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Chuck E. Cheese


3724 Mayfair St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-6167
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Photo of Neha Patel Neha Patel
Jan 12, 2023 3

Some similar aspects to when I went 20 years ago, such as the robot animal shows. There were tons of birthday parties this Saturday making the place crowded, so be aware of that considering COVID. If we waited for a game it wasn't more than 5 minutes. The unlimited times play cards are great, don't expect to get a lot of prizes at the end, but it covers a lot of games. Take advantage of these on less busy days. Some games are more complicated than they used to be, and even us adults couldn't figure them out, so it's not ideal for the main clients, the kids. We didn't eat any food. The line at the front to redeem tickets was a 10 minute wait, and again, we didn't get any useful prizes for playing for 45 minutes. It's not bad for a quick stop if you have kids around 7-10 years old.

Photo of Alicia Sanderford Alicia Sanderford
Nov 28, 2022 5

100% Sanitation Score! Area was clean and well kept. The employees were very nice and accommodating. Smaller location than the others but this is the ONLY Chuck E. Cheese we will go to anymore.

Photo of Yajahira Colon-Rivera Yajahira Colon-Rivera
Oct 12, 2022 5

Still great place to celebrate your kids birthday.

Photo of Genobia Baldwin Genobia Baldwin
Aug 1, 2022 5

Excellent, Excellent, EXCELLENT service! Chris ( Manager) and Liyah were nothing but amazing during our field trip here. After booking a group of 10 children 2 days upon arrival , I was little concerned on how organized things would turn out, not to mention we would be arriving right at opening hours. Let’s just say, they went above and beyond my expectations. The facility looked and smelled very clean, the staff greeted us with happy faces and everything was organized and prepared for our arrival. The manager was very attentive and was more than happy to accommodate the children with special dairy needs. I am more than pleased with my experience here. Excellent service and hospitality. Kidz Kamp Drop In Care will be back to this location, for sure!

Photo of Ruseena Johnson Ruseena Johnson
Jun 7, 2022 4

We really enjoyed ourselves. I wasn't prepared for the price increases despite reviewing the website before going but it was a really good time. Just go prepared to spend a pretty chunk of change.

Photo of Bugs Subu Bugs Subu
May 10, 2022 5

We love going to Chuck E Cheese for the arcades! Fun for the kids and a safe environment for all... the food is good and it's always fun to end with dippin dots!

Photo of Ms Nik Ms Nik
Apr 30, 2022 5

Everyone there were very friendly and helpful. We had a great time and will be visiting again.

Photo of Krystal Greenhaw Krystal Greenhaw
Apr 20, 2022 5

Very clean establishment. They are the first one that actually followed guidelines on the parent/child stamp that's verified each time someone comes and goes to be sure my child isn't being kidnapped. Staff were on top of cleaning, food was decent, good variety of toys and games. I'll definitely keep visiting here again over other locations.

Photo of Vickie Howell Vickie Howell
Apr 19, 2022 5

We all just love, love, love watching the animatronics. And when CHUCKY came out my g-babies scream with such excitement. We was there for a birthday party. Keep CEC alive!

Photo of Nyal Cline Nyal Cline
Mar 30, 2022 5

Edit: The place is much cleaner now, the games are working, and the pizza is way better. Old: I was there a few weeks ago. They really need to fix a lot of games and quit relying on a couple of teenagers to run the joint.

Photo of Bridget Fortson Bridget Fortson
Mar 27, 2022 5

Extremely clean. I went on a Sunday and the crowd was mild. This was my 4 yr Olds 1st time and she really enjoyed it. They also have Animation Chucky cheese band too

Photo of Heather Hummer Heather Hummer
Mar 26, 2022 5

We had a FANTASTIC experience today. This location is far superior to any other Chuck E Cheese we've visited. It was very clean and I actively saw employees checking on games. No games were down which is so so rare. Ziomara was amazing at helping my kiddos pick out their prizes. When I asked the kids if they wanted a certain prize, she hyped it up so the kids thought it was cool. Definitely recommend this location over the Raleigh one!