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Bua Thai Cuisine


5850 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (984) 219-7357
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Photo of Doug Doug
Mar 10, 2022 5

Service was almost as great as the food. The Name Tok beef is amazing. The pineapple fried rice is also fantastic. This is probably one of the most overlooked food spots in Durham. Light-years better than any Thia restaurant in town.

Photo of Beeson Cho Beeson Cho
Mar 18, 2022 5

Our go to bi weekly or monthly Thai restaurant. It's super close to where we live so we frequent here a lot. The restaurant is clean, service is exceptional, and food prepared great. We enjoy dining in as it's in the plaza where the kids can go for a walk after. We tried so far few of the chef specials and they were all amazing.

Photo of Lori Zeh Lori Zeh
Nov 6, 2021 3

I have been here a few times for dine in service but just once this week since the pandemic. Their prices tend to be on the higher standard side. The food typically runs a little spicy, Which I don't mind but just be aware when ordering. The service is OK. This is not my go to place but it is close to my house. I was disappointed this week when I picked up my 1st take out order, I ordered a curry dish for myself and a noodle dish for my friend. The noodle dish was good, Though for the price the portion was on the lighter side. My curry dish barely had anything in it; there were about 8 cubes of tofu and a handful of string beans in a tub full of sauce for $15... ( I asked them to hold the red peppers) I am totally not exaggerating. I don't expect to be returning.

Photo of Jordan Davis Jordan Davis
Jan 29, 2022 5

Eaten here a bunch of times because it's my favorite Thai place in the state. It's flavorful and spicy and not for everyone, but my sister lived in Thailand for 8 years and loved it for this. No joke dank food

Photo of Emily Perry Emily Perry
Dec 15, 2021 5

By far my favorite Thai in the area!!! I drive 25 minutes to eat here even though there are more convenient places near me. Their tom yum dumplings and drunken noodles are amazing! Pad Thai and tom kha are also delish. And they do spicy so well!!!!!! They will actually do Thai (very!) spicy if you ask!

Photo of Elizabeth Baltaro Elizabeth Baltaro
Dec 13, 2021 5

Best Thai I’ve had in Durham. I got the Tom Yum dumplings (served in soup spoons with a smoky broth) and Tom Yum Potak soup with mixed seafood/ side of thin noodles. It was delicious and I want to go back another time already! Excellent service.

Photo of Ewunike Patterson Ewunike Patterson
Oct 28, 2021 5

I was a little undecided and the server was very helpful. The food was top tier and I especially enjoyed my Thai tea. I was sad that they didn't have the mango sticky rice.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Oct 5, 2021 5

Update: Seems they have suspended full alcohol service during the pandemic. I hope that comes back soon because they have lots of great cocktails. Delicious big plates of food! Awesome place for groups. Nice service and good outdoor seating.

Photo of Ed H Ed H
Sep 26, 2021 4

Great place good food. I love Thai food and other Asian dishes. I wish the food was more authentic but it was really good and delicious just not adventurous. The place is clean and the staff was really good and helpful. Good selection of lunch dishes and the dinner menu was extensive. I would go back if I’m in the area.

Photo of sakun singh sakun singh
Oct 2, 2021 5

Delicious food. Our new go to place. My daughter loves the coconut soup and they make it perfectly seasoned (super mild and delicious). For spicy level my husband and I are the exact opposites, he likes his food SUPER MILD and I love spicy food and Bua Thai has the absolute best flavor either way- also, the dishes are always fresh! Highly recommended.

Photo of sibi shaji mathews sibi shaji mathews
Aug 14, 2021 3

The chicken bua fried rice and spring rolls were good. Red curry dish was average. A place with simple atmosphere and friendly staff.

Photo of Tyun Fomby Tyun Fomby
Aug 14, 2021 4

One of the best Thai restaurants in Durham. Fried rice dishes are superb. Noodle dishes are really good and the curry definitely worth a try.

Photo of Tonya Del Soldato Tonya Del Soldato
Aug 5, 2021 4

This place is so yummy and they have know how to add heat, spice to your dish, If you want it. Cool atmosphere inside and they have nice outdoor seating if you'd like to be in a bit of nature 😉

Photo of Zoe Smith Zoe Smith
Jul 15, 2021 5

We love Bua Thai! We get takeout from them at least every other week! Such a great find and very easy to find gluten free options for us with celiacs/gluten allergies!!

