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City Barbeque and Catering


208 W North Carolina 54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-9509
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Photo of Poison Blaze Poison Blaze
Feb 12, 2022 4

The food was excellent and the staff was very friendly. It took them about 15 minutes to have my food prepared. I had a delightful conversation with my wife while we waited for our food. The restaurant was relatively clean, but we did have to wipe down our own table.

Photo of LeeHethcox LeeHethcox
Feb 4, 2022 3

After a 15 minute process to sign up so we could do curbside, we ordered. It came pretty quickly, but because I was extra hungry, I opened our bag and realized half our order wasn't there. When we went back in for the missing 3 items, they gave us 2 and we had to ask again for the meat for our sandwich. My husband said it seemed like the app was confusing the workers. After all that, we did like the food when we ate it at home.

Photo of Michael Case Michael Case
Jan 8, 2022 3

Good food, but the ribs were cold and the beers were warm. The brisket and pulled pork sandwich were very good, but we waited several minutes before someone came to the register. Then all the tables were dirty. Everyone we looked at. We cleaned one ourselves while a staff member watched. So good food but I’ll do take out next time.

Photo of Chris K (Crispy) Chris K (Crispy)
Dec 18, 2021 5

Food is always delicious! We go on Tuesdays when they have a discounted price per bone on ribs. The sides taste like they're homemade. Very nice employees.

Photo of Nina James Nina James
Dec 9, 2021 5

That Mac could use some salt and pepper, but when they mess up they Make it right? Really good food! Heavy light skinned cute guy with glasses has excellent customer service skills!

Photo of Linelba Santos Linelba Santos
Nov 27, 2021 5

Listen guys, if I could post my taste buds reaction to this peach cobbler I promise you it would be epic!!!! My mother is a pastry chef, she literally works for Disney making all types of pastries/deserts so when it comes to sweets my expectations are high, but when I tell you they understood the assignment!!!!! So oh so good!!

Photo of Ian Bílek Ian Bílek
Nov 21, 2021 5

Great location near Southpoint mall, right off of highway 40. Beautifully decorated inside, place is unrecognizable from Texas BBQ places. Decent selection of various meals and sides. They even have a salad! Very nice personnel. Wide variety of different meats, platters and sauces. Good selection of beers and sodas. 10/10 would go again!

Photo of TheLateScottBaio TheLateScottBaio
Nov 11, 2021 5

I'm from New Jersey so getting good barbecue it's pretty hard when I go to North Carolina this is definitely going to be a place to go to. Awesome food and when you walk in there the smell of the smoke is just awesome. Got basically everything on the menu totally worth it made fresh. The fries were amazing. Should have got all the sauces though for the road

Photo of Randy Spruill Randy Spruill
Aug 27, 2021 5

Absolute delightful place to eat! The food was excellent! Perfect ambiance for a good old down home pig picking! Very clean, and comfortable! A real treat to experience!

Photo of Terri Parker Terri Parker
Aug 31, 2021 3

I loved the Mac n cheese my favorite. The BBQ with the coleslaw I didn't like so much. Also they forgot my greens last time. Could use a better method for Togo orders that are placed in the restaurant. Food is very expensive almost 50 dollars just for me and my 12 year old to eat. Did not like huspuppies had no flavor and a little on the dry side. Order taker was very pleasant. I would go again but probably for sides only. This place is not pandemic friendly.

Photo of Tracy Olsen Tracy Olsen
Aug 8, 2021 4

Seemed clean enough, but could be cleaner. The bathrooms could have used some TLC as well. The decor was nice. Fun, but not over the top. The AC was kicked up and it made it chilly inside. Staff kinda acted like they didn't want to be there. Had the More Cowbell sandwich, which was delicious with the BBQ sauce topped on it. Mac and cheese was alright. Good enough, but a little watery. Cornbread was terrible. Just a medium size loaf of dry cornbread that tasted like it was made the day before. Hush Puppies were decent but a little over done. The sweet tea wasn't that sweet, but it was at least strong enough. The More Cowbell sandwich really saved them and the sauce was solid as well. Overall it was good enough. I am just visiting Durham, but I think I would try some other BBQ joints before I considered coming here again.

