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5425 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 941-5620
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Photo of LaTarsha J. LaTarsha J.
Dec 3, 2023 5

Upon making my order, Miss Pam, which actually is the supervisor so nice with me and my mother, while taking our order, she made sure that everything was correct hot and that we were satisfied. Also, while being there the line was fairly long, but she made sure that everything moves swiftly and everyone was taken care of. With that kind of customer service we decided to come back the following day for breakfast. With that kind of customer service more places like this need a Miss Pam on staff!!!

Photo of Lucky Abraham Lucky Abraham
Nov 22, 2023 5

Since I arrived in the United States of America. Bojangles happens to be the only fast food restaurant I patronize. I am in love with the food. As weird as it sounds, I can go on Bojangles for an entire month without getting fed up with the meal 24/7. Thank you Bojangles for making my stay in the country a pleasant one....

Photo of Dorothy Gentry Dorothy Gentry
Nov 18, 2023 4

Good 💯. HIGH Prices. But She Surprised Me. I PAiD For Feel Good Fried Chicken And Biscuit. Kid's Meal. Gotta Eat Slower.😜. Til I Get It Done Wisely. New Teeth. Still Salads On Side.

Photo of Angela Nelson Angela Nelson
Nov 16, 2023 5

My Grandchildren love going here & I'm always happy to take them. The workers are efficient & our dinners are always hot & delicious. The customer service is outstanding!!!

Photo of David Blumberg David Blumberg
Nov 3, 2023 4

Bojangles fried chicken located at 5425 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703 is a spicy chicken shop. I would much prefer that they have a spicy and a non spicy version of their chicken as the chicken itself is great! I just don’t like the spiciness of it (I really like some spice, and ask for extra hot Mexican Salsa, but not on my chicken!). The girl who asked me if I wanted “any sauce”, had the energy of a zombie. I asked her what sauces they had, she turned around and pointed to several boxes which I had no idea what was inside……… and muttered ketchup. 🤦‍♂️ No!! I asked what sauces you have, please tell me the answer to my question, as I couldn’t begin to see what was in the boxes. My psychic ability hasn’t warmed up yet as it’s early in the day. Prices are great for what you get, and my chicken fried steak biscuit was good! Fries were hot and fresh too.

Photo of sergio palacios sergio palacios
Oct 14, 2023 5

First time coming to this restaurant and it did not disappoint. Pork chop on a biscuit was really good. Chicken tenders were super good too. The best was the Bo’s chicken Sandwich. The staff was super nice. They were very friendly, we told them that it was our first time coming and they recommended all the above. Really great.

Photo of P Wallington P Wallington
Sep 26, 2023 5

Come here a lot because I live nearby. Line always moves fast, food is consistently good, and staff is nice! I don't think I've had a bad experience out of dozens of visits. The fries are always way over salted though. Please chill out with the season salt!

Photo of Holland Mills Holland Mills
Jul 23, 2023 3

Like most Bojangles, the food here is consistent in it's quality. The service was also phenomenal, some really great people were in charge of taking our order. Unfortunately there was a pileup due to the time (around lunch). Both my friend and I ordered separately and we both were missing sauces.