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Chuck E. Cheese


3724 Mayfair St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-6084
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Chuck E. Cheese

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Photo of sunshine love sunshine love
Aug 1, 2019 5

My son first visit at 3 years old was amazing. We both had so much fun. The staff was nice. The food was good. The store was clean. I felt safe. I think we found ournew favorite place.

Photo of Joseph Beal Joseph Beal
Aug 13, 2019 5

I like the new time card instead of tokens. The salad bar is actually pretty good. The pizza is tasteless as usual at all chuckecheeses. That's to be expected. The important thing is my kids had fun and I walked out with part of my wallet intact.

Photo of Hanna Sherief Hanna Sherief
Oct 1, 2019 4

I am only giving 4 stars mainly due to a certain employee working that day who made my kids experience a BLAST! I would probably have rated lower due to this location wasn't as big as others we have been to and it was really disappointing how dirty it was. The tables...games...floor...being a mom that's hard when you have little ones closer to the floor. Maybe I'm more of a concerned person with the cleanliness standards I personally have but I think they can do better in those areas.

Photo of mel sanders mel sanders
Oct 8, 2019 5

My kids love it here and now you can pay by the time it's even better

Photo of Becca Wetzel Becca Wetzel
Sep 28, 2019 5

My daughter loved the new attractions this time. The staff was helpful and everyone seemed to be having a good day here.

Photo of Kathy Allmond Kathy Allmond
Nov 3, 2019 4

Pizza was very good. Only one person taking orders so was very slow process. Should have a better system so other adult guests can't automatically add to the person's tab. Restaurant needs to check with parents footing the bill as the don't have a unlimited funds.

Photo of Sheryl Smith Sheryl Smith
Nov 3, 2019 5

Children really enjoyed themselves, I love the plan you pay$20 to play every thing for 60 minutes there's cheaper plans to.

Photo of Rican Gata91 Rican Gata91
Nov 23, 2019 5

Always a great experience, me and my family always leave happier than when we've arrived. We were a little disappointed their buffet meals are no longer an option, however; still a great place with great games & food!

Photo of Jason Lynn Jason Lynn
Dec 30, 2019 5

Took my nephews here today for one of their birthdays. Had a great time. Pizza was good and salad bar was great also. Games were fun and we had great service. The kids loved it!

Photo of Erik P Erik P
Jun 18, 2019 5

Service - Quick game attendants are on it when called to check on the tickets for the machines. Venue - Clean place, everything was up to date , no broken games (unbelievable). I bit on the smaller size compared to S.Cal but good size and kids still have fun. Parking - Plenty of parking outside. Location - A bit harder to find because of all the construction going on around. Prices - Seems fair and universal for all the locations in the U.S. Overall amazing job they're doing here vs. The California Chuck E Cheese locations.

Photo of Danielle B Danielle B
Jun 13, 2019 4

Updated games, pizza and beer. Games are so cheap compared to Frankie’s. With most of the games costing 1 point each, it was easy to play them all without spending a fortune. My only complaint is the outside of the building could use an update and I wish those creepy mechanical animals would just disappear lol!! Also, going on a weekday pays off. Only 3 other families plus mine were there.

Photo of Rebecca Keppler Rebecca Keppler
Dec 18, 2018 4

I'm eating under the hopes you know Chuck e cheese is not the world class food location. You aren't getting the best pizza/salad/whatever you ever tasted. With this said I loved .y visit. They were so nice. The prices were great. My kids had a blast. I really felt this was best Chuck e cheese I've been to service wise. Staff was amazing

Photo of Megan Maria Megan Maria
Mar 26, 2019 5

My daughter had her 3rd birthday here and it was great! We went on a Monday so there wasn't many people and we had so much fun!! It was a good time

Photo of Miss Jay Miss Jay
Jun 21, 2019 4

Service isn't the best. Kids love it. We tested the stamp method they use. It's not a real thing. My son goes in with my family. I come in later. I dont get a stamp. They leave. Then I go out with him no problem. Watch your child no security measures here. Just a front

Photo of courtney bell courtney bell
Jun 10, 2019 4

It was good but miss chuckie coming out for kids to play with him.