4600 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-5942
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Photo of B. Bowen B. Bowen
May 31, 2019 5

Had a very great experience for lunch started out when the front counter lady recommended me do a combo and save money even though I didnt need the extras. It made the experience a pleasure and the dining room was very well kept. Overall a very nice Bojangles!

Photo of Josiah Larson Josiah Larson
Jun 9, 2019 4

The place was extremely dirty, carpets, windows, tables, bathrooms. Grease everywhere. The food was ok, even though we were missing 3 items from our order. 2 half gallons of sweet tea, condiments, chicken. It just seems like no one maintenances the building.

Photo of Brenda Gregg Brenda Gregg
May 21, 2019 4

Had been a while biscuit was fresh and hot. Potatoes rounds delicious coffee tasty will stop if need to!!!

Photo of Rachael McCarley Rachael McCarley
May 4, 2019 2

The food is great, but most of the cashiers have horrible attitudes. They don't ever smile or seem happy. It seems like they just want to quickly give you your food so they can be left alone.

Photo of Colleen Rogoski Colleen Rogoski
Apr 28, 2019 5

The folks working here deserve a gold star! They were so kind and helpful. The food is very good, too!!