Photo of Natasha S. Natasha S.
Jul 11, 2021 5

I’m posting this review for my mother who stopped by on Friday, for the first. She spoke so highly of the manager, Mr. Pork Chop (lol.. his nickname because he loves fried pork chops and okra) who had AWESOME customer service and was very patient with my mother, who loves to talk. Thank you so much for that! She said the food was great and seasoned well! She definitely will be returning! She talked so highly of this restaurant, that I’m willing to travel 38 minutes to try their food. Customer service is always a plus to me!!! Thank you again 😊

Photo of Naeem M. Wahab Naeem M. Wahab
Aug 1, 2021 5

Great food. When visiting from New York City. I have eaten the food at least four times. The only issue I had due to the large volume of food that I have ordered to feed a family of ten to thirty people is the large paper shopping bags that are use at times cannot really accommodate the weight of the orders of the food. The last time I went I bought heavy duty plastic recyclable bags where the staff assistance in packing my order. Again, great food and great staff assistance.

Photo of DebbieAnn Shaw DebbieAnn Shaw
Jul 25, 2021 5

We were visiting the area for a business conference and wanted some BBQ. Xavier was very helpful. Very clean and friendly environment. This was our first time visiting after a conference. He recommended us the City Sampler. The hospitality was great. We even got a sample of turkey. So good. Amazing service!

Photo of Robert Brown Robert Brown
May 29, 2021 4

I felt that the burnt ends did not come with enough food to warrant the price. The ribs were great and a good value. They were very tender and flavorful. The flavor is really in the meat and not just the sauce like most places. The collards and fries were both very well prepared and delicious. The Mac and cheese was quite bland and not very hot. They could also stand to improve the beer selection.

Photo of David Dreibelbis David Dreibelbis
May 27, 2021 4

Counter service done well. The wood smoker is running full tilt and you can smell the smoke in the parking lot (great smell!) The ribs were tasty and the banana pudding is a must have. I am glad I don't live closer to this place or I would gain som serious weight. Great BBQ

Photo of Dawn Smiley Dawn Smiley
Apr 11, 2021 4

My favorite is the chopped beef brisket!! I've tried most of the side and desserts, they all good. This visit I had mac and cheese... yum and peach cobbler. Cobbler was good not overly sweet wished I'd ordered more. Tuesday is $1 rib day fyi

Photo of Laura Gibbon Laura Gibbon
Mar 23, 2021 5

Meats are excellent and we'll made. The brisket is so tender. Love the sides here especially the corn pudding. When they mix it up and have special items they are really worth a taste. The peach cobbler is the best. The only changes I would make to the menu are adding cole slaw as part of the family pack and wish they had a non chocolate cake for those weirdos like my hubby who don't like (gasp) chocolate cake.

Mar 12, 2021 5

My work group and I went here for lunch last week and the food was very good. When we walked in we were greeted by the person behind the counter. They had a few suggestions for us and everything we got was good. Also the portion size was large. Thank you for a great lunch and we will be back again soon.

Photo of D Brown D Brown
Feb 2, 2021 4

Had Pick Two with Pulled Pork and 3 Ribs for $14.99 plus side of Baked Beans for $2.59(?). Pulled pork and meat near the bone of the ribs was moist and tasty. However, the outside of the ribs IMO were overcooked which made that part of the meat too tough and chewy for me. The Baked Beans which had brisket added to it were awesome. Pick Two came with Texas Toast which was a little disappointing.. Too soft and too small. Staff was friendly and dining in atmosphere was open and spacious.

Photo of Taylor Foster Taylor Foster
Feb 1, 2021 5

I never write reviews but my husband and I just ate here and we absolutely loved it! We even got more food to go cause we liked it so much. Our new spot to stop at when we’re close by! The nice man that took our orders was so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait to come back.

Photo of Heidi Coleman Heidi Coleman
Jan 16, 2021 5

Great food! Best mac and cheese I've had in a long time. Meat was tender and not dried out, and they had our order ready in a flash. Def recommend.

