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2000 Avondale Dr
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 220-1188
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Photo of Suseendrakumar Duraivel Suseendrakumar Duraivel
Sep 25, 2020 4

Authentic chinese street food type cuisine. Loved their spicy chicken fried rice.

Photo of Matthew Reger Matthew Reger
Aug 21, 2020 3

I mean it’s edible for the price but didn’t quite get my full order as well as very Tough General Tsos.

Photo of Michael Reed Michael Reed
May 21, 2020 5

The food is really good for the price.and the lady that runs the front counter is the nicest person that you would ever meet.

Photo of Parrish Griffin Parrish Griffin
Mar 14, 2020 5

I love this restaurant great food! Really good prices thank you so much for everything chopstixs! Only place I order Chinese food from! Everyone who put a bad review on here are the dumb people that live in Durham.

Mar 4, 2020 5

Ms Amy and her staff are delightful. Excellent food with excellent service for a competitive price. Would recommend to all Asian food lovers.

Photo of Lisa Yu Lisa Yu
Jan 19, 2020 5

Some people are in business to be there for their community. They offer less than competitive prices but maintain the same variety of options. We stopped in this restaurant by chance - just to get some gift certificates for the homeless that leave nearby. She already feeds the homeless.. for free. She won’t let anyone go hungry! If they can’t pay, she asks them to sweep or contribute any way they can. We are AMAZED by her grace. Her buffet is less than $5.50.That’s unheard of today! Please bless this woman who has a heart for people. Support her business which is a true gem!

Photo of Meka Davis Meka Davis
Jan 14, 2020 5

Best $5.xx I ever paid for a buffet! They have a cheap buffet, and only cook what they believe is enough to keep food costs down. I ate here the night before, then decided I needed to go inside and see about the rest. Its small, and in a shopping center near a bigger chineese buffet. Skip the commercial place and come here to this one. They will cook what you dont see and they are good. Only issue I had was the pregnant waitress who obviously did nothing. Her boyfriend was outside leaning on a brick wall for thr most part then came in and was near her. When she got her tips, she gave them to him! Smh! She also sat there and I heard her whole conversation about how he needed to tell his momma that there was a baby on the way to friends. I thought he was homeless....meanwhile, back in Kansas (lol 😉), I loved the buffet, yall go try it!

Photo of Auntie Christy Auntie Christy
Nov 30, 2019 5

The best Chinese spot in durham the lady is so nice. We have been going for over 15 years now!

Photo of cynthia r cynthia r
Nov 12, 2019 3

sometimes its good sometimes not so much

Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
Nov 11, 2019 5

Chopsticks serves huge portions of delicious sweet Americanized Chinese food. I don't think I have ever seen an Asian person in line there, and that's fine. The lomein noodles are my kids favorite side dish of all time. The single serving of honey chicken feeds the three of us easily, making it affordable to visit once, sometimes twice a week. We love it.

Photo of NightNurse 4JAH NightNurse 4JAH
Oct 14, 2019 5

Everytime we come to the area we definately have to come here and bring the kids. We love Ms. Amy. Very hospitable. Very good choices on the buffet. Very good price & we always will come back!

Photo of Sybil Richardson Sybil Richardson
Jun 23, 2019 3

It was really cheap for Chinese food. A lot smaller than most buffets but the food selection was decent for the price . The food was O.K worth a try . Staff was really friendly . I'd reccomend if your on a budget and traveling with a group .

Photo of baltic tiquiram baltic tiquiram
Jan 21, 2019 5

This restaurant is small, but they have a lot of food. The food is really good, I love this place. I thank them for giving us such a cheap price for such good food. I hope you guys are always here. I come here very often, I come with my friends and family all the time.

Photo of Ur_beach _repellent Ur_beach _repellent
Jan 21, 2019 5

I like this restaurant. The food is really good, the service is also good. Whenever I come in they give me little presents. All the people here are nice and cute. I like the people who work here. The food is great.

Photo of Sherri Mckee Sherri Mckee
Jun 5, 2019 5

Food is very good. Price not bad. Owner very friendly.

Photo of Steven Sampson Steven Sampson
Apr 15, 2019 5

Very clean inside a bit of food to choose with a cheap price. Everyone was nice. Will go back while here.

Photo of Peter Zarcone Peter Zarcone
Apr 10, 2019 4

I am giving it a high rating not because it is a "fine" restaurant, but because it is the best deal in town. Good food Chinese buffet. Not big on decor

Photo of Poison Blaze Poison Blaze
Jul 20, 2022 5

Me and my beloved wife eat here at least once a month. It is a restaurant that means a lot to both of us the staff has become almost like family without inviting and polite everybody is. The food is always astonishing.

Photo of Sheree Henderson Sheree Henderson
Jun 12, 2022 4

Was looking for some good Chinese food while in the area, and pleasantly surprised by this place. Got ours to go, staff was very friendly and pleasant. Food was good, basic American Chinese menu. Big portions and reasonably priced.

Photo of Russ D (Rusty) Russ D (Rusty)
Jun 23, 2022 5

Very friendly affordable place. The staff are great. They have gotten my order a little wrong a couple times, but it's not bad, just different. It's still plenty of food for a decent price. And they always apologize for the slip up. Just wish they had more vegetarian options.

Photo of Doreen Daly Doreen Daly
Jul 27, 2022 4

Great food ready when you pick it up. Lots of food, good prices and a nice lunch/dinner buffet..

Photo of OSO LOVE 45 OSO LOVE 45
Mar 29, 2022 5

I've lived in Durham NC for about 8yrs now and for me it's a must to drop by for a meal or 2... Ms. Amy goes out her way to make sure everyone has a good time... Her wait staff makes every person feels welcome and like ur important with light and pleasant conversation as does Ms. Amy... When it town stop by and give it a try u maybe surprised!!!