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Carolina Glazed Donuts


5400 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 474-9999
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Photo of Chi Brown Chi Brown
Jan 14, 2024 3

The donuts here are great and I've been getting them here and there for years. HOWEVER, multiple times I've been in the area and wanted donuts only to find out that they were out or just closed because they keep strange hours and will close the doors if they run out of donuts. This is just unheard of for any type of restaurant to close early and run out of food. If you consistently run out of food you would expect that the restaurant would begin to have more product in store so they can make more money but this place continuously closes the doors. Major disappointment!

Photo of Matthew Polito Matthew Polito
Dec 8, 2023 5

Best Donuts around period. Everytime I bring these to work or to a friend they all agree these are the best donuts. One of the coolest things about them is you can select a donut and then select the filling you want in it.

Photo of David Blumberg David Blumberg
Nov 2, 2023 4

Carolina Glazed Donuts located at 5400 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703 have very good in-house freshly made donuts!! You get the filing put in as you order customized to what you want (custard, white cream, boston yellow cream, lemon, etc). Light and flavorful. Fritters and long John’s too!

Photo of Aaron Greenwood Aaron Greenwood
Oct 5, 2023 4

My Donuts were fine. I liked that I could use my filling

Photo of gwyn sellers gwyn sellers
Sep 28, 2023 5

I stopped by this morning to grab something to make early morning meetings seem doable. Not only was the service fast and friendly, he threw in some extra don't holes. These donuts are so light and fluffy! They just melt in your mouth. They are not too sweet or sticky. They are really, really great! I would highly recommend this place!

Photo of justin mcnamara justin mcnamara
Sep 20, 2023 5

This is one of my favorite donut spots in the area. They fill the donuts on the spot, and they have a good variety. These are quality donuts. Would recommend to anyone new to the area.

Photo of Longinius Spear Longinius Spear
Aug 30, 2023 5

Came in at 11:50am, not much selection because it was so late in the day. The few donuts they have were fairly fresh and good. I had a custom filled glazed donut with custard and it was really good. First time I've had a filled donut right there infront of you. Kinda cool.

Photo of Libby Audrey Libby Audrey
Jul 19, 2023 5

Great donut shop with homemade, dough donuts. It's pretty busy in the mornings, but it was worth getting up earlier to get enjoy some donuts. Didn't have a chance to take photos the last time I went because I was too excited to eat them. The chocolate glazed was my favorite but I plan to get the apple turnovers and the twist donut next time!

Photo of Veronica L (V) Veronica L (V)
Jul 13, 2023 4

These were some pretty good donuts depending on what you pick. The glazed twist donut was my fav. They do seem to sell out pretty early because this was on a Sunday right before noon. So I would suggest getting some as soon as they open!