Photo of Johnny Clark Johnny Clark
Jun 25, 2021 5

Our go-to Thai place! The food is outstanding. Flavors are clean and bright and Thai hot is actually hot.

Photo of Michael Choi Michael Choi
Jun 12, 2021 5

Great pad thai. Shrimps were cooked perfectly. Friendly service also.

Photo of Joseph Gilroy Joseph Gilroy
Jun 11, 2021 5

This is our Thai restaurant of choice, not merely because it’s the closest. Our favorite item on the menu is actually the Tom Yum soup, which I could drink in the middle of summer after running a mile in a winter coat. We also love the Thai basil chicken, panang curry, and dumplings appetizer. Great little outside seating area. Friendly staff, convenient location, and sticky rice.

Photo of NovicDusk NovicDusk
Jun 1, 2021 5

I am very impressed by both the food & service. I had the Lard Na & Salad Rolls with tofu, & they both were excellent. The salad rolls were fresh with crisp lettuce & a wonderful, tasty dipping sauce, & the Lard Na was flavourful, slightly spicy, & very filling. The service was attentive & pleasant. I definitely will be adding Bua to my list of go-to places for an excellent Thai cuisine experience.

Photo of Sam Perk Sam Perk
Apr 15, 2021 5

First time ever trying Thai food! Was not disappointed! Food was delicious, service was excellent! 10/10 would recommend!!

Photo of Trish Fritz Trish Fritz
Mar 5, 2021 5

Tried out a new place and love it. Everyone we went with at the table ordered something different and the food was very good and the staff were very friendly. The inside of the restaurant was very clean. Will be going back for sure, definitely recommend.

Photo of Tolu “Ijebu Tech” Osinowo Tolu “Ijebu Tech” Osinowo
Feb 6, 2021 5

Nice spot for Thai food. The service was excellent and the food was too. I definitely recommend

Photo of Melanie Moseley Melanie Moseley
Jan 25, 2021 5

Today, I visited Bua for the first time. Today is also my first time having Thai food. I got takeout; however, I loved the ambiance inside, and can’t wait to dine inside someday. The customer service was amazing, and the food was so delicious. I ordered Pad Keemow (drunken noodles) with no eggs. I cleaned my bowl when I got home. I will definitely be visiting Bua soon and often.

Photo of Spencer Wise Spencer Wise
Nov 3, 2020 4

Great food for good prices. I love the flavor of their curries. The catfish is good too!

Photo of Zack Sargent Zack Sargent
Nov 28, 2020 5

This place was amazing. The soup we shared many intricate flavors. The Panang Curry extra spicy (requested) was to die for. We received Thai Teas which were phenomenal. I will absolutely be going back here. Not just for the food but the customer service which was extraordinary.

Photo of Jessica Cawley Jessica Cawley
Nov 14, 2020 5

My favorite Thai place in the area! The staff are so nice. Their pad thai and curry are both awesome. My boyfriend and I get take out from here all the time.

Photo of Melissa Barnett Melissa Barnett
Nov 5, 2020 5

This is my local Thai place and it should become your only Thai place. The food is cheap, but favorable. You can order online or via phone. They also offer social distancing dinning in services. I HIGHLY suggest.

Photo of dan b dan b
Oct 16, 2020 3

Decided to give Bua a second change because I was a bit disappointed the first time around and the reviews suggested I shouldn't be. Should have followed my instincts. The Tom Kha soup and sticky rice (difficult to mess that up) are good and deserve 3 stars. However, the drunken noodles and cashew nut pork were bland, boring and no better than a decent quality (?) frozen entree from a grocery store. The spring rolls looked (and tasted like) half-smoked cigars--had one bite, couldn't eat the rest. There are several Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese take out restaurants in the area that serve much better dishes for less cost. I'll stick with those from now on.

Photo of Luke Render Luke Render
Sep 18, 2020 4

It was very good. We had a great time. We sat outside and ate. Outdoor seating is free from rain as it is covered. Guy Yang was good. We enjoyed the lemonade. I believe they are a coke establishment. Great area and atmosphere. It is technically handicap accessible with ramps there in this mall, though they might be a little tricky if you were in a wheelchair alone. They do serve a Thai Coffee. They are not serving desert during the pandemic. We would recommend them.

