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Chipotle Mexican Grill


2608 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-2901
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Photo of aser auguste aser auguste
Jul 7, 2019 4

I enjoyed my vegetarian bowl. My server wasn't very nice, she seemed a bit irritated by me taking my time to decide exactly what I wanted on my bowl. The cashier was decent.

Photo of Sharon Hill Anderson Sharon Hill Anderson
Feb 21, 2019 5

Always love eating here when we come to Duke for my checkups. It's a nice break from the clinic setting. Their food is so fresh and tasty. BTW- my CT scan showed that radiation had worked its magic.

Photo of Theresa Luke Theresa Luke
Mar 17, 2019 3

Stopped in to grab a bite to eat on our way home from Duke Chapel. The employees were fast and efficient. They were slightly messy in making our food, but nothing too bad. I am giving 3 stars though, because, #1 I always have to be pushy to get cilantro in my bowl.... I love cilantro, and wish Chipotle would make it easier to get it in my order. #2 I 💚love💚 Chipotle's lime salt on their chips.... We got a bag of chips, and literally, there were 3 chips in the whole bag that had any seasoning on them. The rest had absolutely nothing. I think every chip should have their special flavoring on it.

Photo of Luke Smith Luke Smith
Mar 19, 2022 5

Good taste! A nice change from Moe's. Why doesn't Chipotle give chips with the meal like Moe's does? Seems easy and inexpensive and would make the experience better. I also like the sauces you get at Moe's.

Photo of Felicia Annette Tart-Degraffenreidt Felicia Annette Tart-Degraffenreidt
Nov 8, 2021 4

Very good food. Nice atmosphere

Photo of Sara Palos Sara Palos
Jan 21, 2022 5

Good location. I ordered ahead and they had my order done correctly and on time.

Photo of Tee McCallum Tee McCallum
Jan 7, 2022 3

The place is very nice but the food is very bland/ fresh. No seasoning at all. Roxboro Road is the best one.

Photo of Brayden Ringel Brayden Ringel
Nov 30, 2021 3

I keep biting into bones in my chicken from this location. Can you tell the staff to be more careful? Worried I’ll chip a tooth.

Photo of Lisa Vincent Lisa Vincent
Nov 11, 2021 4

It's online ordering only so I had to download the app to eat here, but it was easy and quick. Great lunch!

Photo of Puja Majety Puja Majety
Oct 5, 2021 5

For an Indian student, this is the best option. A filling and tasty meal complete with unlimited coke!

Photo of Tyler Peace 134 Tyler Peace 134
Sep 18, 2021 4

Good restraunt ok portion sizes, if chips were free like some of their competitors they would deserve 5 stars.

Photo of Sasha T Sasha T
May 31, 2021 5

This location is clean and fast. I had mistakenly been charged for extra guacamole and they promptly refunded me that cost with no issues. I love Chipotle food ingredients, quality, food philosophy and prices. I wish there was one closer to Hillsborough.

Photo of Russell Bradford Russell Bradford
May 20, 2021 5

Very quickly served and it is the most consistent of the stores when it comes to flavor and the service is very good.

Photo of Triple H Triple H
May 2, 2021 5

The freshest Chipotle in Durham. My family goes there weekly.

Photo of lindsay miller lindsay miller
Apr 20, 2021 5

I love Chipotle. My wife and I visited after I had a spinal injection at Duke and the food was tasty as always. It was a nice treat after the pain I had been through.

Photo of Alina Barnett Alina Barnett
Mar 14, 2021 4

Overall what you would expect from a Chipotle, though they regularly undercook the rice.

Photo of Savannah A Savannah A
Mar 13, 2021 4

Very quick Chipotle--I almost never have to wait in line. Employees are polite. Restaurant is clean. As other reviewers have mentioned, I have been asked for money by people sitting in Chipotle's outdoor seats almost every time I have gone. I would never sit outside at this Chipotle if I was inclined to do so because I feel uncomfortable, and I often choose which door to exit out of based on which one is likely to prevent interaction. I know Durham has a significant homeless population and I do wish I could help more, but as a young woman I don't feel comfortable being engaged by strangers.

Photo of Chris Hurst Chris Hurst
Nov 19, 2020 5

I don’t know what they do during training here but this location always has the portions of each ingredient perfect. Every single time. This one is just simply my favorite of the Chipotles.

Photo of LaConia Bolton LaConia Bolton
Sep 8, 2020 4

Food was good.

Photo of Bryce Hauser Bryce Hauser
Aug 27, 2020 5

Always good service and they're good about masks and social distancing and safety.

Photo of Wesley Hayward Wesley Hayward
Aug 25, 2020 3

Hit or miss in terms of who is your scooper. There are definitely some weak wrists at this location.

Photo of Jake Fisher Jake Fisher
Jun 6, 2020 5

I went today and saw that it was closed due to a issue related due to COVID . No problem. I’m glad that they closed down temporarily to protect their customers and employees . People unlike the last review @timothyjustice are very ignorant. If you don’t feel safe, then don’t go out and eat . Simple as that. He criticizes yet still goes there. They provide excellent customer service and have always seen them with masks and gloves !