Photo of Kyle Kimberley Kyle Kimberley
Jan 5, 2021 5

I had the pulled pork sandwich, collards, green beans, fired okra, and banana pudding. Ask for the sandwich naked if you don't want the bun. The collards and green beans were exceptional, the okra was good, but a little greasy. The banana pudding was out of this world.

Photo of by1grace by1grace
Jan 9, 2021 4

We ordered meal for 3 and a salad. The slaw was really good , it was vinegar dressing. Everything was tender and delicious. They have 5 choices of barbecue sauce. We order take out.

Photo of Phillip Young Phillip Young
Dec 28, 2020 5

VERY VERY GOOD FOOD!!! The chef Gethro was very engaging and you could tell immediately he cared about his product!! The fried okra was the best I’ve ever had, the collards were equally delicious, and the meat, WOW tender, juicy, fantastic taste!! We live in Wilmington and will probably take a day trip just to eat here again.

Photo of Marcia Moore Marcia Moore
Dec 13, 2020 5

We are here visiting Raleigh/Durham for a small getaway vacation. On our last night here we wanted barbecue. We tried Smithfield when we got here and it was not a good experience. From the moment we stepped in City Barbeque it was a great experience. Crystal was a perfect picture of great hospitality. She made us feel welcomed. She walked us through the menu and joked around with us. What a wonderful experience to top off our vacation experience. We will be recommending City Barbeque to everyone that comes out here to visit. Not to mention the business colleagues I have out here in the area. Thank you City Barbeque and Crystal!

Photo of Tiffany Booker Tiffany Booker
Nov 8, 2020 3

I tried the brisket, ribs, mac, and sweet potato casserole. The taste and portions of the food were okay but not worth the price in my opinion. Three stars because the curbside service went smoothly.

Photo of Brittany Callahan Brittany Callahan
Sep 1, 2020 5

AMAZING BBQ! I had to plan two last minute events for a construction team and the catering crew at City BBQ was exceptional to work with. From coordination on the front end with sales to day of delivery and set-up all employees were helpful, used safety protocols, on-time, and super easy to work with. And the food? Let's just say there was not a speck to be found! Great BBQ, Great Staff, and cannot wait to work with them again!

Photo of Breeze 650 Breeze 650
Sep 16, 2020 5

This restaurant has maintained the quality of their food during this challenging time. Curbside pick up was great.

Photo of Amy Woodsong Amy Woodsong
Sep 16, 2020 4

The BBQ was good, not off the charts good, but good. The Mac n cheese though...off the charts good! I will be back just for that alone! We did online ordering with curbside pickup both times we went, and I asked for plates and utensils both times but not receive that. Why offer it on the online ordering system if you don't plan to provide them?

Photo of L C L C
Sep 8, 2020 4

Ordered online and picked up in restaurant. Check your bags before leaving the parking lot! Packers left out a main dish for my order and at least one other person who was picking up at the same time. Food was really good though, will definitely order again!

Photo of Jerry Klemm Jerry Klemm
Sep 7, 2020 4

Solid, all-around meal. This restaurant has the best sides I've ever had in a BBQ place, hands-down. The Mac-N-Cheese, the fried okra and the fries were off the hook excellent. The sauces were also well done. Being from Florida, I didn't care for the vinegar sauce the first time I tried it when visiting Chapel Hill 4 years ago. In fact, I thought it was pretty disgusting and ruined the meat. No longer. Now I get it and City BBQ has two variations that are really good. There mustard sauce is also good. Here's my only criticism. I like my BBQ meat to have some smoke flavor and there meat didn't have it. Their meat was moist and tender. Their sausage was excellent and the pulled pork was on point--- but no smoke flavor. For this reason 4 stars instead of 5. However, I would definitely eat here again. It's an excellent restaurant for a great price. One final note. Try the Gumbo--- you won't be disappointed!

Photo of Charles Noice IV Charles Noice IV
Sep 9, 2020 5

I am not really into NC style BBQ, this is one of my go-to places for BBQ. The brisket is good, Texas style in NC. Would highly recommend this place.

Photo of Edy Beard Edy Beard
Aug 15, 2020 3

The food was just sitting there on a table to be picked up. I didn't realize the process and they act like they didn't see me. I have ordered many times from the other 2 locations which was great, the peach cobbler and corn pudding was the best.

