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Books Do Furnish a Room


1809 W Markham Ave
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-1076

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Photo of Ken Ray (mrkenray) Ken Ray (mrkenray)
Jan 1, 2024 5

Time does not exist in this store. You walk in to browse through comics, or vinyl, or used fiction. It could be 1998, or it could be 2008, or it could be 2024. You just don't know, and it really doesn't matter. What you're looking for is in here somewhere. It always has been and always will be. If you're really lucky they'll be a little dog waiting for you inside.

Photo of Shannon Green Shannon Green
Sep 29, 2023 5

This shop is full of vintage books and comics. Our son loved the bookshelf on their front porch that had many books at a discounted price. He found an older candy making book that my parents had when I was a child.

Photo of Michael Michael
Sep 5, 2023 5

The only REAL used bookstore in the Chapel Hill-Durham area. Lots of gems inside a bit of a rough looking exterior, admittedly. Prices are pretty fair and selection is very good.

Photo of Shea Struder-Willis Shea Struder-Willis
Jul 24, 2023 5

Awesome little hole in the wall - my favorite kind of used book store! Most other book stores in Durham only sell new books, but I like my books to have some history and age, so this place is perfect. I found 2 amazing books at a great price. Vintage post cards, old vinyl, comic books, and other neat collector items here too. Owner is super cool.

Photo of Michael Snipes Michael Snipes
Jul 14, 2023 5

I’m 51 and I’ve bought comics here since I was 21. If you’re not willing to dig to look for stuff or are looking for an Ultimate Comics kinda experience this ain’t your place. They also have used books and music as well. I love talking to the folks that are still there since the first day I walked in. They’re good hardworking folks. Stop by buy some books and have a chat. It will be worth your time every time. Don’t be afraid to dig and take your time.