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6910 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-5557
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Photo of Kasie May Kasie May
Jul 28, 2022 5

Very fast and friendly service. Food was hot and fresh. Delicious as always.

Photo of Lynn Harrington Lynn Harrington
Jul 18, 2022 5

Super friendly and helpful staff!

Photo of East Coast Reviewer East Coast Reviewer
Jun 4, 2022 4

This place always has friendly people working and keeps their place clean. Never had an issue getting the right food if they make a mistake the first time, but they do take my order incorrectly more than I would like. Also, the younger staff (and occasionally some of the older staff) will often be in conversation amongst themselves while I am waiting for service. Overall, I almost always like to come here, but I sometimes hit a snag here and there with the service.

Photo of Nichelle Hopson Nichelle Hopson
Mar 26, 2022 5

This was my first time doing curbside pickup for Chick fil A at Southpoint. I ordered through the app a market salad with no blue cheese. It was quick and easy to pick up. Unfortunately when I got home my saas had blue cheese and no dressing. I called chick fil a and Anna was great to work with. She offered to make me a new salad and shared they did not receive the special instructions. Lesson learned will call or go in for special requests. I was able to get my salad and it was super fresh lettuce and fruit. I don’t know if the other customers went on a day where the salad items were old but I have no complaints. I plan to order this salad again since this was my first time.