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Capital Seafood


1304 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 402-0777

Market specializing in fresh local (raw) seafood with a selection of takeout options from a soul-food kitchen.

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Photo of Hakim Ziyad- Bey Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Oct 25, 2019 5

I absolutely love the smell of the kitchen when you walk in the door. And the fact that you can get fresh fish not frozen is just a boon of being on the East Coast. The beautiful woman at the register snooze am menu she was able to help me order. With great suggestions. This neighborhood jem is known to the locals far and wide. One of Durham's best kept secrets definitely Order ahead if possible because if the mood hits you it probably hit a bunch of other people at the same time like memory foam always a warm friendly smile from the staff and the customs and they tend to help as well expressing their favorite items on the menu. I must have when you're going through Durham.

Photo of Taiesha Alston Taiesha Alston
Jun 28, 2020 5

My family was very pleased and satisfied with our dinner order. We would love it if there could be other family dinner entrees, fish and shrimp combinations with sides but overall very good.

Photo of elijah hall elijah hall
Jun 12, 2020 4

Wonderful service in a timely manner amidst a rush. During this time medical uncertainty staff all in madked and glove +. And my family truly enjoyed the meal. Well seasoned still fairly warm following a 15 to 20 min drive home. I will be returning.

Photo of Linda Smalley Linda Smalley
Jul 10, 2020 5

Excellent location, handicap accessible and parking! Must wear mask and social distancing required! Clean establishment! Very friendly, respectful and knowledgeable staff/cashiers! Good prices! Fresh fish, crab legs, shrimp to cook! Great cooked lunch/dinner! Must visit and bless the chef/cooks!!!

Photo of Gloria Odum Gloria Odum
Jul 31, 2020 3

NOT enough staff to answer phone(20 min). Parking not good at all. ThePerson in charge not pleasant! FoodWas good.

Photo of Malinda E Malinda E
Apr 3, 2022 5

Food is made to order. You can call ahead and the food will be ready by the time you get there. Food is always delicious. I've never eaten anything bad here. Great employees.

Photo of Darrin Thompson Darrin Thompson
Feb 18, 2022 4

This place will cover any of your meal desires. Fresh seafood on ice, it does smell VERY... "fishy". I guess that's the point. Not my personal favorite but... I do believe that it is a good place to buy your seafood.

Photo of Dequann Ruffin Dequann Ruffin
Mar 17, 2022 3

I go mainly because I enjoy seeing the beautiful chocolate woman at the front with that sexy gap between her teeth. Other than that the cooked fish can be a hit or miss depending on demand and the cook. This time, my whiting tasted like water and the batter had no seasoning. It was just grease and mill. Next time I won't go during rush hour

Photo of Sophia Sophia Sophia Sophia Sophia Sophia
Dec 21, 2021 5

Y’all want to get you some of the best of any kind of fresh seafood that you can think of this is the place.. They also have some of the best cooked scallops I’ve had yet😋 And so much more.. will definitely recommend!

Photo of Kowinda Thomas Kowinda Thomas
Aug 26, 2021 5

I am from "(THE PORT CITY)" aka (Wilmington, North Carolina). Capital Seafood is the very best, to come close to having first and foremost the freshest, fresh seafood in a 25/40 mile radius. Needs to work a lot on knowing in detail the craft of "(Dressing)" a fish to detail of the customer's request. The wording (Dressing the particular fish, ie; is exactly how the customer's depends on the one cleaning preparing the knowledge of example (butterfly which the fish is gutted and opened at the back with customer's requests head on or head off, asking the customer's do they wants their bone *keep* after the customer's ask them to dress the fish by fileting it). Work on that take that knowledge and customer's services seriously, Capital Seafood will definitely reach 4/5 stars The restaurant off the chain, no one perfect 90% of the time they hook you up. The food cooked be beautiful to the eye and delicious to the palate.

Photo of Sylvia Williams Sylvia Williams
Aug 8, 2021 3

I went online today at 4:43pm and placed my order and paid with credit card. The system took the order and charged my card. I received a text that the food was ready for pick up. I arrived to pick up the order and was told the place was closed. One young lady replied that the order was never confirmed and that they were closed. Another lady told me they close at 4:45 and all cooks had left. I showed the text that the order was ready for pick up. She called another individual and ask if it was okay to refund me for the order. There needs to be some way for the system to not take customers orders and money if they close at a certain time. No where on the website does it state that they do not take any orders after 4:45pm. The food is always good but this experience was not good at all.

Photo of AnnJanett Luxury AnnJanett Luxury
Oct 31, 2021 5

Was pretty good enjoyed my food (hush puppies didn’t taste fresh)! & the amount and quality of fresh fish is good! Enjoyed my salmon and will be back for more ! They have literally all fish you can think of and live crabs. Great customer service didn’t get bagged some fish i bought and went back the next day and they accommodated me no issue.

Photo of Dee Menser Dee Menser
Sep 4, 2021 4

The food was great. Customer service needs some work. Enjoyed the fact that I can also buy fresh seafood there as well. Plenty of choices on the menu, and in the fresh seafood market.

Photo of Jennifer Hendricks Jennifer Hendricks
Aug 4, 2021 5

I just love that store!! I'm a seafood lover since five in New York and omg I love fish with the head on... good eating 🥰and the employees are super nice, their super clean and a great place to pig out if you're a seafood lover....I'd give them ten stars but they only have five for now... so yeah it's a great place to order out or take home to cook.

Photo of King TCannon King TCannon
Jul 31, 2021 5

I been going here since I was a child. Always had a good time shopping here. Seafood is always fresh. Food is always good. Customer service is always a pleasure and outstanding. They go above and beyond everytime. They know seafood. Hands down the best place in the triangle to get fresh seafood.

