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Brightleaf Square


905 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (888) 663-6331
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Photo of Colleen Ryan Colleen Ryan
Jul 5, 2019 3

Cute area, not much was open when we visited.

Photo of Preston Westmoreland Preston Westmoreland
Apr 23, 2019 4

Neat place. Clean and well kept up. Little mom and pop shops.

Photo of Kelsey Green Kelsey Green
Mar 13, 2019 3

It was a very cute place to visit! However from what we could tell there was only a few stores to shop at. The little Dipper inside for dinner, had small proportions. We also went to the a&r craft place and had lots of fun there

Photo of Tolu Osinowo Tolu Osinowo
Apr 7, 2019 5

Nice shopping area in downtown Durham. Had a lot of ecclectic stores with in a convenient and beautiful location. I definitely recommend

Photo of Katie M Katie M
Apr 14, 2019 5

Brightleaf is adorable. There are some great restaurants and cute shops. Note that most of the shops are closed on Sundays, or have limited hours.

Photo of Almira Stirrup Almira Stirrup
Apr 12, 2019 5

My family farm (bull city farm) has started selling at the Durham Roots Market at Brightleaf from 9-12 on Saturdays and I am extremely impressed with the welcom we got! Not only was Brightleaf kind enough to let us have the market there, but all the businesses in and around came to see us and were incredibly sweet! Its the most welcome I've ever felt from a Market venue and I've sold at quite a few!! 10/10 experience 😊

Photo of Frank Carpi Frank Carpi
Dec 11, 2019 5

Some of the best Japanese cuisine in Durham NC and the people are very accommodating

Photo of Sameer Adhikari Sameer Adhikari
Dec 14, 2019 5

Like the atmosphere. A quick get away.

Photo of Lynn Roe Lynn Roe
Dec 1, 2019 5

Scrimp & grits a Sunday brunch special always yummy, fried chicken & waffle for my husband at Clouds Brewery. 👍 We love visiting Cloud, fast service, good food, friendly servers, .......

Photo of Amy C Amy C
Nov 13, 2019 5

Cute shopping area that is always well maintained.

Photo of Ernesto Corral Ernesto Corral
Nov 11, 2019 3

Cute little shopping area with eating options.

Photo of anthony salvatore anthony salvatore
Nov 9, 2019 3

Free parking for Tasty Bev is why I was there.

Photo of Bill Bay Bill Bay
Oct 31, 2019 3

Nice architecture. Worth seeing but sparse shopping.

Photo of Martin Sanderson Martin Sanderson
Oct 27, 2019 5

Go visit Details... Doug has the best gifts. Even if its for yourself.

Photo of Dominick Hicks Dominick Hicks
Aug 18, 2019 5

They have the best food and shopping there so I really do hope that u guys will cheek them out

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Jul 28, 2019 5

I love this shopping area. It’s so quaint and the people are so friendly. Mt Fuji is one of the standouts.

Photo of RJ Dune RJ Dune
Aug 13, 2019 5

Very clean, went to Cloud brewery with a large group. Staff was helpful and got to use the sectioned off room. There was a wide selection of beers and a self service wall.

Photo of Ethan Teicher Ethan Teicher
Jul 14, 2019 4

Great beer selection, and a beautifully decorated space... The jalapeno poppers were very nice as well.... Ethan Queens NY

Photo of Sharon Trent Sharon Trent
Jul 10, 2019 5

Small market but really cool. Go to the micro green and hemp table. They grow it local nice couple durmites. Love them

Photo of Doreen Daly Doreen Daly
Mar 27, 2022 4

Not much there anymore. Just a few shots and a couple of restaurants. Limited parking too.

Photo of Virginia Bradley Virginia Bradley
Jan 4, 2022 5

Beautiful restored warehouse/manufacturing building! This is a wonderful place to visit, shop, and eat. There are many little shops, art studios, restaurants and breweries among other businesses that you can find in here. Come, explore and discover new places to enjoy!

Photo of HL Lowy HL Lowy
Aug 28, 2021 5

Super cool and hip updated downtown location. And check out Cloud Brewery when there. Excellent food, great service, super setting and a great menu to go with it.

Photo of yuanfan yang yuanfan yang
May 11, 2021 5

very nice to walk around and feel the old town charm. Parking is easy

Photo of Dave C Dave C
Mar 31, 2021 5

A fun place to walk around and explore.

Photo of yuanfan yang yuanfan yang
Mar 6, 2021 5

very nice to walk around and feel the old town charm.

Photo of Emily Hutson Emily Hutson
Mar 24, 2021 4

A very pleasant place. Thank all of you.

Photo of Donald Thomas Donald Thomas
Mar 23, 2021 5

Beautiful setup wiyh a ton of shops and a great taproom. Clouds was awesome to sit and enjoy a cool drink and great wings!

Photo of Panowork.com魔鬼哥哥 Panowork.com魔鬼哥哥
Jan 14, 2021 5

The old buildings with an urban atmosphere have a unique artistic conception. If you are lucky enough to travel to the city of DURHAM, besides visiting the American Tobacco Campus, you may wish to come here to have a look.

Photo of Nicole Ellis Nicole Ellis
Nov 27, 2020 5

This place is really unique and has a variety of cool shops. Definitely a perfect little afternoon date idea!

Photo of Harvey Wall Harvey Wall
Nov 8, 2020 4

Historic looking place. Interesting shops in there. I don't know how much longer it will last since everyone is buying durham up to make apartments though. Better go while you can!

Photo of Nicholas Broad Nicholas Broad
Oct 20, 2020 5

Nice square that is lit by strings of lights and has road signs pointing to stores. It's neat that they kept the old tobacco buildings

Photo of Alison Kerrn Alison Kerrn
Sep 19, 2020 4

Fun square to visit. Free parking lot. Some places were closed, unfortunately. A well-maintained area and appeared family friendly.

Photo of Laura Stout Laura Stout
Sep 14, 2020 5

So sad that Morgan Imports is closing. They have been a true gem for Durham since 1969. So grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan for their many contributions to our community.

Photo of Jessica Phillips Jessica Phillips
Aug 23, 2020 5

Wonderful place! Great restaurants, lovely walking street. Not to mention puppy parkour on all the short walls and benches.:)

Photo of Unc Biosuperwomen Unc Biosuperwomen
Jul 27, 2020 5

My family and I like the unique shops they have here and the outside seating

Photo of Ramona Williams Ramona Williams
Jun 24, 2020 5

Went to El Rodeo n it's beautiful, Brightleaf is open just practice the safety measures ❤

Photo of Millie Kwan Millie Kwan
Jul 17, 2018 4

There are some very unique restaurants and stores in Brightleaf Square with good variety. I will say that the diversity of stores is fairly good although they can be over priced depending on which store you're going to. Can't beat though that there is Market and Otis with a very large patio, Saint James with amazing seafood, Rose's with great eats and treats, Clouds Brewing, etc etc. Parking is available in 2 large lots.

Photo of Zach Sunderland Zach Sunderland
Apr 26, 2018 5

Brightleaf square is a must visit location in downtown Durham. The historic nature of the property is worthwhile in itself, nevertheless the great businesses within. Parking across Main Street is the best option, as street parking is very limited and the lot across is free.