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3912 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 620-0897
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Photo of PretiLady A PretiLady A
Jun 8, 2019 5

Such nice team of employees. Nice clean place to eat. Great service to there customers. Such a great place with great food!!... Chick- fil- A over any other restaurant the kids and I will always......Eat more chicken

Photo of Buddy Priest Buddy Priest
May 9, 2019 5

I believe truthfully in my opinion that this is the overall nicest, most friendliest place to eat in Durham when it comes to 'fast food'. But it doesn't feel like fast food though. Staff and management really raise the bar high here, and it shows.

Photo of Kristen Morris Kristen Morris
Mar 25, 2019 5

THE best one around. This one is close to my work and the service is fantastic. My order is always correct, even when it's "odd" or has special requests. They obviously spend time training their employees so their customers benefit from actual customer service. The one closest to my house is not worth a visit.

Photo of Doris Waddell Doris Waddell
Apr 4, 2019 5

during the time I stop it was super busy .it. Was after school looks as if every school child had their parents or grandparents to stop at Chick-fil-A. Everyone seem happy the service went as a fine tune watch. With a crowd of people that side the employees didn't even seem to be hurried or unpleasant they were great. Smiles making sure everyone had their food in a short time. I was really impressed. I only ask for ice cream cone. I got treated very well. It's the family place to go. I enjoyed my visit

Photo of Tim B Tim B
Apr 19, 2019 5

This location has amazing service and great food. The lines can be long at times, but that's just to be expected because of the quality. They do their best to manage volume with a double drive thru (that's also sheltered from the rain!) and an easy ordering system.

Photo of Ms.R.H. Gregory Ms.R.H. Gregory
Jun 20, 2019 5

Although it was lunch time and very busy, my small order was quickly dispatched & totally correct to go. I love the service you receive. Plenty of energetic staff to help you.

Photo of Zackary Johnson Zackary Johnson
Jun 27, 2019 5

All Chick-Fil-A's I have been to go above and beyond with service, but this one takes it a step further. It's amazing how efficient they are with getting a huge line of cars through the drive-thru quickly, accurately, and with a smile. They also send emails with location specific rewards pretty often which is great to use in conjunction with their great app. My go-to restaurant in the area if I'm getting fast food. Friendly service, great food, reasonable prices and wait time. Highly recommend eating here.