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4600 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-5942
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Photo of Becky Goode Becky Goode
Dec 26, 2023 5

Whatever staff was working at 3pm on 12/26, ilysm. I usually come here and the fries are unseasoned, very…… white. I want them so seasoned they’re orange & leave my fingers messy after two fries, and y’all did just that today. Plz never change

Photo of Jianliang Zhang Jianliang Zhang
Dec 5, 2023 4

As long as they don’t mess up with my order I am fine with them. What else you can expect from a fast food chain?

Photo of Jessica Arnold Jessica Arnold
Nov 6, 2023 4

This is definitely one of the worst Bojangles in the Triangle. My biscuit was crispy from being over cooked and my sausage was so dry I almost choked on it. They also cross contaminated the savory biscuits with the sweet and everything tasted sweet. Beyond disgusting. If I had had time, I would have taken the food back.

Photo of Neva Neva
Oct 25, 2023 5

Workers are so sweet and friendly even at the drive thru! Everyone seems to work together to keep the customers happy. The food is always fresh and delicious, I love going somewhere where I don’t have to check behind the workers when going thru the drive thru.

Photo of Tom Carr Tom Carr
Sep 3, 2023 3

Pickup was ok. Sausage biscuits were good as always. Mild chicken sandwich was too spicy, not enough mayo and only 3 pickles when I requested both extra mayo and pickles.

Photo of P. A. Dispatching P. A. Dispatching
Aug 20, 2023 5

To the gentleman who is working in the Drive-Thru window. I thank you for your customer service even though I switched my order at the last minute. I apologize for any inconvenience for you and your team. Sometimes the customer is wrong and should apologize. I thank you for the fast and quality service.

Photo of Lisa Cokley Lisa Cokley
Aug 9, 2023 5

The cashier was very polite and and helpful. Ther good was very fresh and delicious. I'm definately going back on my next visit down South.

Photo of Peter Enchelmayer Peter Enchelmayer
Jun 14, 2023 5

Bountiful breakfast. Nice and hot, famously fresh and clear, crisp flavor. They must filter and change frying oils ahead of schedule. Been munching here 16 years, always pleased. Accurate, affable, alert cashiers and staff. Even the dining area is attended by careful and caring team member. This isn’t your average fast food chicken shack. Beau-jangles; Cajun French Creole for “BEAU-“tiful meals and snacks. Thank you.

Photo of Robin Baker Robin Baker
Jun 1, 2023 4

Order two sausage biscuits. Sausage patties tasted great (nice spices), but biscuits were disappointing. They fell apart and did not have much flavor. Guess I'm used to the sausage biscuits at Hardee's. Didn't have to wait long to get my order even though there were a half-dozen people in line, so great service.