Photo of James Jefferson James Jefferson
Jul 4, 2021 5

One of my favorite spots in Durham. Nice people working there, all kinds of variety of fresh seafood, and the restaurant side is very tasty. Looking forward to returning.

Photo of Don Corly Don Corly
May 23, 2021 4

Very delicious. I had turkey wings with rice Mac n cheese and collard greens and a piece of fried whiting and bands pudding for dessert. I ate every drop. Going back soon 🔥

Photo of Tega Jessa Tega Jessa
May 29, 2021 5

Every great rumor I heard about this place is true. The seafood is fresh and meals reasonably priced. Anyone wanting a feel for local cuisine in Durham should check this place out. A starting recommend.

Photo of Oct Opus Oct Opus
Apr 28, 2021 5

Fantastic seafood market!! Fresh seafood. We picked up some scallops, salmon, jumbo lump crab meat and other types of fish. We are very impressed with this seafood market. Very friendly staff too.

Photo of 3232linda 3232linda
Apr 20, 2021 3

When u first walk in there it's smells. The food I ordered was a catfish plate. The food was hot, but the cabbage was not done. The hushpuppies was old. The okra some of them was not quite cooked well. Whomever cooks the food needs to check make sure the food is thoroughly cook. I will not return there.

Photo of Sharron Segers Sharron Segers
Mar 31, 2021 5

It's a seafood market. I don't care for that particular smell of fresh fish. However the restaurant food was wonderful. I 💘 their food especially the yams.

Photo of Jackie Arrington Jackie Arrington
Mar 7, 2021 5

They got the best seafood in durham. I love their pig feet. I love their banana pudding. And they got fresh seafood.

Photo of Beverly El-Amin Beverly El-Amin
Feb 1, 2021 5

The fish I purchase is always fresh. If I remember correct I think this market has 2 deliveries weekly, Wednesdays & Saturdays. At least when I last asked this was so. And if you don't have the time to prepare the fish yourself you can purchase dinners here. I've been going to Capital Seafood for a while now and they never disappoint.

Photo of Denise McIntosh Denise McIntosh
Jan 23, 2021 5

Busy with limited parking during the time I was there. Cashier's moved efficiently. Wait time after ordering was acceptable based on the crowd.

Photo of James Kempski Your Triangle REALTOR 919-308-7597 James Kempski Your Triangle REALTOR 919-308-7597
Jan 5, 2021 5

So embarrassed. I have lived in Durham for many years and finally had time to stop by and see what all the hype was. Well it was everything they say. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. Bought whole salmon, yellow dish and believe it or not, alligator meat. Oh yeah. What a great place.

Photo of Jea Hyun Kim Jea Hyun Kim
Jan 5, 2021 4

Ordered a 4 combo seafood (flounder, jumbo shrimp, oyster, and trout). I think most of the fried seafood I tried were okay, and for the price (4 combo seafood for $20), it was worth it. Only thing that I think they could improve is the portion of the sides that come with each meal - putting sides in a small sauce container was definitely not the smartest idea. Rice and gravy was good, but coleslaw was just okay (bland).

Photo of Cuzzo Tony Cuzzo Tony
Aug 29, 2020 5

They are amazing!!!!!

Photo of Ms Coppedge Ms Coppedge
Dec 6, 2020 5

The food was hot and fresh. The fish and the shrimp was juicy and not overcooked. The girl at the counter was as sweet as pie and was pleasent to every person that came up. It felt like a wonderful family atmosphere. I will be back!

Photo of Stephanie Cox Stephanie Cox
Aug 28, 2020 5

Good food

Photo of Tracy Fleming Tracy Fleming
Nov 13, 2020 5

They have the best tasting fish I’ve ever eaten! The vegetables are delicious too! Everything is seasoned just right! Highly recommend!!

Photo of Guadalupe Rivera Guadalupe Rivera
Sep 13, 2020 5


Photo of mary mayfield mary mayfield
Oct 14, 2020 4

Hot fresh cooked seafood also you can buy fresh seafood and take home and cook yourself! Choices of side order come with your dinner, I had cabbage and pintos beans , hush puppies also you do have to wait be prepared to get in line! Practicing self-distance problem 🤔

Photo of Kevin Ryan Kevin Ryan
Sep 10, 2020 5

I'm new to the area and stoped i to check it out. Glad I did..... bought flounder (simple) and it was so fresh and tased great! I asked the woman behind the counter about some other fish and she was knowegable. I am now hooked on this place for the selection, quality, and price! - Kevin R

Photo of Rickey Harper Rickey Harper
Sep 7, 2020 5

Fast service and beat the prices of other places for 10 pounds of crab legs.

Photo of Tyre Hutto Tyre Hutto
Aug 27, 2020 3

Salmon cake great, fries great, hushpuppy cold, coleslaw good jbut you wouldn't know it when the staff don't appreciate customers. She was mad because I didn't know what I want and I needed more napkins🤦‍♀️ get the food and get out ! Hope to return to better staff

Photo of Mamie Green Mamie Green
Aug 24, 2020 5

They give yoy your fish just like you Ask Better Yet They Will Cook it For You As Well .Great

Photo of kevin price kevin price
Aug 24, 2020 4

Cooking hot fish hot fries fresh hush puppies good cool slaw. Food is good but I would love to get just a little bigger fish bone in.

Photo of Shawn's House Shawn's House
May 28, 2022 5

We need this in Vermont! You can buy what you want then they will COOK it for you! Nice people, nice place. Nothing but love.

Photo of NYC033 NYC033 NYC033 NYC033
Jun 4, 2022 5

Always great service! Nice employees..never a problem..Best place for fresh fish!!! Getting very expensive though 😖