard if they couldn’t get them organic that day. Juice and smoothies cost a little more than other places, but it’s worth it for the quality, variety, nutrition, and freshness. To me, going to Clean Juice is more cost effective compared to trying to stock all of this at home for a couple smoothies a week. Also, definitely get the app and join the rewards program. You can collect rewards and order ahead. Like other smoothie chains they are slower than fast food, so ordering ahead is good if you’re stopping on your way to work.

Photo of Trip B Trip B
Sep 10, 2019 2

I would rate them 4/5 for service as they are attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. The ingredients are also organic, which I appreciate. The downside is that the execution is quite poor (partially unblended, include a 1/3 of a banana totally untouched hanging out in the smoothie). Combined with an astronomical $11 price tag for an 24oz smoothie and I arrive at the 2 star rating. I won’t be back.

Photo of Scott Jablonski Scott Jablonski
Sep 6, 2019 4

I’ve only gone to Clean Juice a couple of times. I really like their cold pressed juices. Today I decided to try out one of their bowls and got their Popeye Bowl. It was a spinach salad with quinoa, eggs, a avocado, feta, strawberries and walnuts. It was quite yummy!

Photo of Natasha Gillyard Natasha Gillyard
Aug 23, 2019 5

I love nourishing my body well and Clean Juice is a great way to do that! The protein smoothies are my favorite, and I love that the ingredients are organic. The staff is always friendly and I love interacting with them whenever I stop by! Thank you ☺️

Photo of Pat Snow Pat Snow
Aug 31, 2019 4

Wonderful customer service the being new. To store the young lady helped me choose my now favorite salad and dressing

Photo of Niketh Vishnu Niketh Vishnu
Sep 13, 2019 1

How can you nickel and dime when you use ice in an acai bowl? Bowls aren’t great at all!