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Bullseye Bicycle


102 Morris St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 438-3883
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Photo of Yeshanth Jayakumar Yeshanth Jayakumar
May 6, 2019 5

Excellent service and honest folks. I took in my bike (bought elsewhere) for an assessment and more importantly a front break fix. He took a look at it, fixed it, lubricated the gear systems, chains and cleaned it ... He did it all for ... Nothing ! He said it was part of assessment... My next bike is from these guys.

Photo of Jack Marshall Jack Marshall
Jun 1, 2019 5

Amazing staff who consistently has gone above and beyond what other shops will do to provide a quality experience. Can't recommend this place enough!

Photo of Meagan Black Meagan Black
Sep 7, 2018 5

I would highly recommend this bike shop. Both the owner and the employee I met was super nice and helpful. Their prices are the best around! If you want a great bike shop, you should come here for sure!

Photo of Jane Doe Jane Doe
Sep 1, 2018 5

Great customer service! Took my bike in today since i couldn’t figure how to assemble a piece onto the bike and they were awesome helping me out and super helpful and kind! Will definitely come back for anything else i need for my bike.

Photo of Jess Gaul Jess Gaul
Sep 24, 2018 5

What an awesome shop! I know nothing about repairs or maintenance and Rob was kind enough to check things out and fill up my tires for free. I will definitely be going back when my bike needs attention!

Photo of Emily Shirey Emily Shirey
Jul 8, 2019 5

I stopped by today with a used scooter that I just purchased. They got the breaks fixed up in no time and it feels like new! You can't be friendly, quick, affordable service! Thanks, guys!

Photo of Bill Simon Bill Simon
Aug 2, 2019 5

My visit to Durham/Chapel Hill area was made awesome by the knowledge and superior service I got from Tyler at Bullseye Bicycle. He got me set up with a perfect mountain bike and advised us about the trails. We didn't need any repair work done but (according to my local friend) their service prices are the lowest of the area.

Photo of Jacob N Jacob N
Aug 1, 2019 5

Super friendly staff that gave honest and fair assessments of our bikes when we came in for maintenance work. They did an on the spot derailleur adjustment on my bike to hold me over till they could schedule a full tune up. Prices are fair, service quick, and they have a good beer selection! No place better for bike service.

Photo of joel dickau joel dickau
Aug 12, 2019 5

Had a great rental experience with Bullseye. They came highly recommended by people in the local co-op scene and delivered on their reputation. I caught a flat halfway through the trip and they fixed it for free when I brought it in. Fair prices, passionate staff, super nice folks.

Photo of Jerry Ludwig Jerry Ludwig
Aug 12, 2019 5

Needed a used reliable bike for my short daughter and Bullseye found something that worked great. And then fixed it up to her satisfaction. Very happy with the service and supply at Bullseye Bicycle in Durham.

Photo of Mauricio Borgen Mauricio Borgen
Oct 1, 2019 5

My favorite bike shop in Durham, the beer fridge is also A+! Best to make an appointment for work, especially during peak season however they have helped my while I've waited - blessed & highly favored when that happens. Selection of parts & bikes is great! They are currently working with me to build my Bike Polo Bike - they special ordered the frame/fork - had to pay deposit which isn't unusual.

Photo of Kat Belter Kat Belter
Oct 7, 2019 5

I went here because of the great reviews and close proximity to my apartment. They lived up to the excellent reviews! They are honest, knowledgeable, and professional, and I am so happy with the work they performed on my bike. Pricing is competitive as well. I will be going here for all my bicycle needs.

Photo of Andrew McLaughlin Andrew McLaughlin
Apr 28, 2017 5

This is a really nice shop! I spent a while here listening to the owner sell a bike to a customer; I wish everyone could buy a bike from a shop this friendly, honest and knowledgeable. They sell Giant and have a good selection. The shop and sales floor are clean and professional. This is the shop.

Photo of Ms. Burns Ms. Burns
Oct 2, 2016 5

These guys are awesome! Very knowledgeable and really cool. It is a specialty shop so there's a lot of high end stuff there. They do really good repairs. Great prices

Photo of Ryan Hayes Ryan Hayes
May 21, 2020 5

I’ve worked with many bike shops all over the country and I think this is a solid bike shop. They have done many repairs for me, given good advice, charged fair prices, and most of all they finished the work when they said they would. This is the one and only bike shop that has finished something exactly when they said they would time and time again. They are laid back, unassuming, knowledgeable, and most of all professional! It’s obvious they love and live bikes.

Photo of Ryan Virgil Ryan Virgil
May 23, 2020 5

Took my home made e-bike for some routine maintenance/part replacements in May 2020. Compared to my experiences at 2 other bike shops in Durham (the one on 9th and the bicycle chain) these guys are night and day difference. Way more friendly, fair prices, good bike techs. The other 2 shops made snarky or outright rude comments about my e-bike set up that ensured I would never bring my bike back there. Nothing but nice guys at Bulleye and I won't go anywhere else!

Photo of Doug Strader Doug Strader
May 29, 2020 5

Competent, friendly staff. I had a broken spoke on my bike and they fixed it in a matter of hours. Will definitely use them again.

Photo of David Marshall David Marshall
Jun 4, 2020 5

Not all all snobby like most of the other bike shops in the area. Also, I needed an adjustment and they did it on the spot at no charge. You better believe that I've found my new bike shop. Very personable staff as well.

Photo of Lillie Cooper Lillie Cooper
Jun 8, 2020 5

Fabulous staff, always accommodating and fast turn around. Our go-to bike shop for everything. Once, I was looking for a balance bike for my 2 year old and instead of up-selling me, the owner found a used one and fixed it up so I could surprise my son and save some cash. Love this shop!

Photo of Taylor Sharp Taylor Sharp
Jun 10, 2020 5

They organized a solidarity / protest ride today in Durham and it was wonderful. Thanks to Bullseye Bicycle for being a welcoming and inclusive group. Special thanks to Emmon. Will be recommending folks their way.

Photo of Gennelle Wilson Gennelle Wilson
Jul 10, 2020 5

Can’t say enough how great these fellas are. They have such a can do attitude and are literally the friendliest shop in DURM. I took my bike to them in bad shape, and told them my finances were tight. Tyler was so helpful and literally only advised me to do the fixes that were absolutely necessary “to get me back on the road.” It was super affordable given all that I needed done, and they got it back to me so quickly especially considering how busy they are right now. Bullseye is my go-to bike shop - make them yours too.

Photo of Dante Rhodes Dante Rhodes
Aug 18, 2020 5

Excellent service for a very reasonable price. Had my bike in and out in a few minutes for a part replacement and inexpensive tune-up.