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Bulldega Urban Market


129 W Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 294-9715

Google Reviews

Photo of Matthew White Matthew White
Apr 6, 2019 3

It's a nice little market in the middle of town, with a bunch of local items. It feels... Interesting. When I think of a bodega I think of quick cheap items, but these items are quite pricey. It feels like a trader Joe's than a bodega. Regardless of that they have a wide variety of wines and snacks.

Photo of Dip P Dip P
Apr 21, 2019 5

I went to the place because I thought the name is so catchy. They have a little bit of everything and quite a selection of environmentally friendly products. I have been there a few times and the customer service is great and I have always found things I have wanted.

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Jan 1, 2019 5

Update: As everyone knows, Bulldega has now moved to One City Center and is a much bigger, airier, and brighter space. They have more dry goods, pantry items, local meat products, cheese, etc. And the wine and beer sections have expanded. They have seating in the suite as well. Nice location, but a bit further from the parking deck unless you park at Unscripted. Great place for local food items and beverages and also specialty groceries. Also very nice beer and wine section. Definitely a neighborhood gem.

Photo of Will Sutton Will Sutton
May 16, 2019 4

Convenient stop in downtown Durham for a variety of things (food/snacks)...

Photo of Angie Shen Angie Shen
May 16, 2019 5

A variety of food choices. On the high-but super convenient for people working downtown!

Photo of Dave & Rox Dave & Rox
Jun 22, 2019 5

Well curated items with an assortment of value priced delicacies. You can put together a full gourmet meal for 20 or an intimate tapas menu .Excellent wine and cheese selection. Great staff! Good salad bar!

Photo of Angie Shen Angie Shen
Jul 30, 2019 5

A variety of food choices. On the high-end but super convenient for people working downtown!

Photo of Warren Smith Warren Smith
Sep 5, 2019 4

I love this place. Convenient location for me. And great staff!

Photo of Tammy Harrington Tammy Harrington
Sep 4, 2019 5

The prices were good and I love their cashews.

Photo of Gary W Gary W
Oct 18, 2019 5

They have a very nice wine selection.

Photo of Joshua Allen Joshua Allen
Nov 24, 2019 5

Friendly service. Good selection. Great location if you’re downtown.

Photo of Aubergine Smith Aubergine Smith
Dec 6, 2019 5

Fun local stuff and a wide variety of goods. We had a yummy treat there.

Photo of Pam Campa Pam Campa
Dec 30, 2019 5

Quick and easy access to many local grocery items plus fresh baked goods in downtown! What's not to love?

Photo of Warren Brown Warren Brown
Jan 13, 2020 4

Fresh and organic foods with a healthy diet. Good choices of freshly cooked foods