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Bruegger's Bagels


4104 Surles Ct
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 941-6306
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Photo of John Lawler John Lawler
Aug 26, 2023 5

One of the most delicious breakfast bagels I’ve had. Nice variety of gourmet bagels to purchase. Their bagel sandwiches are definitely the best I’ve had and they cut them in half for ease of eating! The composition of the bagel sandwich was perfectly executed. Delicious and creamy, while not soggying the bagel itself. Solid structural integrity of the sandwich. Super delicious cream cheese selection. The honey sriracha was my favorite. The staff were all very helpful and friendly too. Very nice and welcoming!! I’ll be getting all my bagels from here from now on! The prices are also quite reasonable. Bakers dozen is ~13$. Great treat for grabbing some bagels for when family is in town from here.

Photo of Daniel Duke Daniel Duke
Aug 22, 2023 5

Friendly neighborhood place. Have visited this location for years. It's a franchise location so you can sit down and eat unlike some of the corporate owned locations around.

Photo of Tommy Mann Tommy Mann
Jul 14, 2023 5

Fire!!! Everything we ordered was delicious. The line was long and there's a reason for that, It's because the place is so good!!! Will definitely stop in the next time we're in town.

Photo of Merria Benton Merria Benton
Jun 16, 2023 3

I ordered a door dash, and received my orders and they were missing the meat on the bagel.... called and let the assistant Manger know what had happened and she advised me to contact door dash. However, I was able to speak with the general manager and she was excellent! She explained everything, and now I know how everything work! So I'll drive there from now on.

Photo of Ryan Wilmington Ryan Wilmington
May 25, 2023 3

Staff are friendly, bagels are fine, but prices are pretty steep for what it is. Plus this location won't take pre-orders on the app, so no pre-order and no discounts :/

Photo of Guptha Meda Guptha Meda
Apr 22, 2023 5

Their bagels and cream cheese is really good. Will recommend the Garlic one and the Jalepeño one in particular.

Photo of Joel Lazala Joel Lazala
Mar 18, 2023 4

I'm giving this place 3.5 to 4 stars. I wasn't really impressed with the sandwich. The bagels are on the smaller side, with regular size bagel prices. The staff was OK, and the location was OK also. Overall may not be my first choice for breakfast.

Photo of Mallin Olson Mallin Olson
Oct 16, 2022 3

Sandwiches are great but everytime I drive out to get one, the hours of operation have changed and it's so frustrating. Bare minimum, update Google to reflect the new hours!