Photo of Greg Beeson Greg Beeson
Aug 14, 2020 3

This is not NC BBQ so if you're looking for real BBQ stay away from this place. Thick sweet sauce tasted like it came from a bottle at the grocery store... Ok I was not informed that they offered different sauces. I might give it another try someday.

Photo of Chris Cardozo Chris Cardozo
Aug 21, 2020 5

I stopped for lunch and had a BBQ sandwich with cole slaw and hush puppies. Along with sweet tea it was great. The pork tender the hush puppies hot. A great place with excellent service.

Photo of Al D Al D
Aug 11, 2020 5

Really good southern bbq at a very reasonable price. I had the pulled pork, brisket, and baked beans. Better half had pulled pork, pulled chicken, and green beans. Everything was excellent! Had to top it off with the peach cobbler, which was also very good, but the restaurant hadn't made whipped cream to top it since it was only 20 past opening. Friendly and efficient staff made for a very good experience.

Photo of Ian Ian
Jul 24, 2020 4

Good bbq and its close to the house. Always feel welcomed when I go there.

Photo of Delores Austin Delores Austin
Jul 12, 2020 5

My first order was delicious. I enjoyed the ribs and potato salad. However my second order was a little dry (ribs), potato salad was excellent.

Photo of Sandy V Sandy V
Jun 29, 2020 5

DELICIOUS pulled pork, green beans, hush puppies, and corn pudding today...really, the best bbq meal I think I've ever had. And living in the land of bbq, that's saying something. The only off note was the peach cobbler: too few peaches and too much almond extract - its flavor was dominant, whereas peach cobbler should mostly taste like peaches. Highly recommend this place.

Photo of R D R R D R
Jun 21, 2020 5

I love BBQ and now I have a new favorite. Brisket was really good, also beans and slaw. My son had the pulled with fresh cut fries and loved it.

Photo of Dennis Dennis
Jun 20, 2020 5

This is one of the few restaurants that we've tried to support during Phases 1 & 2 of state virus-restrictions, and I'm reviewing yesterday's carryout of a City Sampler plus two upgraded sides. My order was ready on-time, and very efficiently packaged and located for safe pickup. As always, the large staff was super friendly and accommodating, and even graciously included some of their great pickles at my request. The sampler of 4 "meats" was quite good, and their potato salad & cole slaw good as usual. I would recommend but one thing: CB might want to reconsider offering "pulled" pork for their carry-outs, which has a tendency to get dry, in favor of chunks or slices of pork that customers can simply adapt to their own tastes.

Photo of Karimah Bennett Karimah Bennett
Apr 10, 2020 5

Xavier was awesome. Very calm, cool and collected. Very polite, AND he gave us samples!! Awesome service and great food. Even if you don't go in they'll take your order outside and bring it back out to you. I wish it was like this all the time, but of course I don't want covid-19 to stay around. Much better customer service than other restaurants right now.

Photo of Gregory Sterner Gregory Sterner
Mar 23, 2019 4

Small but nice Barbeque place! Great brisket and ribs for a good price! Limited beer (in bottles) but do have craft beer that are not the run of the mill type. Some outside seating is available.

Photo of Taras St Jean Taras St Jean
Feb 28, 2020 5

Best brisket I think I've ever had. Lively atmosphere and the staff were over the top awesome. I've never had hospitality like lthis restaurant has shown. I told them the food was off the shelf amazing and they offered me a sample of all their sides and topped it off with chocolate cake. This day couldn't get any better. All thumbs up for City Barbeque.

Photo of Chef Chrissie Lapidow Chef Chrissie Lapidow
Jan 24, 2020 5

Where can you find the best BBQ in NC?? RIGHT HERE. Generous portions, friendly and fast service, and ridiculously good food!! I loved the collards and fresh cut fries. You have to try this place... wow. I need to come back soon to try the ribs!

Photo of Alex Rosen Alex Rosen
Jan 5, 2020 4

This is a well run restaurant with quality barbecue, many options for sides and sauces, a clean peaceful dining area, and a very friendly staff. If it were anything but a barbecue restaurant I'd give it five stars, but I think I'm particularly tough on barbecue. It's great to have City BBQ in the neighborhood.

