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Bull City Escape


711 Iredell St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 627-8386
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Photo of Leah Hefner Leah Hefner
Jan 6, 2023 5

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed playing Elf’s Revenge at Bull City Escape to celebrate the holidays. The scenery/props were fun and there were many puzzles to challenge us. Our game master Patricia was a pleasure to work with—very friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful when we needed it! One suggestion to improve the escape room experience in general would be to make it easier for individual players to pay at the door rather than one person needing to book the minimum players on a card and work out repayment with others later. (Sort of like a hotel reservation, where one can reserve a room without being charged in advance, and then each individual can pay their share when they show up in person.)

Photo of Emily Gosche Emily Gosche
Nov 12, 2022 5

Hannah was an amazing game master. She was informative, helpful and made sure we had fun. The lunar room was the perfect puzzle!! Challenging but we were able to finish it just in time. We can’t stop talking about how much fun we had, the design of the game and how we can’t wait to go back!! Looking forward to seeing the other rooms!!!

Photo of Kristina Eastwood Kristina Eastwood
Sep 4, 2022 5

This was sooo fun!!! Took my daughter and her friends for her birthday. We did the Enchanted Kingdom. It was such a fun experience. We didn’t make it out, but we were close. Our host(I forgot his name, but he was super tall) was super good with our hints and was awesome!!! We will most certainly be back!!

Photo of Elizabeth Hunter Elizabeth Hunter
Aug 31, 2022 5

We engaged with Bull City Escape for our Duke Eye Center administrative team outing. Dan, with Bull City Escape, was incredibly helpful and accommodating in the booking process. There were 32 of us who attended, and having the option of splitting up amongst their 5 rooms worked perfectly. We were able to group together people who don't normally work much or interact often with. ALL of the Game Masters (Michael, Stella, Kaelyn, and Kelly) for our event were exceptional. They were clear in their instructions, helpful, and really got us in the spirit of the activity. We will be back for another round of fun with Bull City Escape! Everyone had a blast and is ready to do it again!

Photo of Stephanie Reich Ross Stephanie Reich Ross
Aug 6, 2022 5

We had an absolute blast at Bull City Escape. When we walked into our game room I was so nervous because I didn't immediately see all the ways in which we would use clues and puzzles to escape, but as we dug deeper and thought outside the box it started to reveal itself. The game room had elements that would reveal themselves as you progressed, and I thought that was so cool and exciting! The hosts were helpful and the puzzles were challenging and engaging. I cannot wait to come back to try a new room! We escaped Lunar Lockdown with 9 minutes to spare, and I would highly recommend it! We had a group of 5 and it was the perfect number of people to solve it all. You should definitely book an experience at Bull City Escape. We had a great time!

Photo of Brad Antonelli Brad Antonelli
Jul 10, 2022 5

I love doing Escape Rooms and am always looking for the best, hardest, and most fun wherever I travel. Bull City Escape was no disappointment in all factors. We did the “A Study in Murder” theme and I actually had a lot of fun! The theme claimed to be one of their hardest rooms and of course, it was a pretty tough one. The puzzles were very cool, unique, and require quite the thinking cap to solve! Hanna (I hope I spelled her name right! Sorry if not!), our host, was wonderful. She was so much fun interacting with and explained everything very well and got us well immersed into the storyline, which in my opinion is important for making the experience better. She was also very attentive when it came to clues, super fast responses after we asked for our clues. Overall, this is escape room was pretty awesome and I’d definitely come back if I’m ever that way again! They are not top 10 in the state for nothing!

Photo of Jacob Olander Jacob Olander
Jul 9, 2022 5

My group did the Study in Murder room, and we escaped with plenty of time to spare! Big thanks to Shelby--I have played dozens of escape rooms, and she was by far the nicest and most helpful game master whenever we were stuck. We will definitely be coming back thanks to Shelby's awesome attitude and helpful demeanor!

Photo of Charles Buehring Charles Buehring
Jul 4, 2022 5

The murder mystery room was one of the more challenging and fun escape rooms I’ve done before. Very fulfilling to complete and exciting throughout the whole process. Michael, our room master, was very helpful and made it a great experience from the minute we walked in. I would definitely recommend

Photo of Desiree Powell Desiree Powell
Jun 7, 2022 5

“20/10 highly recommend” Bull City Escape was the perfect introduction to escape rooms for our group. GAVIN was an awesome game master (gm). We had such a great time we booked a second room that same evening and are excited to return and complete the three remaining rooms (we’ll be 4/5..the first one got us 😂)

Photo of Katrina Garrison Katrina Garrison
Jun 6, 2022 5

SO.MUCH.FUN! I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical before we went; not sure if my three teenagers would enjoy doing this with their parents, but they loved it! It was a great way to spend the afternoon together. We chose the second hardest room and it was fantastic. Definitely more challenging that I thought it might be (we got out with only 6 seconds to spare!). Our host, Lexi, was wonderful - gave clear instructions, was funny & personable and made our first escape room experience the best it could have been. We will recommend to everyone and will come back to try our skills at the Duke vs. UNC room!

