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104 Residence Inn Blvd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 484-7778
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Photo of Kevin Goings Kevin Goings
Dec 17, 2023 4

The service is exceptional by fast food standards. However, the drive thru experience needs refinement. For example, on several occasions, I was asked to place my order before I got within sight of a menu.

Photo of S Gieseking S Gieseking
Dec 5, 2023 4

Beautifully decorated for Christmas! Food was fast and friendly. There was no play place, so the kids were a little bummed about that. Overall a very clean place with excellent food and professional employees. Definitely swing by and you will be glad you choose this location! Took some really great pictures of the kids by the tree!

Photo of E M E M
Nov 10, 2023 3

The people at the drive thru window early in the mornings are a bit rude sometimes, having full blown conversations while taking their time giving me my food. I like more of a personal interaction.

Photo of Lamont Brewington Lamont Brewington
Oct 31, 2023 5

I mean this is how fast food chains should be ran not like that B.S. McDonald's and other so called fast food chains are ran this day in time.Great Service , Excellent Food and a Outstanding Atmosphere!!!!!! Just to let you know I eat there 4 to 6 times a week and I'm a hell of a cook so that tells you how wonderful the food and service really is! Thanks Chick Fil A.

Photo of Kenoris Crisp Kenoris Crisp
Sep 27, 2023 3

I'm a regular customer who often visits this location. Lately, the fries have been subpar at best. It really been disappointing that this is becoming a reoccurring theme. I hope my next visit will be better!!!

Photo of Renee Dito Renee Dito
Sep 23, 2023 5

I would like to shake the hand of whoever came up with the idea of servers outside as you drive up to take your order. Of course the food is good also. Waffle fries!! Yum! And a vanilla shake with whipped cream and a cherry.

Photo of Taylor Caldwell Taylor Caldwell
Sep 18, 2023 5

I've had countless delightful experience at Chick fil A . There warm hospitality delicious food and genuine care for customers keep me coming back.

Photo of Jacqueline Williams Jacqueline Williams
Jun 15, 2023 5

I placed an order via Door Dash for myself and a few coworkers. When the order was dropped off, my drinks were not with the order. I could not catch the driver, so I called the store. Even thought I needed to speak to Door Dash, the owner Nick was very understanding and super nice! He wanted to make sure we had a great lunch, so he personally drove over to my job and dropped our drinks off himself. This is customer service that exceeded anything I have EVER had. He was so super nice and you can tell he is such a great human being! I am still so impressed with his kindness and desire to make sure his customers are satisfied even if the mistake was not his. I cannot help but think about the Chick-fil-A commercials I've seen about the different employees and customer's. Nick definitely deserves to be in one of those commercials!! 10 stars to Nick and his entire store on Renaissance, near Southpoint Mall and Hwy 751, Durham, NC.

Photo of Claudine Daniel Claudine Daniel
Jun 15, 2023 5

Hey, wonderful people! I must say Chick-fil-A is always the go-to fast food. The people there are nice, professional. My order came out good all the time.