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Bull City Market


611 Broad St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 845-3942

Bull City Market

Google Reviews

Photo of Carlotta Perry Carlotta Perry
Jun 17, 2019 5

I can usually find what I need from grocery to lunch or dinner. There is a variety of hot delicious food, salads, desserts to choose from. All for a price.

Photo of James Williams James Williams
Jun 11, 2019 3

Tight squeeze for wheelchair, need more regular protein for those not into the organic stuff all the time

Photo of Noel Haroon Noel Haroon
Jun 10, 2019 4

It's Whole Foods, what's not to line. The ice cream freezer was out of order, so no ice cream. Friendly helpful staff.

Photo of Tami Prager Tami Prager
Jun 7, 2019 4

Very tight parking lot. Always best to go during off peak hours.

Photo of Christine Jonsdotter Christine Jonsdotter
Jun 17, 2019 3

Love whole foods, but hate this location because of the parking and the small store! Though the renovation did help a little.

Photo of Susan Susan
Jul 8, 2019 4

Really love Whole Foods. Just need to have a list and be strong.

Photo of Santosh Marupilla Santosh Marupilla
Jul 22, 2019 5

I get all yhe fruits and veggies needed for my kid from this place. Always fresh and good quality.

Jul 13, 2019 5

They have lots of healthy items, affordable, very good custumer service.

Photo of sherry Ambrose sherry Ambrose
Oct 2, 2019 5

It was a nice little shop Mecca with some variety of food and retail.

Photo of Ieshia Hernandez Ieshia Hernandez
Oct 9, 2019 5

Its my love but ohhh here comes.wegmans

Photo of Amman Jordan Amman Jordan
Sep 29, 2019 5

Perfect place to meet your healthy food choices

Photo of Darlene Bacon Darlene Bacon
Sep 16, 2019 4

Good place to est, browse, and shop. Good food.

Photo of Julie Hagerman Julie Hagerman
Nov 8, 2019 5

I love shopping at Whole Foods they always have the specialty bread that I'm looking for

Photo of Kevin Rumsey Kevin Rumsey
Oct 30, 2019 4

Great atomsphere and vendors..If parking was readily available, I would shop more often.

Photo of Stephen Nicholas Stephen Nicholas
Oct 25, 2019 4

Groceries, food, a post office, easy parking a combination of national and local retailers.

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
Nov 22, 2019 5

Nice shopping center with Whole foods as the center of the market. Parking can be a challenge during the busiest times of day but worth it for the whole foods and Mad Hatters.