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Catering By George


2504 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 956-7090

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Photo of Tia Simone Tia Simone
Dec 8, 2021 5


Photo of Ms. Tasha Ms. Tasha
Nov 7, 2021 5

I have been knowing Mr. George for over 30 years. He has always been concerned with his community. Always giving us sound advice with a good hearty meal. You will truly be missed on this side sir. I am lost for words right now but I will always remember those times we would visit "Uncle George". To the best ribs in town!!!

Photo of Steven Vanderhorst Steven Vanderhorst
Oct 16, 2021 5

The Best Food ever eaten by me.

Photo of April H April H
Aug 4, 2021 5

This soul food spot is yummy!! I've been coming for years and it's ALWAYS consistently good! George is excellent at seasoning without over doing it! Fried chicken, fish, and pork chops are all great! There's a reason he's been open for so many years!

Photo of Kwame Samuels Kwame Samuels
Jul 19, 2021 5

Excellent staff and food.

Photo of Yolanda Finney Yolanda Finney
Jul 14, 2021 5

Always high quality, soulful meals that are consistently good!

Photo of John W Howell III John W Howell III
Jun 5, 2021 5

Excellent food and great service

Photo of Dalton Johnson Jr Dalton Johnson Jr
Apr 5, 2021 5

Wonderful food, good customer service reasonable

Photo of Alan Miller Alan Miller
Feb 5, 2021 5

Someone brought me a plate of ribs, Mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes. Absolutely delicious. It was so good. Everything was amazing

Photo of KJ KJ
Dec 14, 2020 5

He consistently has some of the best ribs and chicken wings in the state.

Photo of Sara Upchurch Sara Upchurch
Dec 2, 2020 5

I love Mr. George and his great food. Good Southern Comfort!!!❤

Photo of Stanley Royster Jr Stanley Royster Jr
Nov 10, 2020 5

Love this place...great costumer service and even better food

Photo of KJ KJ
Oct 3, 2020 5

He consistently has some of the best ribs and chicken wings in the state. I grew up on it.

Photo of Nelson Kerr Nelson Kerr
Sep 26, 2020 5

Great soul food. Oxtail are so delicious. Excellent customer service.

Photo of Gregory Barthell Gregory Barthell
Sep 9, 2020 5

Very good food great southern hospitality. Everyone was so friendly especially miss Renea I will be eating there a lot

Photo of Tiffany Whiting Tiffany Whiting
Jul 18, 2020 5

I got the veggie plate with mac and cheese, greens and yams. I tasted some in the car and ended up just eating it there - it was so good! I also got a big piece of cornbread with it that went well with everything. I'll definitely be back.

Photo of Adam Steege Adam Steege
Jul 11, 2020 5

The ribs are incredible! Definitely check this place out, the food is ridiculously good.

Photo of Mark Edwards Mark Edwards
Jul 1, 2020 5

Great Southern comfort food clean place and food not to greasy

Photo of desmond eddie desmond eddie
Jun 16, 2020 5

Great food

Photo of Corey Butler Corey Butler
Jul 28, 2018 4

Great food for the soul!

Photo of Kevin. Goggins Kevin. Goggins
Mar 4, 2020 5


Photo of katina bryson katina bryson
Jan 19, 2020 5

If you don't know about Catering by George you need to visit and experience it for yourself. The chicken wings are cooked to order so you know it's hot and fresh, he makes some of the best ribs in town...oh and if you see Oxtails on the line it is a must try this is a sale out item every time. If you're looking for some good home southern cooking Catering by George is the place.😁

Photo of Leonard Redwood Leonard Redwood
Jan 9, 2020 5

Great food, quality service

Photo of Fort Polk LA Fort Polk LA
Oct 12, 2019 4

I like the way they season their fish sandwich.

Photo of elon barber elon barber
Jun 28, 2019 5

Great food great people great service ribs fresh off grill mac and cheese corn bread you can't go wrong

Photo of Ed Dillahunt Ed Dillahunt
Oct 23, 2018 5

Great people and great food all at a fair price 💙💚💛💜🖤🖤🖤

Photo of Vertina Webb Vertina Webb
Nov 3, 2018 3

I was excited because I had heard about the food. I was disappointed all the food was unseasoned . But the service was very pleasant . Although the chitterlings were good clean but again needed sone salt. Just a little seasoning goes a long way. I would go back only to eat the chitterlings....

Photo of Taylor Baker Taylor Baker
Mar 1, 2019 5

Great food cooked fresh right in front of you, great people always friendly, really nice price

Photo of Theodore Williams Theodore Williams
Mar 5, 2019 5

i ate there for the time ever i never gave it a second glance the other i went to was closed and it was raining so i decide to give it a try i order the rib dinner i was so surprised at the portion amount everything was great i will be going back there again and again