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City Barbeque and Catering


208 W North Carolina 54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-9509
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Photo of Isabel Quinones Isabel Quinones
Sep 17, 2022 3

I ordered take out. I paid $25 for my food I had ribs, brisket, collard greens, and fried okra. The ribs were really good. The brisket had good flavor but was mainly fat and mushy smh. The greens had a weird taste to them and the okra one where was the rest of it?? Two it was very greasy and fried horribly. The ribs definitely made me give this restaurant 3 stars but it wasn’t a bang for my buck.

Photo of Alan Finn Alan Finn
Sep 2, 2022 5

Just went back for the nth time. Original review remains accurate: Absolutely great ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. Lots of BBQ places do a good job on the meats and then just have some sides. City BBQ also does a great job on the sides - probably the best overall of anywhere around. The collards, hush puppies, baked beans, and tangy slaw were delicious. If I had to find fault, the french fries were only average and the brisket was a little fattier than I prefer. Nevertheless, this is now my favorite BBQ place.

Photo of Michael Bruce Michael Bruce
Aug 31, 2022 5

When we arrived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a wedding, we spent a couple of days asking locals where’s the best NC style barbecue? Several people said that City Barbecue had the BEST BBQ. And they were right, City BBQ was AMAZING !! Even my girlfriend who is a born and raised vegetarian, loved City Barbecue. She loved their Mac&Cheese!! She said it was the best M&C she ever had. Sadly, the collard greens had meat, so she couldn’t partake.

Photo of Heather Heffner Heather Heffner
Aug 7, 2022 5

Fantastic. Best barbeque I've had. We went yesterday for my boyfriends birthday. Food and staff was phenomenal. Will be going again! We had the city sampler this was enough for both of us. Everything we tried was perfect. Highly recommend.

Photo of Jay S Jay S
Jul 27, 2022 3

Ordering process was great. Pick up didn't feel appreciated. I walked in was asked for my name while standing at the pick up area. The lady kind of flung the bag my way and walk off. Better training required!

Photo of Kyle Kyle
Jul 26, 2022 5

Very excellent BBQ. Very very reasonable prices. Staff was very friendly and helpful. We ordered the judge sampler for 3 of us, and took food home with us. Great sauce station. I can’t say anything bad about place. If you like good BBQ on a budget, come here no joke.

Photo of Monica Taylor Monica Taylor
Jul 6, 2022 4

We were looking for a barbecue spot the other day and Google lead us here. We opted for takeaway however the restaurant itself has a great vibe! We ordered ribs and chicken then as we were waiting for our order decided we wanted to try the brisket as well. The brisket(sandwich)and collard greens were our favorite items. The ribs were okay we were just really longing for the flavor you only get from a grill. We're pretty sure these ribs were oven cooked. The were very tender and had good flavor they just weren't what we expected. We'll definitely visit again however not for the ribs.

Photo of W F W F
Jun 30, 2022 5

This place was a surprise and I did not think the food was going to be so authentic and taste so great! Watching the line of staff chop meat and plate in a very long conveyor type line was magical to observe. They have so many smokers you know they are legit. I got the two meat sampler and the portions were such that o could not eat my salad that I should not have ordered. The custom sauces were great. The only issue I had was that ran out of tea and lemonade and no one could address because they were so busy! Banana pudding was also a plus to me and my family. I will be returning to this place to eat more of this wonderful food!

Photo of Joel Umanzor Joel Umanzor
Jun 15, 2022 4

First time visiting this location. I must say, food was great! Had the Brisket Sandwich with Hushpuppies. The taste was delightful and it filled me up pretty good. I'm sure there's better Brisket in the area, but if you looking for something quick, easy and taste good, I definitely recommend this spot! Enjoy!

Photo of Mark Evans Mark Evans
May 15, 2022 5

Like to share that I Love the food here. They really take the time to make the food enjoyable and delicious. Will always recommend to family and friends. Keep up the great job in these difficult times.

Photo of Amy C Amy C
Feb 27, 2022 4

Pretty good! There's definitely better BBQ nearby if you're from out of town. But it's quick and easy to eat here for locals.

Photo of Poison Blaze Poison Blaze
Feb 12, 2022 4

The food was excellent and the staff was very friendly. It took them about 15 minutes to have my food prepared. I had a delightful conversation with my wife while we waited for our food. The restaurant was relatively clean, but we did have to wipe down our own table.

Photo of LeeHethcox LeeHethcox
Feb 4, 2022 3

After a 15 minute process to sign up so we could do curbside, we ordered. It came pretty quickly, but because I was extra hungry, I opened our bag and realized half our order wasn't there. When we went back in for the missing 3 items, they gave us 2 and we had to ask again for the meat for our sandwich. My husband said it seemed like the app was confusing the workers. After all that, we did like the food when we ate it at home.

Photo of Michael Case Michael Case
Jan 8, 2022 3

Good food, but the ribs were cold and the beers were warm. The brisket and pulled pork sandwich were very good, but we waited several minutes before someone came to the register. Then all the tables were dirty. Everyone we looked at. We cleaned one ourselves while a staff member watched. So good food but I’ll do take out next time.

Photo of Ramiro Fernandez Ramiro Fernandez
Jan 2, 2022 4

Loved the place, service deserves a 5, food a 4.4 as brisket is good but not as good as the one found in San Antonio, TX, the food was great, fast, delicious and the place is clean and again the service was superb. $79 bucks for the family 5 of us ate and had extra food On Terminator's accent "I will be back"

Photo of Chris K (Crispy) Chris K (Crispy)
Dec 18, 2021 5

Food is always delicious! We go on Tuesdays when they have a discounted price per bone on ribs. The sides taste like they're homemade. Very nice employees.

Photo of Nina James Nina James
Dec 9, 2021 5

That Mac could use some salt and pepper, but when they mess up they Make it right? Really good food! Heavy light skinned cute guy with glasses has excellent customer service skills!