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Bull City Burger and Brewery


107 E Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 680-2333
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Photo of riggercheck riggercheck
Nov 10, 2019 5

First time here, I like it. Live over a hour away. Had a burger with goat cheese, well done, it was fantastic. Ordered a hot dog, it was good but not a fan of toasted buns. Burnt bread doesn't taste good to me(my opinion). Fries were perfect. The fried pickle chips were good. I would come back for another bite to eat.

Photo of Carlo Quagliaroli Carlo Quagliaroli
Nov 10, 2019 5

Great burger and great beer. Do not come here expecting a strawberry-kiwi-chocolate infused stout. In here, you will get a properly executed stout, Pilsner or any other beer made here. The burger is grass fed local, bread made in house. If you are going to complain about the price of the items.... that’s what the real price of real local food and not mass produced is. If you want cheap mass produced food, this is not your place

Photo of Marek K Marek K
Dec 2, 2019 5

Great burgers. They have the best baked sweet potatoes in town. The restaurant is very cozy and staff is super friendly. Cool selection of beers and fountain drinks. Got to try Birch Beer first time.

Photo of Ben Friberg Ben Friberg
Dec 8, 2019 5

The fun atmosphere and "punny" vibes make the beer and burgers taste even even better. Impressed with their burgers is an understatement. It was delicious.

Photo of garrett brantley garrett brantley
Jan 27, 2020 5

The location is downtown and the area is quaint. Parking was found off the street. Watch the signs on times. The area was clean on a quiet Monday night. I believe there is one other in a nearby city as this could be a small chain. The burger joint is in a historic building and has a cool vibe. The brewery operation can been seen through class.

Photo of Adam Jauss Adam Jauss
Feb 4, 2020 5

During our first visit to Durham, this was our first stop on a cold and rainy afternoon while we went out to experience the city. Once we got inside, we were greeted by the bartender, Cameron who helped us select our first beer, and offered a few tastings to help us decide. Both me and my girlfriend loved the beers. As we got to talking to Cameron, he was more than helpful in telling us about the area, good breweries to stop at next and he gave us some insider information on where to get some really good food outside of what we had already ordered there. We tried the pretzel crusted fried pickle chips and the mini onion loaf. Both were excellent, although the serving of pickle chips could have been a little larger. If you get the onion loaf, ask for the bbq sauce, as it's laced with beer and bacon and really makes a great combo. We didn't get a burger, but they looked really, really good and more of a hand pressed patty vs. something pre-made. Overall, between the beers, the service and the food, it was one of the highlights of our trip. Highly recommended!

Photo of Scott Jablonski Scott Jablonski
Feb 22, 2020 4

With being new to downtown Durham, my wife and I have been wanting to try out new places, so we gave this place a shot. We heard that the burgers were voted best in the city. I love that this place has a dog-friendly patio, so we were able to bring our dog. They even brought her a bowl of water. I also love that they offer vegetarian options. We chose a veggie burger and the pimento cheese and kale dip. The burger was really delicious and the dip was tasty. We also liked the beer! The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was due to the price. It was a little more than I was expecting to pay.

Photo of Taohid Latif Taohid Latif
Feb 23, 2020 4

I had the beef hamburger (with blue cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions), dirty fries and fountain soda. They make their own fountain sodas without any high fructose corn syrup and it tastes way better than any other soda on the market. The combination of the toppings with the beef was also pretty good.

Photo of Gabriel Young Gabriel Young
Oct 7, 2018 5

Very fun place. We got two burgers, one with blue cheese and bacon, the other with cheddar and caramelized onions. One with the duck fries, one with regular. Burgers were great, cooked as ordered, big, juicy. Regular fries were great. Duck fries could have been more impressive. They were fine, thinner, crunchier. In house soda was really good too. They have their beer making stuff set up so you can see it through the glass next door, and they have a lot of fun things on their walls. Its a really nice burger place, especially for large groups.

Photo of Cassandra Craig Cassandra Craig
May 26, 2020 4

Food was really good! The duck frites were crispy and well seasoned. My only problem was that the veggie burger I got was a bit too thick for my personal tastes, but the burger was still really good overall!

Photo of Abbie Haynes Abbie Haynes
Jun 24, 2020 5

Tried this place on a whim while in Durham for a work trip. Saw the good reviews and was enticed. This place lives up to the hype! I did take-out, and drove ten minutes back to my hotel and my burger was still the perfect temperature, with pink inside. One of the best burgers I’ve had. Highly recommend for any burger lovers out there that are in Durham!

