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China Buffet


3720 Mayfair St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 403-7878
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Photo of myles Thompson myles Thompson
Dec 21, 2023 5

I have finally found my favorite Chinese buffet, all the food I had was fresh, and super delicious! The atmosphere was quiet and the service was excellent, I never sat longer than a few moments before my dirty dishes were taken away and my drinks refilled. I will definitely be coming back to eat time and again!!

Photo of Matthew Matthew
Nov 1, 2023 4

This is a nice sized Chinese buffet with a noodle bar, hibachi, sushi as well as the traditional Chinese staples. It did lack general tso chicken and black pepper chicken. The service was good and plates did not stay on our table. The hibachi grill was good. I only got vegetables at the grill so I cannot speak for the meats. The fried shrimp was different as it had butterfly and shrimp with the hull attached mixed together. So it was fried and by the time you removed the shell there was no shrimp. The fried chicken wings had a very good taste. The salmon had a very strong fishy taste but looked so appetizing. Overall most of the food I had was to my liking. The service was excellent and my cup never got empty. I would return if I am in the area.

Photo of Nickie Nickie
Oct 31, 2023 5

Very good food and excellent experience. We started off with the hibachi grill, it was pretty good and the buffet was great. Huge variety of food. Nice staff, very friendly and attentive.

Photo of Lloyd Phillips Lloyd Phillips
Oct 25, 2023 4

Better salad offering. I don't eat iceberg Lettuce. Sushi is the best.

Photo of Steve W Steve W
Oct 12, 2023 5

Ordered takeout. It was fast. It was exactly what we ordered. This is not fine dining, but it is exceptional value. It's been a long time since I went to a place that actually had the pork in the fried rice properly prepared. It's old school. That is good. With so many chains doing mediocre food. It was great to get Chinese food that wasn't fussy, but was simply satisfying, tasty and even a little bit of kick on the spicy entrees. Definitely the first choice for takeout. Next is trying the buffet. It was packed when we went, so I have to think it is good based on the takeout. Just a nice option for when you are hungry for comfort food.

Photo of David Grantham David Grantham
Sep 11, 2023 5

Wonderful place to dine alone or with a loved one. Better yet bring the whole family. Plenty of fresh foods of all kinds. The buffet is to die for. One of my favorite places to eat hands down. Friendly staff, clean rest rooms, and really comfortable booths. I give China Buffet an A +. I hope this information help's. The ball is in your court now. Shoot!

Photo of LaKeethia Bonney LaKeethia Bonney
Aug 12, 2023 5

The food here is absolutely superb it's always hot and fresh and constantly coming.. The service here is great also they are very friendly and super accommodating.. The only downside is that they are a little on the expensive side.

Photo of Christine Perry Christine Perry
Aug 5, 2023 5

I always love eating here. The food is delicious, the servers are attentive to the customers, and the atmosphere is so relaxing. They have a sushi bar and a soup bar, which has the most amazing Curry Noodle Soup. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Photo of Nik B Nik B
Jun 26, 2023 4

China Buffet is a pretty standard Chinese food buffet. There is a decent selection of food but some classic American Chinese options such as General Tso's chicken were not present during my visit. There is a sushi bar and made to order Hibachi. The price was $18.26 per adult after tax for a week night buffet with water to drink. Food quality was good for a buffet and seemed to be refreshed regularly. Take out is also available.

Photo of Mrs Holland (Hollands Angel) Mrs Holland (Hollands Angel)
Jun 21, 2023 3

Nothing fancy about the location or the service. It's simple and noncomplicated. If that's what you need. If you just want quick food no small talk. This is your place. The rolls were disgusting and half-cooked. We might have just got a bad batch. The salt and pepper shrimp, Cooked perfectly! They had about 4 shellfish options but not many chicken or beef. Example: orange chicken, sweet and sour but not Gen- so. Beef may be the 1or2 option. Sushi is not on the wow side but, it will do in a pinch. Then again I'm not a fan of fake crab meat. So there's that.

Photo of Gregory Butler Gregory Butler
Jun 19, 2023 5

Been our favorite buffet for the past 15+ years since moving to NC. Tried all the others and nothing consistently hits the spot like here. From sushi to hibachi to the normal buffet I have never left unhappy. Used to eat here every week back in the day when i worked in the area.