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Bull McCabe's Irish Pub


427 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-3061
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Photo of Peter Tompkins Peter Tompkins
Nov 19, 2023 4

I have been coming to this place since it opened as Joe and Jo's many years ago. I love it. But the food has never been worse. Y'all aren't even trying. I get it that downtown is crowded now, so no matter what you do you will get business. But it is lazy to rely on that. It will catch up to you eventually. The food has been good in the past. You can get it back there.

Photo of Ashley Pendarvis Ashley Pendarvis
Oct 10, 2023 5

The best fries I have ever had! The food is amazing! The best atmosphere right in the heart of Durham. While I was there, there was a guineas promotion going on and that was fabulous. Park along the street or in the parking lot down the street. Staff was super friendly as well!

Photo of Christina Solano Christina Solano
Oct 2, 2023 5

There was an event going on the night we came but we had no problem finding an empty booth at the bar inside. They have a QR code mobile order and it’s SO FAST. Our beers came right away and not long after our pretzels arrived. So hot and delicious. I 10/10. We also ordered wings, garlic fries, hummus, pickles. All delicious. Very crispy fries! Highly recommend. Parked about an 8 minute walk on a busy Friday. Should have taken more pics.

Photo of Nik Kei Nik Kei
Sep 17, 2023 5

Great spot to watch a soccer game. Lots of fans gather here so it has a great vibe. No wait staff outside so you Order and pay on your phone. The had limited indoor seating, a bar, covered outdoor seating and the large lot of outdoor picnic tables. Food and drinks came out promptly each time I ordered even when it was crowded. Everything was well seasoned. Would go back.

Photo of Abhijeet Gijare Abhijeet Gijare
Aug 16, 2023 4

Excellent location close to the Durham Train Station. The place is old and rustic but has clean interior Good food options and a great beer selection. The music is good too. 16oz Draft beers here range from $5.50 to $7.00 which is on the higher end of beer rates. Usually they have 1 beer on special rates

Photo of Len Russell Len Russell
Jul 23, 2023 5

Food was VERY good and staff were friendly and helpful. It has a sports bar meets old Irish pub vibe that I haven't seen anywhere else. Pretty sure it's a great place to watch a soccer game going by all the soccer jerseys on the ceiling.

Photo of Clint Hocker Personal Investor Clint Hocker Personal Investor
Jul 15, 2023 4

Review by ( Stock, Opinions, and Reviews) HMDLOL Blogspot by Clint D Hocker Blind trust report: 4 out of five star service. Friendly atmosphere, a fenced picnic area; AND a Large connect four set!… It’s a little oasis in the city. You can pre- order, or dine in; all orders are on their App.. check out the art museum, and explore the many events offered in the City, by signing up to the Durham Magazine online. Don’t forget to see a live play.. its a great place.

Photo of Maronda Boswell Maronda Boswell
Jul 8, 2023 5

Absolutely great staff. Very polite and helpful. This place is sooooo clean! When you walk to the bathroom you can see inside the kitchen and it’s perfectly organized, labeled, and clean. They make homemade ranch and it. Is. Amazing. Their wings are on point. Lots of beers on tap. You do order your food on an app and they bringing to you. So make sure when you close out your tab you tip! Leave your tab open in case you want some drinks. They do have inside and outside seating. Fans on the porch and it’s covered. Some of the seating outside has a big tarp over it. They have stuff to clean a table so you don’t have to wait if it’s busy. 100% recommend if you’re in a hurry and want something yummy before going to the Carolina Theatre.