Chipotle Mexican Grill


3219 Watkins Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-5469
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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Google Reviews

Photo of Thomas Farrell Thomas Farrell
Aug 11, 2019 1

Chipotle has good food. Unfortunately if you order delivery or pickup they can't seem to get the order right. I've unfortunately had my orders prepared incorrectly multiple times and paid for guacamole without getting it. If you're going in person and watching them make it, great! If you're not I wouldn't use this establishment

Photo of Michael Dietrich Michael Dietrich
Jul 12, 2019 5

Always good food. One of my favorite places to eat.

Photo of Ktktkt Tktktk Ktktkt Tktktk
May 8, 2019 5

Love chipotle! Good quality food. Getting into the lot can be challenging but not overly difficult.

Photo of Tabitha Floess Tabitha Floess
May 20, 2019 2

I used to work at the Southpoint Chipotle near this location but come to this one because it's closer. I always mobile order, but it's usually 10 minutes late being made and the portion sizes vary per visit. While it's great getting a busting burrito sometimes, it's a little lame when you feel skimped other times. Service has always been nice.

Photo of Pamela Saraphis Pamela Saraphis
May 4, 2019 4

I like the burrito bowls here. I always get the same thing and its the vegetable burrito bowl even though I'm not a vegan. One they put all the yummy sides in, plus the guacamole is then NOT charged as an extra, it tastes so good that you don't even miss or need the meat. Why not give your body and your wallet a favor and order a vegetarian burrito bowl from Chipotle's? It's usually not crowded, which is surprising. The staff could look happier, maybe give them some incentives to make work more exciting or find out what they do at Chic-fil-a since their employees are always so happy to serve. The prices are reasonable, the sweet tea is good, and there is a decent variety on the menu. I definitely recommend this spot!

Photo of Paul Werner Paul Werner
May 1, 2019 3

They've improved quality control since the recent food poising incidents.Kind of chincy on the meat but happy to load up the burrito with lettuce and rice.OK if you're in a hurry and looking for a burger alternative.

Photo of Peggy Lane Peggy Lane
Feb 12, 2019 3

The food is always fresh and has distinct flavor. The chicken seemed a bit dry and overcooked. The restaurant was clean and the staff was nice. The door was locked when we arrived because the cash register was not working. We knicked on the door and were informed of this, then sat in our car to wait. A little later two more customers knocked and were admitted. No one attempted to inform us that they were now open. Other than that, the only negative was that the bathroom had no toilet paper. For a cafeteria style restaurant, it seems a bit over priced, but, again, the food is always fresh.