4600 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-5942
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Photo of Marc Barnes Marc Barnes
Aug 18, 2019 4

Their biscuits are always fresh and cooked right on weekday early mornings (not burnt). The service is great too. They make the fry seasoning and icing accessible so customers can get extra if desired, which is convenient. The only issue here is that their Pepsi is always flat and tastes like syrup.

Photo of Aislinn Smith-Cotton Aislinn Smith-Cotton
Aug 2, 2019 5

A group of 14 of us stopped by for lunch on a road trip, and the service and food were great! The service was efficient and friendly, and the food was hot. We would definitely return if in the area.

Photo of Kat Kat
Jul 29, 2019 3

They are good. Sometimes biscuits too salty on top so I usually don't get them. Tenders are great, great price, not salty. However, this time my tenders were too hard-had to throw out

Photo of Shonda Magee Shonda Magee
Jun 26, 2019 3

The cashier expected me to know what code she uses with the cook. I asked for a 4-piece dinner (which is the exact item listed on the wall). She brought me 4 piece strips. When I gave it back to her, she told me I should have asked for "a quarter". Really?

Photo of Joseph Ordower Joseph Ordower
Jul 30, 2019 2

The store was not that busy, fact is there was one couple, a family of 5, and myself, and the store was a mess. Food, dirt, and other trash on the floor. The tables, and chairs were dirty. The food was okay. It was hot, and fast, but there was no soda machine accessable to patrons, so getting a refill was an extra chore. I understand if they just came off a busy time or rush, but it was DEAD when I got there. They should have had someone in the dining room to CLEAN!!!

Photo of B. Bowen B. Bowen
May 31, 2019 5

Had a very great experience for lunch started out when the front counter lady recommended me do a combo and save money even though I didnt need the extras. It made the experience a pleasure and the dining room was very well kept. Overall a very nice Bojangles!

Photo of Josiah Larson Josiah Larson
Jun 9, 2019 4

The place was extremely dirty, carpets, windows, tables, bathrooms. Grease everywhere. The food was ok, even though we were missing 3 items from our order. 2 half gallons of sweet tea, condiments, chicken. It just seems like no one maintenances the building.

Photo of Brenda Gregg Brenda Gregg
May 21, 2019 4

Had been a while biscuit was fresh and hot. Potatoes rounds delicious coffee tasty will stop if need to!!!

Photo of Rachael McCarley Rachael McCarley
May 4, 2019 2

The food is great, but most of the cashiers have horrible attitudes. They don't ever smile or seem happy. It seems like they just want to quickly give you your food so they can be left alone.

Photo of Colleen Rogoski Colleen Rogoski
Apr 28, 2019 5

The folks working here deserve a gold star! They were so kind and helpful. The food is very good, too!!