Photo of M k M k
Dec 25, 2019 5

Phenomenal! From start to finish, the service down to the food, everything was excellent! The catering allowed us to enjoy a stress free Christmas and make it memorable, thank you. We'll definitely be back.

Photo of Alan Finn Alan Finn
Dec 30, 2019 5

Absolutely great ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. Lots of BBQ places do a good job on the meats and then just have some sides. City BBQ also does a great job on the sides - probably the best overall of anywhere around. The collards, hush puppies, baked beans, and tangy slaw were delicious. If I had to find fault, the french fries were only average and the brisket was a little fattier than I prefer. Nevertheless, this is now my favorite BBQ place.

Photo of Michael Roberts Michael Roberts
Nov 27, 2019 5

I've gone here a few times and they never disappoint (except when they're sold out of those delicious ribs)! The staff has also been really great. I really wish I remembered her name but the cashier I had the other evening was very personable and fun.

Photo of Mariah K Mariah K
Nov 27, 2019 5

I'm just relocated to North Carolina and I was surprised when they had great sliced brisket. It was very delicious. Definitely recommend! Didn't take long (probably helped that it was 8pm)😂 Also decorated nicely. Over all very great restaurant!

Photo of John Vollmer John Vollmer
Nov 14, 2019 5

Really good barbeque! Wide selection and combos, super stew, corn pudding & peach cobbler! Lots of spicy topping choices. Helpful staff. Comfortable laid back rustic style interiors. Expected, reasonable pricing.

Photo of Joshua Packer Joshua Packer
Nov 14, 2019 5

BBQ is awesome. Good flavour, hush puppies are always served hot and they have a tone of sauces to pick from. Friendly staff and good prices. I will definitely be coming back.

Photo of Chris Reddaway Chris Reddaway
Aug 1, 2019 5

Really good variety of BBQ food and sauces. Limited beer selection. But the quality of the food is TREMENDOUS. The quantity is good, I could have used more pulled pork on my sandwich but sides were a good size. Atmosphere is fun and great service. Highly recommended for that area between chain BBQ and roadside shacks.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Jun 29, 2019 5

Great prices. Great food. Great service. Cleanliness 4/5. Workers had gloves on. Cashiers were manning the registers instead of touching money and cards and then preparing your food. Food preppers were wearing gloves (one or two hair nets?). Tables needed a little more attention however it was pretty crowded so they focused on addressing the dinner rush which was fine with me. Service 4/5. The cashier was a little spacey and seemed confused, but was kind and forthcoming and didn't have any issues with our order. Food came out fast! Quality 5/5. This food tastes great! So many sauces to choose from. So much smokey goodness (love it) baked right into the meat! Price 5/5. You can buy a rack of ribs at Harris Teeter for $14 - $16.99. And you'll still have to cook them. But here, they'll do that part for you for around $5 more and it'll taste better. Not a bad deal, and the ribs were meaty. Not small like baby carrots. We will definitely be back.

Photo of Collette Jackson Collette Jackson
Oct 10, 2019 5

Omg! The food is amazing! The meats are tender, the ribs come right off the bone, the smoke flavor in the meat is on point. The peach cobbler took me back to my childhood days, eating at my great grandma table for the holidays. Excellent customer service. I will most definitely be back.

Photo of Mitchel Church Mitchel Church
Sep 24, 2019 5

We stopped here last. Igor for dinner , food and service was incredible. I spoke to the owner while we were leaving and he insisted that we try the ribs , so he stopped what he was doing and went and got us a rib sample and even gave us some rib rub to try at home. We will definitely be returning soon.

Photo of Corey Walker Corey Walker
Oct 10, 2019 4

The full cut brisket is amazing! And the fries are really good as well. Other than that, the BBQ beans are pretty good, but were not a huge fan on their BBQ sauces or pulled pork. The full cut brisket as stated above is the best I've ever had however. This is one of 2 spots that always comes to mind when we think of BBQ around the Durham area

Photo of Lisa Olscamp Lisa Olscamp
Oct 5, 2019 5

Melt in your mouth delicious bbq! We ordered the beef brisket, pulled pork, collards, potato salad and corn bread. Everything was cooked well, tender and loaded with flavor! The staff were courteous and quick. Highly recommended! If we have the opportunity we will definitely go back!

