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Chuck E. Cheese


3724 Mayfair St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-6167
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Photo of Syd D Syd D
Nov 12, 2023 5

We went there for my nephew’s Birthday party today and my son had a blast. The staff were super friendly and went out of there way making my son cotton candy an just making the whole event wonderful. The food was delicious compliments to the chef, the supreme pizza is on point i highly recommend ordering. I even ordered one to go it was so good. Lol I would have taken a picture of it but my family couldn’t wait when we got home.

Photo of zynite8 zynite8
Oct 18, 2023 5

Foods great used to come here a lot as a kid and it holds a special place in my heart. The employees were always fine they were pretty nice so that was good. Overall I've never had a bad experience at the establishment will return one day for a birthday for a little cousin maybe

Photo of Megan Young Megan Young
Oct 16, 2023 5

My kid had a blast. The games were fun, the pizza was great, it was just a fun time. My only issue is the ticket/reward system. They had tootsie rolls, the SMALL ones, not the long ones, for like 80 tickets. 80 tickets for one piece of candy?! Really?!

Photo of Dion Archer Dion Archer
Sep 13, 2023 4

1st time, attending nephew's 1st birthday..Wow..pizza was delicious, games were fun. Had a great time..

Photo of Shereese Daniels Shereese Daniels
Sep 9, 2023 5

I had a double party for my two boys 8 and 12 years old. They and their friends had a great time and so did the adults who attended. My host Tia was helpful attentive and made sure both boys had a great experience. This is always my go to Chuck E Cheese location and we've always been accommodated well. We've used this location over the last 20 years and had no fails! These are my youngest kid. My older ones are 23 and 19 but they've had excellent parties there too.

Photo of Jazzmyn Byrd Jazzmyn Byrd
Aug 15, 2023 5

My first time taking my children here, at this location and it was a very nice atmosphere. Not too crowded ( I guess bc of the time and day we went). Lots of different games for them to play. And the food was very good. Staff service was very good as well!

Photo of calvin crawford calvin crawford
Jul 30, 2023 5

Just went here recently again for my birthday. It was awesome. The games, the food, the theme, and the entertainment were all awesome. I didn’t rate the service because I didn’t order anything.

Photo of Donald Toomey Donald Toomey
Jul 19, 2023 4

Kids loved it until we ran out of tokens. They’re quite expensive and even more if you don’t buy a ton up front. The salad bar has lots of option and you can refill your plate. The French fries were pale as (something pale?). Not good. We went on a weekday during lunch and there were only a few other families there. Nice that the kids can be loud and no one cares.

Photo of Roberts Family Roberts Family
Jul 15, 2023 5

We just had our son’s 3rd birthday here and had the best time! It was so quick and easy to book the party online. They called the day before to go over everything. The kids and adults all had fun. The pizza was delicious. The restaurant was clean. We had a great experience and would definitely recommend!

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Jul 11, 2023 5

I had not been to a Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid. In many ways it hasn’t changed at all. The food, the decor, and the entertainment options are pretty much all the same. However, I was absolutely pleasantly surprised to find out that all of the arcade games have been switched to time-based cards. As a parent, I found this to be the best value. Gone are the days of putting in yet another quarter for just a few seconds of play. Overall, great place for the kids to play and for parents to have a few minutes of down time.

Photo of Amanda Arce Amanda Arce
Jun 22, 2023 5

Our son had a wonderful time. They still have the animatronics on stage, but no live show while we were there. Still, the staff was super kind and friendly, very attentive. We had a blast.

Photo of Kitty A Kitty A
May 23, 2023 5

so i had my 23rd birthday at this location back in january, and i specifically chose it because it's so old school. the location itself took me back in time, and i was LIVING for it!!! the animatronic band was immaculate! they were well-maintained and awesome! i really hope that HQ doesn't force this location to get rid of them, because it's the primary selling point for me. (helen is my favorite!!!) most of the locations now are lifeless and boring. the employees that organized my party were great and danced with me and the chuck e. mascot. it was so fun. i swear i was having more fun than the kids! some of the games weren't operating, but that's typical for a lot of arcades. i'm glad that you're able to just buy prizes from the prize counter instead of using tickets, because the games do not give a ton of tickets, even if you're good at them. i got a helen plush! i cherish her so much. the pizza was GREAT, i was shocked at how good it was. i definitely want to come back, even if it isn't for a birthday party. the atmosphere just made me so happy. :) thank you!

Photo of Folayan M. Folayan M.
Mar 12, 2023 4

We had fun. I personally didn't enjoy the food (fries were very burnt, wings too fatty, and just way too expensive) but the workers were great and all the kids seemed to be having a blast. I think its a nice little familiar outing for a Sunday afternoon 😀

Photo of Latoya Wilson Latoya Wilson
Feb 25, 2023 4

Very chaotic when there are multiple birthdays. Get there early to set up if you have extras to set up and make sure the kids get in all the game play you paid for. Pizza was good no complaints with that.

Photo of Neha Patel Neha Patel
Jan 12, 2023 3

Some similar aspects to when I went 20 years ago, such as the robot animal shows. There were tons of birthday parties this Saturday making the place crowded, so be aware of that considering COVID. If we waited for a game it wasn't more than 5 minutes. The unlimited times play cards are great, don't expect to get a lot of prizes at the end, but it covers a lot of games. Take advantage of these on less busy days. Some games are more complicated than they used to be, and even us adults couldn't figure them out, so it's not ideal for the main clients, the kids. We didn't eat any food. The line at the front to redeem tickets was a 10 minute wait, and again, we didn't get any useful prizes for playing for 45 minutes. It's not bad for a quick stop if you have kids around 7-10 years old.

Photo of Ginger Tevepaugh Ginger Tevepaugh
Dec 6, 2022 3

We had my daughter’s party here. She loved it but I was a bit disappointed with the amount of broken games. For the cost of parties games should be better maintained. It really needs an update. Raleigh location is much nicer