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Carolina Soul Records


117 E Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-6620
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Photo of Virginia Bradley Virginia Bradley
Oct 11, 2021 5

This is a neat shop. The employee was pleasant and greeted us upon entry. He let us browse peacefully. Unfortunately, she didn't find the albums that she was looking for this time. I have a feeling that she will be back. The unusual thing was the rolled mats and rugs at the entrance that we had to step over to enter. I'm sure they are there for a purpose, but it shook us a little because we thought a person might be rolled inside sleeping. Hey, we had no idea. Still it is a neat shop worth the downtown Durham visit.

Photo of Thornton Burnette Thornton Burnette
Oct 21, 2021 5

Fairly priced both used and new records and the ability to listen to used records prior to purchase. Don't let the name fool you, there are selections from many genres, too. Check it out and keep vinyl records spinning!

Photo of Glo Glo
Oct 4, 2021 5

They have a great selection of records and you definitely will find some good LPs there. My husband really enjoys going there and always finds some good music as he is an Audiophile and loves. Vinyl.

Photo of Eric “The Musicinator” Peace Eric “The Musicinator” Peace
Aug 18, 2021 5

Great place great people.

Photo of Ami Utley Ami Utley
Aug 23, 2021 5

This store is organized and the staff is helpful. They’ve got a good selection and great prices.

Photo of M A M A
Aug 2, 2021 5

Very cool place to find vinyl records. The manager...not sure if owner but he was very friendly and helpful. Sign-up for email alerts, they have it all for us music enthusiasts.

Photo of Stephen Petersen Griffin Stephen Petersen Griffin
Jul 23, 2021 5

Always a fine selection of records new and old

Photo of Dennis Ross Dennis Ross
May 22, 2021 5

The shop, and privacy is amazing. The selection is on point. Most importantly the young man my wife and I deal with most of the time is knowledgeable and very personable.

Photo of Bryan Burns Bryan Burns
Jan 24, 2021 5

I thoroughly enjoyed my private shopping experience. The selection at Carolina Soul is the best that I’ve seen in Durham. Highly recommend!

Photo of D D D D
Jan 21, 2021 5

The private shopping appointments are awesome. Masks and gloves are provided, but you may want to bring your own gloves because your hands will get sweaty. Make sure you schedule enough time to search through the crates.

Photo of First Name First Name
Sep 7, 2020 3

Alright place to dig records. They had a ton to choose from.

Photo of Mark Rogers Mark Rogers
Mar 1, 2020 3

Jason came to my house last year and started looking at my huge 45 collection. He was looking at them so fast that some PS got ripped by mistake.

Photo of Massimo Strazzeri Massimo Strazzeri
Feb 9, 2020 5

Great records at good prices! I was impressed with reggae, jazz and soul selections!

Photo of Kevin O'Connor Kevin O'Connor
Jan 14, 2020 5

Carolina Soul is located in downtown Durham, NC. This shop is great! They have a large selection of vintage vinyl Rock, Jazz, Country, and Soul records. I bought an early pressing of Disraeli Gears by Cream, a first pressing of Workingman's Dead by the Grateful Dead, and a Junior Kimbrough and The Soul Blues Boys LP titled Most Things Haven't Worked Out. Every time I go here I find something interesting. They have a great selection of 45's as well. On street parking is fairly available on a weekend. During the M-F business hours it is more scarce.

Photo of Night Kitchen Bakehouse & Cafe Night Kitchen Bakehouse & Cafe
Jan 19, 2020 5

Great shop, fair prices. Always something new to find in the stacks.

Photo of Rachel Kathryn Rachel Kathryn
Oct 4, 2019 5

Great selection and quality, check 'em out.

Photo of Henry Capps Henry Capps
Oct 2, 2019 5

This place is the soul, funk and jazz headquarters for vinyl in North Carolina let it be known!

Photo of Frank Zapata Frank Zapata
Jul 20, 2019 5

You'll always find something good here!

Photo of Jessica Johnson Jessica Johnson
Aug 6, 2019 5

Consignment Records/Ebay Auction Most collectors worldwide have purchased record(s) from one of carolinasoul's famous Ebay auctions, or watched with amazement as bids flood in for rare records and fetched top dollar. Carolina Soul has a top seller status and is known for customer satisfaction. CS has a further reach for buyers worldwide than many reputable dealers have, hence their thousands of dedicated Ebay followers and 100% positive feedback ratings from buyers. For these reasons, I decided to put some records up for consignment with CS. They do all of the listing work: clean, grade, capture/upload mp3 samples, manage the auction, collect payment and finally ship the record to the highest bidder. Carolina Soul doesn't ever make more money than you do off of any consignment record that auctions for over 10 USD -- I found their tiered consignment fee scale to be very fair, especially since they absorb all of the paypal/ebay fees etc. In the past I have made good money selling records myself through various platforms, with CS even with the consignment fees, I am certain that I made considerably more money selling through CS on nearly all of the records they listed for me. The communication with CS was fast and thorough, at times I had so many questions I annoyed myself but they were 100% professional and courteous to me. Finally, watching the auctions close was fun and exciting -- so many records sold for much more than I would have listed them for myself on other record selling platforms increasing my overall profit. I have yet to be paid for the records because my final auction closed just yesterday, but I have already received one payment from them without issue. I will absolutely use CS to sell records in the future.

Photo of Brant Stalzer Brant Stalzer
Jun 30, 2019 5

The laid back, helpful vinyl shopping experience with a decent in-store selection and good number of gems cataloged on discogs. Fair prices.

Photo of David McIntee David McIntee
Nov 17, 2018 5

Very nice store. Simple, yet well organized. Lots of dollar priced records for the bargain hunter and many value-graded items coming a range of genres. Prices and grading are quite fair. Owner was very conversant. They also have an eBay store coming from this location. I recommend stopping in while in Durham. I'll be returning.

Photo of Keith Davis Keith Davis
May 4, 2019 5

Great vibes, a record collector's dream, but also a great place to thumb through the $1 bins to find treasures. A Durham institution!

Photo of Steven Rush Steven Rush
May 13, 2019 4

Mainly Used Records, but a few fine new selections to pick through. Proprietors have exquisite taste on choosing quality, and fill the bins respectfully. You will Not leave empty~handed!!!

Photo of Moif Moif
May 14, 2019 5

This is my favorite record store in RDU. I will outright say that Carolina Soul has the most reasonable prices of any store (we all know what a Beatles album should cost). They have a wonderful selection of jazz, soul, and a lot of niche genres that you don't find in a lot of places. They are extremely organized, and each record has been placed in a plastic sleeve - or at least the "upper shelf" ones that aren't $1. All of the employees are very helpful and recognize me. I suppose not many people request 10cc albums, though. I'm thankful to have a great shop so close by and one that seems to be tailored to my taste in vinyl.

Photo of Ann Bynum Ann Bynum
Jul 27, 2022 5

They were nice and friendly

Photo of Chadwick Feagan Chadwick Feagan
Aug 6, 2022 5

Great selection. Definitely will be back.

Photo of Ryan Lynn Ryan Lynn
Aug 12, 2022 5

Guy working (owner I think) was helpful and has a vast knowledge of music. Awesome old school record shop