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3912 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 620-0897
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Photo of Brenda Gilliam Brenda Gilliam
Sep 16, 2023 5

Chick fil is a wonderful organization in our community. The way they support the local community is amazing. In this day and age we find that the spirit of giving back has lessened but not so at Chick fil. Kudos to the management team and the staff. I picked up the items the restaurant donated to our community event this morning and the manager was so helpful and nice. The young man that helped bring out my items was extremely friendly. I always find the staff so friendly and extremely sociable at this location. It says at lot about your managerial staff when your staff are always pleasant and happy, which they should be, but that is a blessing and it makes you want to come back for great customer service. Again thank you thank you thank you for supporting us. For supporting the community and for all that you do and continue to do. You guys are amazing..

Photo of Priscilla McLamb Priscilla McLamb
Sep 2, 2023 5

To go lines always move fast. Your food is ready before you get to pick up door. I love those Chick-fil-A sandwiches!

Photo of Parker Moseley Parker Moseley
Aug 27, 2023 5

Stopped by here and was served my food in the drive through with smiles and speed. No wonder they can handle lines backed out to roxboro... Delicious.

Photo of Bŕy Dãrwiñ Bŕy Dãrwiñ
Jul 26, 2023 4

Food was good, didn't take too long to order and get food. Other than giving me the wrong drink. Not a bad experience

Photo of degree downloading degree downloading
Jul 13, 2023 5

Today before I could pull around and merge into the line to get my salad the runner was bringing it to me. ITS FRESH AND DELICIOUS.

Photo of Theresa Novicky Theresa Novicky
Jun 10, 2023 5

The best/most efficient drive thru of all! They are so on top of it here. They are a well oiled machine! I appreciate their attentiveness and attention to detail! They never ever forget my ketchup or sauce! I do order on the app, and I know that helps the employees tremendously! Chil fil A is so good! I’ll be back

Photo of Monica Richardson Monica Richardson
Jun 7, 2023 5

First and foremost I would like to say this is the best chic fil a in the RDU area, HANDS DOWN!!!! I went on my lunch break and requested a different salad that they didn’t even have on the menu and they made it happen. They make you feel so loved here and the hospitality is out of this world!! I live 30 mins away from this location and I still travel there to get this awesome experience each time, even though it’s one literally 3 mins from me. The whole staff especially the manager goes above and beyond to make you feel special. This will forever be my favorite location!!!!

Photo of Borite Pak Borite Pak
May 4, 2023 5

It was fast and easy service. Order was quick and easy. I like how they have people outside taking your orders and payment. Fast and accurate. Breakfast was very good , haven't had it in a long time. Sausage egg and cheese meal!

Photo of Devin Munce Devin Munce
May 1, 2023 5

I had a great dining experience today at this location. They were incredibly busy but handled it with perfection. The meal was fresh and delicious, and the staff was courteous and professional. Thank you for another great experience!

Photo of Wendy Green Wendy Green
Apr 3, 2023 4

It was busy as usual. I only gave the food three stars because when I got home, one of my sandwiches where missing. Other than that, the food was excellent.

Photo of John Morgan John Morgan
Mar 19, 2023 5

Very friendly staff! Food was brought to us very quickly was delicious. Twice during the meal and when the food was brought to us, we were asked if they could get us anything else. Please bring a franchise to South Boston, VA.

Photo of My Favorite Cheesecake My Favorite Cheesecake
Feb 22, 2023 5

It’s Chick-fil-A! I think ppl like them so much bcz they have the system figured out. Friendly service, excellent customer service, clean food, moving lines, clean floors & clean restrooms….. At any given time. The love feels so real, you know why that busy shoulder lane is a makeshift parking lot! I’m going now!

Photo of Susan Cates Susan Cates
Feb 16, 2023 5

I don't think I've had a bad experience at any chick-FIL-a location. The order takers have to stand outside in all kinds of weather and be polite and friendly and smile and they do! Only thing I don't like about ordering from a person is that I can't see the menu and I have to ask questions. I know I could use my phone but I don't always think about it when I get there.I wish they would bring back the chicken salad sandwich. It was my favorite.

Photo of Lucy Marie Lucy Marie
Jan 10, 2023 5

Customer service is amazing. We didn't wait in line long at all , the food was nice and hot. My salad was so fresh and my lemonade was nice and cold. I definitely will be going back again.

Photo of GM GM GM GM
Dec 31, 2022 3

The staff is friendly and helpful, however, either the person taking the order isn't entering it as requested or the staff that assembled the order isn't putting it together as requested. Items are often missing or added, such as eggs or cheese missing from the salad. Only 2 tomatoes?! Whipped cream that l told them that I didn't want to be added to the milkshake. I love the food when it is correct. If they don't have items, they should just say. They should read the order and not just put it together because they're running on autopilot. I hate to pause the drive-thru while I check through all the bags, but I hate even worse to get home and have my family upset. The drive-thru will just have to be backed up with customers waiting while I check everything. 😒