Photo of Courtney Courtney
Mar 5, 2020 5

This place is normally pretty busy, however, the employees work so well that the line moves quickly. Their chips and guac are the best and ladies working the food assembly line are nice.

Photo of mellow brown mellow brown
Mar 7, 2020 5

It's life literally...... The staff is dope. You can tell they have good chemistry. And they're good is seasoned to a T. Best Chipotle in Durham hands down.

Photo of terry cozart terry cozart
Feb 15, 2020 5

First time eating at any Chipotle n i must say i enjoyed it n the establishment was very clean n the staff were nice will definitely be going back.

Photo of Catherine Bhattachar Catherine Bhattachar
Feb 12, 2020 4

Standard Chipotle experience for the most part. Helpful staff. Unfortunately though, there was a piece of steak in my sofritas. I'm not a strict vegetarian, but am concerned for those who are.

Photo of Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams
Jan 27, 2020 4

Always great food. Sometimes service is a little slow. You can tell the staff is overwhelmed by in store and online customers.

Photo of Johanna Bisceglia Johanna Bisceglia
Dec 21, 2019 4

I've always liked Chipotle, and I was happy to see they now offer safritas as an additional vegan option. This location provided a great experience except for one thing: the music was obnoxious, and turned to an invasively loud volume. Aside from that, the staff was friendly and my burrito was delish.

Photo of Trent Greer Trent Greer
Dec 18, 2019 5

I admire this place! They prepare fantastic dishes, they have a nice menu, The cook in that restaurant is a specialist, I love a lot tasting all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the customers is agreeable. I often go to this place and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend it to all my friends.

Photo of Casey Collins Casey Collins
Dec 4, 2019 3

I am a huge Chipotle fan! Generally the food and service is excellent. At the Erwin Road location, however, I have not been satisfied with service or quality. First, I have consistently noticed that staff move roughly 2-3x slower than any other chipotle location I’ve been to. It’s like there isn’t an urgency to get things done. The staff have uniformly been friendly, but a few times they have gotten my orders wrong by not listening to what I say. As far as the food and restaurant, I’ve been let down by inconsistent portion sizes, ocassionally fetmented salsa, and at two separate times, a kitchen that was full of flies (which were landing in the food serving containers). If I didn’t have such a strong preference for chipotle, I probably wouldn’t have written this review. But seeing as it’s a favorite restaurant and the most convenient location, I feel compelled to write this review in attempts to foster better service and quality control, like I’ve seen in every other chipotle I’ve been too.

Photo of Savannah A Savannah A
Dec 5, 2019 3

Very quick Chipotle--I almost never have to wait in line. Employees are polite. Restaurant is clean. The main problem is the portions provided. I order the same exact thing at every Chipotle I've ever been to, and it results in a massive burrito that can barely be rolled and lasts me 3 meals (which is what makes it a great value). Except at this Chipotle, where it results in a regular burrito that lasts one meal. Once when I asked for fajitas, the employee saw that there were two little pieces of fajita left, put those on my veggie burrito, and started to move on like that was normal/ok without asking if I wanted to wait for more to finish cooking (which I did). The chips never seem fresh, I think they pre-make too many and they just sit there all day. Finally, as other reviewers have mentioned, I have been asked for money by people sitting in Chipotle's outdoor seats almost every time I have gone. I would never sit outside at this Chipotle if I was inclined to do so because I feel uncomfortable, and I often choose which door to exit out of based on which one is likely to prevent interaction.

Photo of Peggy Best Peggy Best
Nov 8, 2019 5

Great food great price. The steak bowl is always good

Photo of Marc Chmielewski Marc Chmielewski
Sep 4, 2019 5

Excellent Chipotle. I frequent this joint and they're yet to mess up my order. If I order in advance it's generally ready within 10 minutes, and the staff is always friendly. Can't complain.

Photo of Jay Stringer Jay Stringer
Sep 26, 2019 4

I really like Chipotle but sometimes they get in a rush and my rice was not fully cooked :( on my most recent trip. Without that sort of stuff 5 stars!

Photo of Red Panda Red Panda
Aug 30, 2019 4

I got my meal, over stacked with a smile and care. I plan to visit again. Food was rice, beans, chicken, pork, lettuce and chips. Very good and fresh. It was after 7pm, and it was still fresh and clean inside. Great customer service.

Photo of Dong Zhang Dong Zhang
Jul 28, 2019 3

up to what u choose to mix. each independently is just ok, but if u do good mix, it can be good

Photo of Bobbe Wright Bobbe Wright
Jul 14, 2019 4

Wonderful location, easy accessible from Duke Medical. Food is consistently Chipotle good and nice atmosphere.

Photo of Susie Palmieri Susie Palmieri
Aug 5, 2019 3

I usually order the bowl and it is good just not in order I would make it putting lettuce on the top. Otherwise it takes delicious.

Photo of Daniel “DanTheMan” Daniel “DanTheMan”
May 31, 2022 4

I ordered online and was able to pick up my food without any difficulty. It was still warm when I arrived and the cups were even in the bag, so I didn't have to ask for them like I have had to do at other Chipotles. It wasn't too busy when I went there but school is out for the summer. I imagine once Duke starts up again it will be busy nonstop.