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Capital Seafood


1304 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 402-0777
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Market specializing in fresh local (raw) seafood with a selection of takeout options from a soul-food kitchen.

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Photo of Mrs R Mrs R
Sep 24, 2023 5

The Capital Seafood Market is the best around! The people are always nice! Whether you are getting fresh or frozen seafood, or ordering prepared plate(s), it's always great! Mrs. Terry R.

Photo of Dorothy Smith Dorothy Smith
Sep 15, 2023 5

Yes!!!! this the spot. I am originally a long time resident of Ohio. But ..This place here is great price excellent Great southern food. Fresh seafood to purchase.

Photo of Ruth Powell Ruth Powell
Aug 7, 2023 5

I always enjoy my food from there!!! Mr. Clarence and his staff are always very pleasant to me and one of the staff members call me Ms. P😊, she recognizes me when I enter and I love that. Occasionally they may get my order wrong but when/if that happens they are quick to rectify the situation without any trouble. I can't get there as often as I used to, but the service I receive never changes...Love It!!!

Photo of Cody Breshears Cody Breshears
Jul 1, 2023 5

My personal favorite is the Popcorn Shrimp lunch tray 7.99 as long as you get there by 3pm.

Photo of dennis anderson dennis anderson
Jun 26, 2023 5

Love this restaurant, fish market! Great selection of fresh seafood. And the restaurant has some good specials!! Will be coming here more often.

Photo of Bonnie Lambert Bonnie Lambert
Jun 20, 2023 5

The fried croaker fish dinner was so tasty and fresh. Everything is cooked to order, and fresh. I also got the red velvet cake. They have the best red velvet cake! You got a try it. I did a carry out, because they don’t really have a place to sit and dine. However, just up the street, the City of Durham North Carolina maintains an open public play park with tables to sit and eat. It is not very far from Capital seafood.

Photo of Jennifer Johnson Bey Jennifer Johnson Bey
Mar 30, 2023 5

Food was good and the selection. The staff was nice. They take cash cards and EBT!

Photo of Jaime “LadyLocs” Woods Jaime “LadyLocs” Woods
Mar 21, 2023 5

I called in my order an it was ready within 10min of my arrival. Great portions an flavor was def there🔥🔥🔥 They also sell fresh fish of choice. Found this 💎 an not expensive at all❤️❤️❤️ Was also give free dessert for my short wait ❤️❤️❤️First time tying n def will be bk when I’m n area working…

Photo of Jus_observnt79 Jus_observnt79
Mar 12, 2023 4

So I've been in Durham a minute (IYKYK) 😆. But I never had this little gem. Glad I did! Customer service was amazing and didn't feel rushed for it being my first time. The lady at the counter answered all questions I had and gave me top-tier service especially as the store became super busy! I'll be back. (Oh I had the whitening and fries with coleslaw) their coleslaw was like a whole cabbage cut(fresh man... they cut it) 😆 at least that's how I felt. Just try it. The fish was fried well. Little more salt but that may be a personal perspective. Again, I'll be back! Because it was fish... I ate that in the car...🤭

Photo of Nicole H Nicole H
Feb 24, 2023 5

THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I WILL BUY FISH FROM. I love the atmosphere and I always feel so welcomed. I used to buy the prepared food but the consistency in quality started to change and that happens with a lot of places for various reasons so please try it anyway. It was delicious at some point. Now my fresh fish, it’s non-negotiable, Capital Seafood is the only place that will get my business. They are fast and efficient when it comes to cleaning the fish and always have a great variety. I LOVE IT HERE. And no lol I wasn’t bribed for my review. This is 100% from the h e a r t.

Photo of Melissa Veasey Melissa Veasey
Jan 18, 2023 5

You can buy fresh seafood there. And have them cook it to perfection for a decent price. Definitely come here if you are buying in bulk or if you just a little. They can help all size orders. Family owned and operated.

Photo of Jaivon McRae Jaivon McRae
Jan 10, 2023 5

I give this place 10 thumbs up! My opinion! I'm from Charlotte but I had work related business in Durham NC. I was hungry for some home cooking and the first place my eyes paid attention to was this Capital seafood sign. But the kicker was the parking lot that was over crowded. To make this short. I ordered a plate of pig feet with Mac n cheese and candy yams!! People I can not put into words the way this food tasted. Good,great, delicious, fabulous, melted n my mouth,too good for the price,! Seriously people I wanted to ask them if they could move to Charlotte NC, I have never tasted pug feet that burst open in your mouth!! I couldn't help talking about it while I was stuffing my mouth!! Ths lace is a must!! And the prices are good, not too expensive, they have full meals under $10!! And it's hard to find great food at a low price!! Keep doing what you do Capital!! I enjoyed every drop of it!!

Photo of Charlie Rindos Charlie Rindos
Jan 1, 2023 5

Quintessential seafood market with a delicious cafe. This place has everything we need for our seafood recipes. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They answered all our questions and the oysters we got were too notch!