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Cameron Indoor Stadium


115 Whitford Dr
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 684-8111
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Cameron Indoor Stadium

Google Reviews

Photo of Thomas Richard Thomas Richard
Oct 18, 2019 5

It is an amazing place filled with amazing staff and awesome basketball players and fans I would so enjoy coming back to watch another game GO DUKE

Photo of Rusty Hutchens Rusty Hutchens
Oct 19, 2019 5

Most amazing place ever. No wonder it's the greatest basketball venue in the world.

Photo of Travis Oakley Travis Oakley
Oct 19, 2019 5

Best place n the whole wide world...The Mecca of College Basketball

Photo of Kyra Malone Kyra Malone
May 20, 2019 5

This place is not overrated. It really is such a unique experience to go to a basketball game here - and one I know I was lucky to have! If you're just passing through, fans of Duke basketball will enjoy the renovated lobby full of memorabilia.

Photo of Laura C Laura C
Mar 16, 2019 5

Beautiful stadium and campus. Parking areas are around to make it easier to park. The apparel that they sell inside isn't too expensive. I was able to get a child's t shirt for $10. The atmosphere inside is incredible and it can get LOUD. I brought ear plugs for the aforementioned child and was glad I did. An amazing experience and will definitely return.

Photo of Alan C Alan C
Jun 17, 2019 5

Historic, topnotch facility! Add a Coach K talk and your children will be inspired for the future. The photos were taken at the beginning of a summer basketball camp.

Photo of Tom Paschall Tom Paschall
May 6, 2019 5

Historic place for Duke Basketball. Love the open display you can see and enter even when it is closed or off season.... nice touch screen video boards that capture Duke hoops history. Classy display!

Photo of Robin McQueen Robin McQueen
Jun 13, 2019 5

Very nice place. Attended high school graduation there. Everything was very organized making for easy maneuvering.

Photo of Trace Crothersville Trace Crothersville
Jul 4, 2019 1

Woof. This place was a trip, and not in a good way. First of all, let’s discuss the name: “Cameron Indoor Stadium”. That’s awfully redundant. Of course it’s indoors you idiots. Thanks. I’m gonna start calling my house “Trace’s indoor house”. Next, let’s move on to the concessions. They didn’t have lobster so I had to settle for some nachos. They were horribly overpriced and tasted like cardboard. Next, let’s discuss the crowd. I had at least 3 people ask me “who do you know that goes here?”. I told them my aunt lives down the road and they looked at me funny. I also saw several people painted head to toe looking like overgrown Smurfs. I’ve seen better and more accommodating crowds at my local truck pulls. Finally, let’s discuss the stadium itself. It gave off the vibe of a suburban office park in Indiana. It was dull and soulless. I felt like it was basically just an oversized DMV with a basketball court in it. The bottom line here is, maybe they should look into spending less money paying their players and divert that funding to improving the stadium itself. Thanks for reading this wall of text and god bless. -TC