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104 Residence Inn Blvd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 484-7778
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Photo of Cynthia A Crowner Cynthia A Crowner
Nov 20, 2022 4

The service is good and the food is good but I couldn't finish the sandwich I used to enjoy so much. The salt content is too high for me now. Also, because all service is pick up, it is difficult to scan the menu on the drive to the server. If you don't have the AP, you will definitely not have the best experience.

Photo of Whos Jay Whos Jay
Oct 25, 2022 5

One of the best chick fila in Durham! Hands down been going for 4 months and they remember me and my buddy. Just feel bad for all the rude customers these people have to deal with sometimes. For as busy as they are sometimes and how hard they work as a team they really don't need attitude at the end of the night. Order accuracy goes to 9/10 ( holding that one cuz they stingy with my sauce sometimes ) other than that this one is just a good one quick, warm food , and fresh fries.

Photo of Annette D Annette D
Oct 22, 2022 5

Thank you to Luke, one of the managers, for expediting my last-minute request when I ordered a Chick-n-Minis platter on-the-fly last Saturday morning. Thank you for your friendly and professional experience. The treat was well-deserved and very much appreciated. I will be back!

Photo of Tony Downing Tony Downing
Jul 16, 2022 3

Food was good as usual. Said Lobby closes at 10. We get there around 9:10. State Troopers goes in 10 minutes before we do. They ordered and ate in the lobby. Manager tells us the lobby is closed. How can they sit and eat and we can't? It's not 10:00!

Photo of Carolyn A. Carolyn A.
Jul 5, 2022 5

Excellent Customer service. The employees are polite, friendly and time conscious. One of my all time favorite fast food s.

Photo of Elliot Angel Elliot Angel
Jul 2, 2022 5

Very good compared to most Chicfilas. Nicely cooked and larger chicken parts than usual. They didn't seem to mind we were gay either, cheers!

Photo of Samantha Nadj Samantha Nadj
May 27, 2022 5

Great service. The line moved quickly and the staff was friendly. The food was good, as always.

Photo of Monteith Suggs Monteith Suggs
May 3, 2022 5

There's something special about that chicken. Lines for miles at every location, still fresh hot good. Keep it up. Customer service 💯

Photo of Nakia Sampson Nakia Sampson
Apr 21, 2022 5

Good food. Nice staff. Love the Grilled Nuggets, Fries & Shakes!

Photo of Jack Grey Jack Grey
Apr 9, 2022 4

You can count on quality chicken, but they are pricing themselves on the top of the upper tier of fast food and it seems some selections' portions are getting smaller. Drive thru service is the best in the business, though. .

Photo of Randy Parnell Randy Parnell
Apr 6, 2022 5

AAA- Truett Cathy would enjoy eating here! Every process was on point from the drive through, Grub Hub orders, smiles on the employees faces, to the signature “my pleasure”. This is an exceptional Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A has high standards but the manager here he was phenomenal!