Photo of Tiffany Williams Tiffany Williams
Sep 1, 2020 5

Wow! This place is incredible! I’ve lived right around the corner from Bua Thai for over a year and this is my first visit and now I feel like I’ve missed out on a years worth of delicious Thai! The online ordering process was very straightforward and efficient (and I really like that each food item has a representative image). We elected for curbside pickup which is a bonus. Helpings were large, food was fresh and hot, and reasonably priced. I look forward to exploring more of their menu!

Photo of Anastasia Ellis Anastasia Ellis
Oct 4, 2020 4

Great food, but slow take out service. Quoted 20 min, but took almost an hour to get my food. Would have been nice if they threw in a couple extra spring roles or something to make up for the wait.

Photo of Christina Christina
Oct 6, 2020 3

The food was good. The service was okay. They need to work on being efficient. Get one drink at a time. Not bring silverware until after bring food. They were nice just not thinking of what I need before i ask for it

Photo of Austin Tortorici Austin Tortorici
May 27, 2020 5

Picked up some carryout from here and it was FANTASTIC. Best pad Thai and Panang curry I’ve had since visiting Thailand a few years ago. Been coming here for the past few years since they opened, and it still has the “group of friends who love food and want to share it with the community” feel as it always had. The online ordering website is easy to use and gives you all the information and options you need.

Photo of John Eisensmith John Eisensmith
Jan 25, 2020 5

This place is a great little gem! My wife loves the papaya salad (just the right amount of heat) and the drunken noodles are a staple of mine. Great beer specials too and always super friendly service!! Thanks guys!

Photo of Muhammad Y. Ibrahim Muhammad Y. Ibrahim
Nov 21, 2019 5

I had lunch there for the first time and the food was amazingly good! I would definitely want to go back. Oh make sure to try the in-house Salad along with dressing!

Photo of Michael Conlin Michael Conlin
Nov 26, 2019 5

THE Thai Place in Durham. - Large portions. - Amazing pad thai and basil fried rice. - Spicy dishes do not disappoint. "Thai hot" is legitimately stupid hot. - Good variety but not overwhelming menu. - Not too crowded. Overall, one of the best restaurants in the area.

Photo of Meghadeep Rasetty Meghadeep Rasetty
Nov 13, 2019 5

It's an amazing Thai place and their food is really tasty. They can improve on the Thai tea and quantity. All my colleagues go there atleast once a week. They also of alcoholic drinks which I didn't try.

Photo of lantaluv . lantaluv .
Oct 31, 2019 5

The best Thai food in Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill. Best servers, sweet as can be and the best spring rolls that I've ever had. NO EXAGGERATION. You will not be disappointed at all!

Photo of Thad Decker Thad Decker
Sep 27, 2019 5

Outstanding! My wife and I absolutely loved this place. The food was great, we had chicken satay, spring rolls, pad Thai chicken, and drunken noodles. The food was made very well, the chicken was tender, juicy, and had great flavor. The food was all made fresh and the restaurant was very clean. It was not stereotypically decorated, but beautiful. The staff was very kind and fast. Definitely will return. The price was not cheap, but what I would expect at a decent Thai restaurant. Thanks for the great experience.

Photo of Amy Krebs Amy Krebs
Sep 28, 2019 5

We love this place! The food is great and they are always sweet to our kids.

Photo of Sherry V Sherry V
Oct 18, 2019 5

The soft-shell crabs tasted amazing! It was so relaxing and tropical-like to sit outside and watch sunset at summer dusk.

Photo of Victoria R. Hackworth Victoria R. Hackworth
Sep 10, 2019 4

Bua Thai, I enjoy their food. The way they make the (beef noodle soup) is similar to how my Cambodian friend's make. It's like being back with them when I enjoy this soup. The atmosphere is nice, cool most times. The waiters are kind. I enjoy my visits here for dinner with my friends in this area. Good place to reconnect with family, friends and great for business meetings too.