Photo of judith khavogoi judith khavogoi
Jun 24, 2020 3

Server were nice. The burger was surprisingly not that great. It was ok. I've had the burger before and it was great. Maybe it was the bccb sauce I tried or the onions were caramelized with something different 🤔. Anyway nice atmosphere. Especially during this pandemic season

Photo of Gabriela Cervantes Gabriela Cervantes
Jun 27, 2020 3

As a new resident of Durham my fiancé and I have been attempting to try a new place once a week. We were excited to try BCBB after reading several “5 star” reviews and hearing they were voted “best burger in town”. Right now just the patio is open due to COVID and you have to order at a walk up window. I found the menu to be confusing, especially when I only had a couple minutes to order as people were waiting behind me, they do not automatically give you the regular sides with your burger (lettuce, onion, tomatoes, etc) so you have to remember to ask. The lady taking our order had a pretty short attitude, she asked if I wanted anything else on my burger so I asked what it came with, unaware of needing to ask for standard “extras” which she sarcastically replied “bacon and blue cheese” with a tone that sounded like she was rolling her eyes. I asked for my “extras” and then had to amend my fiancé’s order because he was also unaware of this menu fact. We also ordered sweet potato fries that to be fair the menu states have a dusting of sugar on them (I found it contradicting to be dipping sugar fries into ketchup , maybe a mallow sauce would be more appropriate?) and they came out VERY burnt, could only eat about half before giving up. The worst part was the burger. I lifted it up and immediately water began pouring out and completely soaked an entire napkin. After wringing it out the water/juice eventually stopped. There was a minuscule amount of blue cheese, I really thought they had forgot to put any on the burger until I began digging around and lifting the lettuce and pickles up, I did not get a single taste of blue cheese till about half way in. The “patio” area is really a space between two buildings with noisy machine (AC unit I think?) nearby. No actual chair seating, all picnic tables, which most probably don’t mind but for me sitting at a picnic table isn’t the most comfortable and it would be nice to see some various seating options. It wasn’t entirely unenjoyable so I would give it a solid “3 star”. They do have good soda (cane sugar type not corn syrup) and my fiancé enjoyed the beer he ordered.

Photo of Christy Parker Christy Parker
Jul 28, 2020 5

Cannot say enough good things about this place! The burgers, the fries, the desserts, the BEER... all so good! Most things made fresh in-house, and the flavors prove it.

Photo of Wesley Hayward Wesley Hayward
Aug 25, 2020 4

Nothing to celebrate but also nothing to complain about. Burger was cooked perfectly, prices could be reduced.

Photo of Ryan Rodriguez Ryan Rodriguez
Sep 8, 2020 5

Best burgers in Durham! The outdoor dining area is also well spaced out, and their takeout is quick and easy.

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 3, 2020 5

We wanted lunch and to try some local flavor so we stopped in and sat at the bar. The staff was very attentive so we got our beers and decided on the burger special of the day which was thick and juicy loaded with bacon and filet of beef. It was a little pricey burger at $15 but worth every penny, we will be back.

Photo of Christina Glen Christina Glen
Aug 30, 2020 5

Always a great place to be. Everything is so well done in keeping social distance and having everything well marked! Thank you for making us feel super safe!

Photo of Nathan Drapela Nathan Drapela
Sep 29, 2019 3

The beer is fine but nothing to write home about and definitely not the best in town. I had a very dry veggie burger and the acoustics are such that it tends to be pretty loud in there. Service was quick and employees were nice. Fine for a quick, casual beer but there are better places in the vicinity. I probably won't be back.

Photo of postoffice cb postoffice cb
Sep 22, 2019 3

3.5 stars for a cool local brewpub serving fantastic beers downtown. Hip, popular place that only serves at the bar (order at counter if sitting at tables). Ordered a couple burgers which weren't too bad and frites frustrating to eat because they were short and matchstick-like (instead of long and slender). One burger was $14 and to our surprise did not come with a side, which seemed pricey. Service was good. Would definitely return for the beers, which were delicious!

Photo of Emily Shirey Emily Shirey
Jun 11, 2019 5

My husband and I took my dad here last night and were really surprised by how much we loved it! The food was so, so good. There wasn't a thing we didn't love! The fried pickles were unbelievable, probably the best I have ever had. All of our burgers were great and all of the different kinds of fries were delicious. The beer and selection were good, too! The staff were friendly, the atmosphere was great, and you just can't beat that EVERYTHING is made in house. This might be one of our new favorite spots in Durham!

Photo of Paul Roberts Paul Roberts
Jun 12, 2019 4

Cool local brewery and restaurant. Community seating, which I like. Great place to come network, eat, and drink in downtown Durham. My sister ordered a cheeseburger and fries, she said it was delicious. They make their own hotdogs! Hopefully can make it back for dinner soon!

Photo of Jason Lazarus Jason Lazarus
Jun 9, 2019 4

Excellent burgers and fries. Solid beers, I wouldn’t come just to drink them but they pair very nicely with the food. A bit on the pricey side but everything is fresh and locally sourced. There is an outdoor patio in the back. It is very busy at lunchtime and all weekend. Serve yourself wine dispensers and 128 oz at your table beer dispensers available.

Photo of Chris O'Connell Chris O'Connell
Apr 26, 2019 5

Was visiting Durham from out if town and stopped here for dinner one night. Good burgers, great atmosphere, incredible beer. I had their Bryant Bridge Golden Ale and loved it. Staff is also very friendly. Would recommend.

Photo of Loren Tatum Loren Tatum
Apr 4, 2019 5

Burgers have always been good or great especially the burger of the day. Beer is good and they usually have a decent selection of their in house brewed beer. We go pretty often especially on the weekends. The outside seating is much bigger than you'd expect. Although all the seating tends to fill up fast we've actually never had to wait for a table oddly enough.

Photo of John Cardinale John Cardinale
Jun 22, 2019 5

Amazing burgers love the food! Gluten free and all! They have this over easy burger that almost killed me it was so good. Also got side of duck fries, I'm dead. So good, so dead...