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China Buffet


3720 Mayfair St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 403-7878
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Photo of New Bern Puppets New Bern Puppets
Mar 10, 2023 5

Thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience here. The building (once an Olive garden) was clean and spacious. The buffet ($15 per person) was well stocked with a wide variety of foods (frequently refreshed by servers). All the foods were tasty and hot. Our waitress checked on us three times to refill our drinks and remove our used plates. If you are hungry and want plenty of delicious food, dine at the China Buffet!😀

Photo of Summer Summer
Feb 26, 2023 3

Weekend dinner for adult is $16.99. other prices please refer to pix below. We came on Sunday and it was so busy. Quite a bit of waiting in line but the food turnover was fast. They have a decent amount of variety and quality was alright. Hibachis grill is at the very back we almost missed it. In general it's a good experience.

Photo of Dennis Moore Dennis Moore
Nov 16, 2022 4

Food selection was very good. Lunch atmosphere was ok. Staff was polite. Prices were very reasonable.

Photo of Han N Lumin Han N Lumin
Oct 14, 2022 5

Good buffet. Tasty food. As of Oct 2022, it is $11.99 for adults for weekday lunch

Photo of Shafaat Mehedi Shafaat Mehedi
Aug 13, 2022 5

I can not remember when the last time I liked a buffet was that much. I was kind of upset after the last few buffets, but this time the food was very good. Lots of seafood items, shrimp, chicken. Their dessert menu is a bit small, but they have 8 different types of ice cream, which is cool. I would love to come, if I visit this area again. Buffet was 15.99 on Saturday night.

Photo of Victoria Cash Victoria Cash
Jul 12, 2022 4

It's pretty decent for a buffet. But if the food has been sitting, obviously it's not that great. Fresh is pretty good though! I really enjoy the hibachi type grill they have. It's kind of like Mongolian grill where you put what you want on the plate and they cook it with a sauce of your choice. Has pretty typical menu for buffet. The inside has some nice little decorations. It's a good place for a fun, little, semi cheap date.

Photo of Fanie Prieto Fanie Prieto
May 28, 2022 4

Use to be one of my favorite places to eat. The sushi is great as well as the food, but the server's try to rush things too quickly so they can leave and not clean up. They use very harsh smelling disinfectant to clean the table why you eat and that is a huge turn off. You shouldn't do that while the customers are trying to enjoy your food! And they didn't apologize, they only laughed about it. We talked to the manager too but to no avail she also kept smiling and saying "it's okay it's okay no chemicals". I'm not returning until they fix their problem. Edit: 05/2022 Place has gotten a lot better. Sushi is still as amazing as before 👍🏼

Photo of Claudia Alberico Claudia Alberico
Apr 28, 2022 4

The food was overall good and fresh. A lot of the dishes didn't have a sign so it was difficult to know what a certain dish was. There were no refills for our drink, which was a little disappointing since drinks are not at all cheap here.

Photo of Paloma Pineda Paloma Pineda
Apr 22, 2022 4

It's a good place to eat if you are not picky eater its been good the few times I have gonna I wonder if they still have the fill in dumpings not sure if it's pinaapple it was something yellow or orange inside of them they were so good but have not been able to eat them when I go any body know very good food price is good to recommend it