Photo of sammysoupp sammysoupp
May 29, 2022 5

Our group did the Lunar Escape room and it was incredible! Shelby was our game master and they were incredibly helpful when our group got stuck on a code in the room. Very fast response time when we needed to use hints! The room itself was decorated extremely well for the theme. Good mix of easy and challenging puzzles. Our group will definitely be back to try their other rooms :) hope to have Shelby as our game master again soon!

Photo of Monique Alby Monique Alby
Apr 5, 2022 5

We booked Bull City Escape for a team building event in Durham and had the best time. Both Gavin and Bree set us up for success. The rooms are challenging and we loved it. We may have broken a rule or 2 so listen closely to the instructions. Would highly recommend!

Photo of N DURM N DURM
Apr 4, 2022 5

Shelby was awesome! Went there for daughter’s birthday. If it weren’t for Shelby, I’d have given 4 stars. My only issue with the place is that I was not made aware that waivers would need to be signed for each minor accompanying my party, until arrival, right before check-in… which had me scrambling to fill-out a bunch of info, for kids that aren’t mine — I didn’t like that. If I had know prior, been made aware to prior to attending escape event (about was waivers), I would have arranged with their parents, to sign waivers, beforehand! Other than the waiver signing, it was AWESOME! They loved it! Lunar room was really well set up and challenging. Shelby was really great! Go Shelby!

Photo of Chang Su Chang Su
Apr 2, 2022 5

I have always loved the bull city escape, and now it is officially my FAVORITE escape room ever. My boyfriend proposed to me in the escape room last weekend. The owner, Dan, helped him to hide the clues and designed the puzzles a month in advance. Dan also helped to coordinate when the photographer needed to sneak into the room to capture the moment, and when my friends gathered outside the escape room to surprise me after the proposal. They even helped us to capture the entire proposal process through the camera in the escape room. Despite their elaborate involvement in the proposal process, they acted very nonchalant when I started the escape room. I had no idea what was going to happen at all! It was truly the most wonderful and surprised escape room experience I could have asked for.

Photo of Rachel P Rachel P
Mar 22, 2022 5

Had a great time doing "The Wrong Side of Tobacco Road" with a full crew. Finished with just 50 seconds left! Gavin was an awesome game master, and even though I am not a sports fan I still had a ton of fun doing the room! Definitely would recommend checking out Bull City Escape.

Photo of Sarah Prickett Sarah Prickett
Mar 21, 2022 5

This was an amazing experience for my birthday! My friends and I did Wrong Side of Tobacco Road and we ended up escaping! Such a fun game and definitely lives up to the challenge! Gavin, our game master, was incredibly helpful and awesome as well. Would love to come back and try other rooms!

Photo of Ann Taylor Shaw Ann Taylor Shaw
Mar 21, 2022 5

We booked the Enchanted Kingdom room as a team-building exercise with work colleagues and had a great time! Hannah was fantastic, and the puzzles were really challenging--in a good way. It was so much fun and we would definitely go back!

Photo of Aaron Coston Aaron Coston
Mar 20, 2022 5

My friends and I did the Study in Murder room and we had a great time! We made it out with 8min 11sec to spare (of course thanks to a couple very useful hints from Michael). I definitely want to come back again soon.

Photo of Zachary Jones Zachary Jones
Mar 14, 2022 5

One of the best escape rooms I've been too! Was able to complete Enchanteed Castle with a team of my friends. Super fun and the puzzles were really cool. Hannah did a great job going over the rules and helping us with hints when we needed them! Definitely recommend her if you choose to go yourself! Will definitely be coming back for another escape room

Photo of Ravyn Pickens Ravyn Pickens
Mar 11, 2022 5

We had so much fun! We booked the lunar lockdown last minute and it was one of our favorite rooms we’ve done! The puzzles were fun and the variety of puzzles kept it interesting. Michael was our game master and he was hilarious! Kept us laughing and made sure we understood the process. We will be back!

Photo of Eva Eva
Mar 5, 2022 5

A “Study in Murder” is super fun, challenging, yet doable (and rewarding)! Just enough puzzles to keep you on your toes and the blood running. The staff is all very upbeat and dynamic, especially Carly, who oversaw my group’s (successful) attempt to escape. Highly recommend.