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4600 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-5942
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Photo of Chris Lynch Chris Lynch
Oct 28, 2022 3

They staff was nice. The fries were hot. The biscuits looked smaller and the cajun looked smaller too. No seasoning on fries when I asked for extra. Tea was awful, not sweet and tasted old

Photo of Miriam Hernandez Miriam Hernandez
Sep 8, 2022 5

This was probably our best experience at a Bojangles. Service was great. We ordered our food, and got it within 10 minutes. We sat down. The lobby person was sweet and chit-chatted with us for a min. Food was hot and delicious.

Photo of Ronald Carnes Ronald Carnes
Sep 4, 2022 4

First time at this Bojangles. Seems to be well staffed, efficient, friendly. Their drive-thru was consistently busy, but steady. I went inside to order take out. The dining room had plenty of available tables that were clean and ready to be used. Did not have long to wait for my order. The sausage biscuits were a little dry. But I was happy with the order. Next time I'm in the area, I will check them out . Thanks guys!

Photo of Meda Connor Meda Connor
Aug 2, 2022 5

Their food is always hot and fresh, I think location has a lot to do with it, a constant flow of customers means the food is always fresh; this restaurant is located between Durham and Chapel Hill and draws customers from areas.

Photo of Angel Ruiz Angel Ruiz
Aug 2, 2022 3

Food is way too greasy for my taste. I rather go to other comparable fast food chains

Photo of jamar rucker jamar rucker
Jul 26, 2022 4

Great customer service! Greeted by a young lady who had an excellent personality. Went above and beyond to ensure my needs are met.

Photo of MsCUS MsCUS
Jun 22, 2022 5

We did not have a chance to go inside but just the drive thru. We had just left the airport heading toward our next destination. I would say, our service was good! No long waiting. Person taking order was polite and patient. The food was hot and delicious!! 😋 I ordered for four people in the car and all was satisfied. Thanks Bojangles!!!

Photo of Rechette Graney Rechette Graney
Jun 4, 2022 4

Good fast food chicken. The service is slow due to lack of employees. Pro tip check your order before leaving

Photo of Alpaca Chicken Alpaca Chicken
Apr 26, 2022 5

Love to see a great team working together and feeding the crowd. They did awesome tonight

Photo of Letitia Davison Letitia Davison
Apr 21, 2022 3

The wait in the drive thru was crazy long. When I finally got to the window, the cashier seemed 🥱 sleepy. What happened to alert, happy and chipper customer service? Thank God we hen I got home, my food was up to par.