Photo of Aimee Aimee Aimee Aimee
Jul 27, 2019 4

Good food .good selection on their menu..clean place

Photo of Raynette Petrie Raynette Petrie
Aug 5, 2019 5

Wow, a definite must! Delicious food, great service and did I say, Delicious food!!! Tried 2 appetizers chicken satay & Tom Kha. Panang, Pad Kee Mao, vegetable with brown sauce, & Massaman. Authentic Thai.

Photo of David Price David Price
Aug 16, 2019 4

Great food with reasonable prices and a nice staff. I haven't indulged as of yet but they have some pretty tasty looking desserts and a fairly well stocked bar, too.

Photo of Santosh Marupilla Santosh Marupilla
Jul 1, 2019 4

Tried it the first time by ordering fried rice. The food was good and the lady was very friendly.

Photo of Chelsea H Chelsea H
Jul 1, 2019 5

We asked for it "Thai hot" and they delivered! Some of the better Thai food I've had in the triangle area. Will definitely be back.

Photo of James Wilson James Wilson
May 9, 2019 5

Fantastic food at reasonable price. Best Thai place around.

Photo of Vi Phung Vi Phung
Mar 7, 2019 3

The food tasted ok but it was spendy. We got Tom yum soup and the grilled chicken with papaya salad and sticky rice. I was hoping for bone in chicken but it was just a chicken breast and maybe a boneless skinless thigh. Papaya salad could use a spicy kick. The flavors seemed to be catering to a more American palate. I would be interested in trying out one of their curry dishes if we come back.

Photo of Lillian Hagmann Lillian Hagmann
Apr 11, 2019 5

Every time I go there, regardless of if I get take away or dine in, the food is great. The servers are always cheerful and kind. The Nam Tok beef is my favorite, their Tom Kha soup is amazing, and their curry and Pad Thai are on point. Many Thai restaurants I've been to either don't have mixed drinks or make me regret getting them. Bua Thai is the exception, all the drinks I've gotten there have been well made and enjoyable. Maybe try Thor's Hammer...it has a special place in my heart.

Photo of Alan Finn Alan Finn
Apr 6, 2019 5

Good dumplings: thin dough surrounding generous pork & shrimp filling. Also good: Thai sausage, catfish. I asked for "Thai hot" and "very spicy" and it was. I'm definitely coming back.

Photo of Christine Dickerson Christine Dickerson
Apr 5, 2019 5

Excellent food, gracious servers, friendly atmosphere and free parking. Our meals were served piping hot and the staff was more than patient with our questions and very attentive to our needs. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Photo of Paul Cordell Paul Cordell
May 29, 2022 5

These folks are so kind and the food is crazy delicious. They are able to make food as hot as you can take and still be flavorful. Andrea is great with people and the owner is a very sweet woman that seems yo care about your experience. I can say this was one of the most if not THEE most wonderful experiences on a restaurant I have ever had! I will be back as soon as I get to that area again. A great choice. Great people. Authentic Thai food. A GREAT experience all around. Thank you so much!!!!

Photo of Andrea Lippucci Andrea Lippucci
Jul 25, 2022 3

We ordered take out and it was okay. Both dishes needed more sauce and spice which were added at home, but for the price that shouldn't be necessary. The vegetables and food overall were warm and fresh, just missing some flavor.

Photo of Alexandre Borrel Alexandre Borrel
Aug 13, 2022 5

Very good food. Everything is fresh and tasty. Service is good too for a reasonable price. We had different curry dishes and we were really able to toast the difference, spices are well balanced.

Photo of Liz Albertorio Liz Albertorio
Aug 22, 2022 5

Best Thai in Durham. And the family that operates it and the servers are amazing people! Do yourself a favor, and order a Pad Thai. Not sure if its authentic in flavor, but if it is any close the flavor they do I can see why it is such a favorite dish around the world!

Photo of Gaby Taccir Gaby Taccir
Jan 29, 2022 5

You know a place is good when you absolutely forget to take pictures of your plates. Awesome portion sizes, sweet staff, and delicious foods will draw me in for another visit. I wish they were closer to me so I could have their takeout on the regular.

Photo of Angel Salazar Angel Salazar
Aug 12, 2022 5

Amazing experience! Service, best drunken noodles I’ve ever had. Shout out to the cook!