Photo of Stacie Caputo Stacie Caputo
Jul 3, 2019 5

Love this place! The chicken is always tasty. The potato salad is worth the whole trip. Real homemade banana pudding. The chocolate cake looks to die for. Did I mention I love this place?

Photo of Matthew Cowles Matthew Cowles
Jun 25, 2019 5

Great food at decent prices. Served fresh and fast. You can see into the kitchen from the line and see the food being carved/plated/served. Most meals I've had there end up costing $10-$12 depending on a drink, for lunch and $12-$14 for dinner. Very reasonable. And the fries travel decently (sturdy, but crisp). Many gluten-free options as well. Very friendly staff. Lots of sauces available for the meat.

Photo of Ann Vogler Ann Vogler
Jun 25, 2019 5

I really enjoyed the smoked turkey salad with potato salad on top. So delicious and unique for a BBQ joint. My husband enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich and had us come back again. We thought the hush puppies are some of the best we have had. Mac and cheese and fries are also good.

Photo of Alex Solomon-Romshe Alex Solomon-Romshe
May 31, 2019 3

The food is good, truly, but only if they get your order right. My husband and I have gone to this location numerous times since it opened and nearly every time there is some sort of headache-- which is especially frustrating because it's a bit pricey as well. Most often it's when we get to go orders: either an item gets forgotten or we place an online order, get there, and they can't fulfill the order but no one calls to let us know. However, even if you are eating in, be prepared to do a lot of waiting! It's kind of mind-boggling how long it takes them to get through a line and then deliver food to a table. Some of the staff are incredibly nice people but something just doesn't work quite right at this location.

Photo of Matthew White Matthew White
May 29, 2019 4

This is some great food! I lover the sauce and love the environment. there is a good variety of BBQ plates. I like how they serve on metal trays!

Photo of Timothy Justin Taylor Timothy Justin Taylor
Apr 17, 2019 5

We love City BBQ, but this location is the best! They make the most delicious food and the customer service is outstanding. We met with the manager while here for dinner and were extremely impressed by the level of care taken in the preparation of our meal. Highly recommend the brisket, ribs, and chicken tenders, but honestly, everything is delicious. We will be back!

Photo of Ann Vogler Ann Vogler
May 28, 2019 5

I really enjoyed the smoked turkey salad with potato salad on top. So delicious and unique for a BBQ joint. My husband didn’t think the pulled pork sandwich was anything special compared to most places; however, we thought the hush puppies are some of the best we have had.

Photo of Martin R. Martin R.
May 18, 2019 5

The establishment is very nice. I loved the atmosphere there. It was cool, calm, and charming. I thought the staff there were wonderful. The food, man, out of this world! When I am back in town, this is one of the first restaurants I am visiting! Outstanding!

Photo of Mark Evans Mark Evans
May 15, 2022 5

Like to share that I Love the food here. They really take the time to make the food enjoyable and delicious. Will always recommend to family and friends. Keep up the great job in these difficult times.

Photo of Amy C Amy C
Feb 27, 2022 4

Pretty good! There's definitely better BBQ nearby if you're from out of town. But it's quick and easy to eat here for locals.

Photo of Joel Umanzor Joel Umanzor
Jun 15, 2022 4

First time visiting this location. I must say, food was great! Had the Brisket Sandwich with Hushpuppies. The taste was delightful and it filled me up pretty good. I'm sure there's better Brisket in the area, but if you looking for something quick, easy and taste good, I definitely recommend this spot! Enjoy!

Photo of W F W F
Jun 30, 2022 5

This place was a surprise and I did not think the food was going to be so authentic and taste so great! Watching the line of staff chop meat and plate in a very long conveyor type line was magical to observe. They have so many smokers you know they are legit. I got the two meat sampler and the portions were such that o could not eat my salad that I should not have ordered. The custom sauces were great. The only issue I had was that ran out of tea and lemonade and no one could address because they were so busy! Banana pudding was also a plus to me and my family. I will be returning to this place to eat more of this wonderful food!