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Buena Papa Fry Bar


6910 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 651-6600
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Photo of William Mitchell William Mitchell
Nov 5, 2022 5

Easily one of the best fry places I’ve ever been to!! They actually give you a reasonable amount of toppings for what you’re paying for. This place will be a definite 10 out of 10 and I would recommend it to anybody!

Photo of Larissa Kim Larissa Kim
Oct 8, 2022 4

The fries are very good. We did the Italian one and it was very tasty with all the seasonings and sauce but the meatballs were a little dry. It took a long time to order because there was only one worker but will try again in the future and another type!

Photo of T Rivers T Rivers
Oct 8, 2022 4

First time here had never heard of or seen this place and decided to try it. They are a bit pricey in my opinion the fries were made to order so they were hot i did appreciate that. The steak was a bit salty I couldn’t eat too much of it, would I eat there again possibly. It wasn’t bad though and the blackberry juice was good.

Photo of Kimberly Woods Kimberly Woods
Oct 1, 2022 4

I ordered the fries with bbq pulled pork and coleslaw. Fries were fresh meat was good. My husband ordered the gyro fries they were good.

Photo of Tabitha Melville Tabitha Melville
Aug 5, 2022 3

Been hearing so much so we decided to try this place out. The menu can be overwhelming if it's your 1st time there. The fries are cooked to order so hot fries is definitely a plus for me. They ordered the #6 and the #8( the American) they both said it was ok but missing a sauce or gravy type. Not much options if you don't eat meat, although you can build your own. They do have a salmon option but it looked very dry and not appetizing at all.

Photo of Brandon Frazier Brandon Frazier
Jul 30, 2022 5

Very great I recommend service is good great portions food was good price is 14$ but is reasonable for serving size and flavor hot fries made fresh ready to eat

Photo of Cynthia Russe REALTOR Cynthia Russe REALTOR
Jul 29, 2022 5

This concept is really cool! I’m in love with this. Super tasty, everyone was extremely friendly and would Highly recommend!

Photo of Alexis Benitez Alexis Benitez
Jul 22, 2022 5

Buena Papa Fry Bar great service and delicious food grand opening was yesterday 07/21/2022 I really recommend to anyone and God continue blessing brother James!

Photo of P Rodriguez P Rodriguez
Jul 21, 2022 4

FYI this place is in the mall food court. Fries are cooked to order and are fresh and hot. It is a lot of food and can be shared. Tastes good but added items leave something to be desired. Service is a little short and semi rude when you ask for additional items or the number 8. I ordered the number 6 el griego