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Burger Bach - Durham


737 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 973-4416
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Photo of Ashley S. Ashley S.
Dec 7, 2022 5

1st time going to Burger Bach(pronounced Batch). My daughter and I ended up here after not being able to go to the place we started at. The food was good. Think high-end burger joint with better prices. She had the Southern Gent and I had the French Chick sans Brie and an order of the pimento cheese fries. They serve salad with a vinaigrette with their sandwiches so if you are looking for fries to come on the plate don't expect it. The French Chick was good, ground chicken patty, not dry green tomatoes, and turkey bacon(I of course didn't get the Brie due to dairy allergy).Hers came with pimento cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and mayo( she skipped the tomatoes and mayo) All in all not too bad. They have many options and large beer wine menu.

Photo of Luna Dwarf Husky Luna Dwarf Husky
Jul 17, 2022 4

The staff is very patient, helpful and polite. The food is good full of fresh combination flavor profiles, great ingredient quality, very well priced for what you get. It's a friendly ambience inside or outside. The patio for those of us who have a Fido with us is covered for some shade and they'll even bring out a water bowl for your fur companion. This is a great weekend lunch spot to meet up and catch up with family or friends.

Photo of Loveable Looks Loveable Looks
Jul 6, 2022 3

My burger was really good!!! The Rockefeller oysters were the bomb! I also enjoyed the blueberry BBQ that was very different…. The spinach dip was not good wasn’t hot n lacked flavor which they melted cheese on top or something. I also didn’t like how each burger comes with just salad you have buy the fries separately instead of just substitute it out seem different. They have no sweet potato fries, fried chicken sandwiches or turkey burgers lol just FYI. Those are just things I typically see at burger spots that would have been a nice touch

Photo of Jo Lule Jo Lule
Jul 2, 2022 4

The burgers are excellent! Service is great! The only thing I would change or recommend is allowing/providing options/substitutions for the salad that comes with the burger. The salad is not that good. Just a leafy (arugula) green with a dressing: visually plan, no color to draw your attention: no tomatoes, olives, croutons, onions, cheese, etc... I don't consider arugula by itself a salad. Just like back in the day when kale was just a decoration. Plus arugula has a rougher taste. The limeade and lemonade I would recommend. Not many kid's options (like fried foods).

Photo of Tyler Cooper Tyler Cooper
May 8, 2022 4

Nice burgers, good atmosphere and helpful staff. They have about 25% of their seating outdoors on a mostly covered patio. Some at a full length bar and a number of tables and booths scattered around. We liked the Ziwi (New Zealand) style menu and that they are clear about how they obtain their burger meat too. Liked this place enough to recommend it to our parents and invite them here too. Planning to go back someday when we are in need to some HQ burgers again.

Photo of L Kleeberg L Kleeberg
May 4, 2022 5

Just delicious, excellent customer service. I asked a few questions and the server quickly picked up that I was searching for a healthier choice and suggested that they could do a lettuce wrap instead of a brioche bun on my tuna burger. So nice! Everything was well plated and hot, those fries were mind blowing.

Photo of Shanah Bell Shanah Bell
Apr 21, 2022 5

We were searching for anything that had good gluten free options and was dog friendly on our way back from playing disc golf in Graham. We ran across this place on a Google search and hit the jackpot. The outdoor patio was fantastic and even had some great herb planters lining the patio. The French fries are all handcut each day and fried in 100% peanut oil. They're also served with a variety of delicious sauces to choose from. The burger choices are extremely vast, including a gluten free vegetarian black bean burger. The burgers can all be served with lettuce wraps or gluten free buns. I simply can't say enough good things about this restaurant and we will definitely be back when we come to the area again.

Photo of Amanda Amanda
Apr 11, 2022 3

Our server, Autumn was friendly and very patient with our questions regarding gluten and dairy. The fries are made in their own fryer and they use Udi’s gluten-free buns. The fries were good and most of the dipping sauces are gluten free. Burger’s are served with a side salad. I love the variety of burger toppings/types. My burger was good but not great. It was fun to try but I don’t think the quality/quantity was worth the price.

Photo of Alois Callemyn Alois Callemyn
Mar 30, 2022 5

I was in the neighborhood and looking for a unique restaurant for lunch. I wasn’t interested in usual hamburgers joints that have the same run of the mill choices. Upon reviewing the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wide verity of beef, lamb and seafood. Everything looked good, but I don’t see lamb burgers often and went with that. Mine came with goat cheese, fresh spinach and a tasty sauce. It also came with a large serving of fresh baby salad greens. The staff was very pleasant and the decor is nice. I now have a new favorite lunch stop in the west part of Durham.

Photo of Omega O Omega O
Mar 24, 2022 5

They have the best burgers, drinks and servers! Holly has a beautiful personality and the bartenders definitely know how to make drinks. (I'm very meticulous about my drinks) The atmosphere is perfect for a family gathering or just hanging out for Happy Hour! It is a 5 Star restaurant! (My opinion)