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Chaz's Bull City Records


124 E Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 251-9762
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Photo of Richard Simpson Richard Simpson
Oct 28, 2023 5

My preferred downtown record store. The selection is very wide. I was able to find stuff that I struck out on at other local shops.

Photo of august august
Oct 22, 2023 5

very dope place! prices are fair, and there’s some used CDs and tapes in the back as well. there’s always some cool record playing that i end up shazam-ing and listening to later. the staff are very nice as well! i had a brief but excited chat about AJJ with a cashier when i saw him packaging one of their albums. any collector in the triangle area should stop by!

Photo of Josiah Baskfield Josiah Baskfield
Oct 10, 2023 4

Great shop with reasonable prices and large mix of new releases and used bins.

Photo of Jacob Jacob
Sep 21, 2023 5

2023 Update: The store has moved to a new location, and it's so nice there, I like how it's well lit and not dark like some record stores are, and I love the new building/location, it's got some wonderful wooden floors and walls. I thought it might be worth noting that they do sell CDs, for those of us who still collect those as well as (or instead of) records. It's also easier to get to the location it is at now than the one it used to be at. It's right off 147. -------------- OLD REVIEW: Awesome store. Don't get to go here too often since it's so far away from me (30 miles) and often results in me getting caught up in traffic, but Chaz is super fair on pricing and is a very conservative grader. I've gotten records here for cheap that should've been way more expensive than they were. One of the stores that makes the vinyl revival worthwhile, of which there are several in the Triangle area.

Photo of Erik Sugg Erik Sugg
Aug 31, 2023 5

Chaz rules. So does his shop. Bull City is a classic record store experience.