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4831 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-7887
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Photo of caimiao liu caimiao liu
Aug 26, 2023 5

Finally tried Bojangles first time ! It was so good. Had a unique taste into it. The biscuit was more on the savory side. The chicken was marinated really well.

Photo of Bill Andrews Bill Andrews
Jun 20, 2023 5

Love the chicken. Only problem is we had a coupon for $$ off any family meal. I ordered the largest family meal. They refused to honor the coupon. Said it was only for the smallest family deal. Same amount off so it wasn't that they were giving up more by me getting the big meal. In fact they'd have had more sales. When did ANY only mean one. I complained to corporate and got NO response so tells me they don't value me as a customer.

Photo of Jacqueline Williams Jacqueline Williams
Mar 19, 2023 4

The food is good. I always get my sausage patties well done, and it's never a problem. I am not sure what happened on the last visit, but they were so burnt that they were almost inedible. I could smell the burnt char on them, which is unexceptable. I will definitely look from here on out before I pull off!!

Photo of Jordan Carey Jordan Carey
Dec 21, 2022 5

Great food, Great service, served in a timely manner.

Photo of Steph S Steph S
Oct 1, 2022 4

Bojangles, fried chicken, fixin's, sweet tea. What more can i say. Cheap fried chicken.