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Carolina Glazed Donuts


5400 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 474-9999
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Photo of Longinius Spear Longinius Spear
Aug 30, 2023 5

Came in at 11:50am, not much selection because it was so late in the day. The few donuts they have were fairly fresh and good. I had a custom filled glazed donut with custard and it was really good. First time I've had a filled donut right there infront of you. Kinda cool.

Photo of Libby Audrey Libby Audrey
Jul 19, 2023 5

Great donut shop with homemade, dough donuts. It's pretty busy in the mornings, but it was worth getting up earlier to get enjoy some donuts. Didn't have a chance to take photos the last time I went because I was too excited to eat them. The chocolate glazed was my favorite but I plan to get the apple turnovers and the twist donut next time!

Photo of Veronica L (V) Veronica L (V)
Jul 13, 2023 4

These were some pretty good donuts depending on what you pick. The glazed twist donut was my fav. They do seem to sell out pretty early because this was on a Sunday right before noon. So I would suggest getting some as soon as they open!

Photo of MA eatNtour MA eatNtour
May 22, 2023 5

Good quality Donuts from a local mom & pop shop. Staff is always friendly. Donuts are simple & they do fresh fillings at the time of your order. They always have customers coming & going no matter what time I show up. Try to get here before noon or the Donuts would run out.

Photo of Nick Jones Nick Jones
Mar 17, 2023 5

Excellent doughnuts, soft and airy with good squish but still a slight chew at the end. Decent flavor in the glaze, not the best maple frosting I’ve had but certainly passable. Did not try any of the filled ones or the cake donuts. Coffee is very mediocre, but didn’t cross the line into being actively bad. It’s not any worse than what I’d expect from a hole in the wall donut joint like this, so I’m not going to mark down any stars for it — just understand what you’re here for: the yeast donuts.

Photo of Jaclyn Bowie Jaclyn Bowie
Mar 15, 2023 5

Best yeast donuts I've ever had. Amazing. They are bigger, fluffier, and yeastier than krispy kreme and have a better donut to sugar ratio. The cream filled ones are AMAZING. They're all amazing. And you can eat several without feeling sick from too much sugar... at least I can. 🙃

Photo of Jesse Webber Jesse Webber
Dec 31, 2022 5

Fantastic fresh donuts. The coffee was hot and inexpensive. The person behind the counter clearly took pride in her workspace as the entire place was clean and organized. Bonus: she was polite and used hand sanitizer in between each customer.

Photo of Sherry R Sherry R
Sep 26, 2022 5

I love donuts, so I usually look for local privately owned places whenever I travel. I was so pleased that this wasn't far from my hotel. They were so fresh and delicious! Thank goodness that I didn't get there too late. It was apparent to me that they most likely would sell out by late morning.