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Cheerz Deli


2945 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 572-6789

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Photo of chris dean chris dean
Feb 11, 2020 5

The sub bread was super tasty and light. The Dcrusher I'd totally recommend.

Photo of Royce Kuhre Royce Kuhre
Aug 29, 2020 5

I've had everything thing on the menu. delicious.

Photo of Elise Dixon Elise Dixon
Aug 20, 2020 5

This place is literally the best. I always get a D-Rex with extra Russian on the side, and load up my sandwich with as many jalapeño chips as I can fit. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and couldn’t stand deli meat of any kind until I tried a sub from here. I probably tell whoever I’m with, or whoever is standing nearby ,the whole way through the line how excited I am for the sub I’m about to get. This is seriously quality stuff. If you’re not willing to pay a bit more for quality ingredients like house made roast beef and their specialty Russian dressing, go to subway and get a $5 foot long. It actually made me MAD to read reviews saying it’s not worth the price! If you think you are some kind of food critic please be willing to pay more for high quality. Anyone who knows anything about food understands that you will not be able to pay fast food prices for REAL FOOD. And will be perfectly happy to still spend LESS than $20 for a full size sub meal (a little more if you get a bag of chips for each half of the sandwich like me lol) that definitely lasts me two meals, or about $12 for a half-sub meal which is plenty for lunch. The staff is always incredibly friendly and always asks me how I’m doing, and they always remember things (they ask about my job, wished me luck in transferring to university for the fall, always remember my kinda specific sub order -d Rex on white add onions with extra Russian on the side-) just all around great food and staff from top to bottom, I wish this business so much success so that it will always be here when I come home from uni!!

Photo of Brandon Diaz Brandon Diaz
Sep 8, 2020 5

Really impressed with each visit to this tasty deli! Fresh tasting breads, large menu options so there's something for everyone. Highly recommend this deli over big named corporation sandwich shops!!!

Photo of Tim Schultz Tim Schultz
Jul 31, 2020 4

Great sandwiches, a bit pricey but you are paying for quality.

Photo of Ryan Menrath Ryan Menrath
Jun 2, 2020 5

Eaten there once and the sandwich beats the local competition with ease. Friendly service. Will be going back without question. Their menu is a hit list of all my favorites. Cheerz!

Photo of Zach Brown Zach Brown
Mar 8, 2018 5

Spectacular sandwiches. This is a week day lunch only place which is a bit disappointing because you will want one of these sandwiches daily. The meat they slice in house is delicious. The ratios on every sandwich is just perfect. If you are in the neighborhood, make the time to eat here.

Photo of Mitchell Fells Mitchell Fells
Feb 12, 2020 4

I ordered a $9 grilled chicken wrap with most of the standard sub veggies. It was drippy and messy but tasty. The grilled chicken had turmeric which was OK. My companion ordered a $9 sub that she said was equal to Jersey Mike's. Although the place was busy at lunchtime, the service was fast and efficient.

Photo of Potatoe08 Potatoe08
Jan 22, 2020 5

The food at Cheerz is great. In the morning Ill get a bacon egg and cheese bagel. for lunch ill get the angry chicken. On thursdays ill get the cuban. omg the cuban is so good. if you find yourself at cheerz on a thursday I highly recomend the cuban.

Photo of Jesus Navarro Jesus Navarro
Dec 8, 2019 5

Its really good food. However it is in the higher price area for subs and sandwiches like jersey mikes. Its around 10 dollars for any foot long sub and thats not including it as a combo. If you want a combo and a good sub expect to spend about 13-15 bucks.

Photo of William Womack William Womack
Dec 6, 2019 5

COREN took my order, I sat down and she brings it to you. Great food, Cowboy Omelet, for lunch I had "The Crusher"half sub...delicious, with Carolina Kettle chips locally made too, see picture.

Photo of Michael Reives Michael Reives
Nov 7, 2019 5

Great food great service! Always love eating here

Photo of Jamie Melville Jamie Melville
Jul 10, 2019 5

Loved the sandwiches under the original ownership. Best place for lunch in the Park.

Photo of Steven Taylor Steven Taylor
Aug 28, 2019 4

Long wait for 11:40 but food was great and so was the service!

Photo of Drew C Drew C
Aug 3, 2019 5

While the lunch rush can be a bit much, the food was amazing. So amazing that I went two days in a row. I highly recommend you try this place out if you are ever in the area and mood for a warm or cold sub.

Photo of Chris Cardozo Chris Cardozo
Sep 6, 2019 5

I went for lunch with friends. The food is great. The staff making the sandwiches do a great job. The owner is hands on and local. A great place to have lunch

Photo of Jocelyn Wood Jocelyn Wood
Sep 27, 2019 5

Fantastic Food, Great Customer Service, and Awesome Prices!!! have no idea why I've never walked in here before but getting breakfast here was the best decision I've made all week! Got a breakfast sandwich on a roll with sausage, egg, and cheese and its easily the best I've had around - and the quickest! He made coffee for me - fresh - on the spot. For real. I've lived right around the corner for 2 years! Think of all the good food I've missed out on! We will definitely be back!!

Photo of Eric H Eric H
Jun 21, 2019 5

Great service and food.

Jun 29, 2019 5

Inventive sandwich recipes and very efficient service. Casual atmosphere.

Photo of Stefan D Stefan D
Mar 16, 2019 5

Two words - The hammer. Try it , know it, love it. It's the best.

Photo of Trina Lawrence Trina Lawrence
Apr 8, 2019 4

I love their bacon egg cheese on Texas toast they always on time

Photo of Clark Jackson Clark Jackson
Feb 5, 2019 5

Cheers Deli is an awesome place to have lunch. They have different types of great sandwiches their bread is completely fantastic in every way. Lots of different sandwich types, decent chip selection, drink selection, very, very friendly atmosphere. Cannot say enough good things about this spot to have lunch in RTP.

Photo of Jamie Duncan Jamie Duncan
Feb 11, 2019 5

This place is amazing!! They have been catering some lunches and breakfasts for my company and it has been a huge hit. Breakfast and lunch delicious! Great prices!!! Dave is the best!

Photo of Jim Looney Jim Looney
May 24, 2019 4

Great food, friendly staff. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is can get a little slow when busy. Try the breakfast wrap!

Photo of James Hudson James Hudson
Mar 16, 2016 5

Best sandwiches in the area, hands down. Everything is fresh, including the bread. Try the Crusher, you will not be disappointed. Also make sure you get the large sub size as it is pretty much 2 meals in one and you will be happy you have the extra half for later! The owner and his staff are great local people, care about the quality of their product, and are fun to talk with. I started out going here by myself but now I can't pick up an order without half of my coworkers wanting something too.