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Blue Point Yoga Center


2816 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 381-6419
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Photo of Casey Therrien Casey Therrien
Jul 25, 2021 5

I can’t say enough good things about Blue Point Yoga! Front desk staff are great, teachers are wonderful, and there’s a class for everyone! It’s disappointing to see some of the bad reviews from years ago because that has never been my experience and I’ve been a client for years; so don’t let a couple of bad apples throw you for a loop - you won’t find a better, more affordable place to practice in Durham then here!

Photo of Nitin Saboo Nitin Saboo
Sep 13, 2017 5

Bryanna is a fantastic teacher. Her Sunday afternoon classes in mindful and restorative yoga, help me prepare for the stresses of the week! I highly recommend her class

Photo of Evgenia Barkanova Evgenia Barkanova
May 3, 2014 5

Amazing Yoga place! Totally the best in Durham. Wonderful location next to West Campus, close to Fuqua, Law, Pratt and Sanford schools. All teachers have very high level and tons of experience. My favourite teacher is Beth (Sunday 3 pm) and Alan (Wednesday 9.30 am).

Photo of Victoria Madigan Victoria Madigan
Oct 17, 2019 5

Fantastic environment - everyone is so kind and it is very convenient to stop by for yoga 12-1 on weekdays from my nearby work. The practices are great for building strength and flexibility and there are modifications offered to make exercises more or less challenging. Love this place! All the folks that work there are awesome!

Photo of B Wayne B Wayne
Sep 29, 2017 5

I wasn't much of a "yoga person," but this place is super legit. I hurt my back lifting weights, and after trying PT, quack chiropracty, and plenty of stretching, nothing helped until I found the Saturday yoga for a healthy back class and the Sunday restorative class. Great stuff.

Photo of Kitty B. Stockton Kitty B. Stockton
Sep 28, 2013 5

I highly recommend Linda as a teacher if you want to begin a Yoga practice. Her basics classes on Saturday and Sunday are THE best. This is the first time I was NOT intimidated. I have been going to that and her other classes for some time now, and she is just superb. If you have been wanting to begin, Linda I the best. If you already have a practice go to her other classes. You will love it.

Photo of Abby Olena Abby Olena
Mar 20, 2017 5

Both locations of this studio have great classes. The front desk workers are always friendly and welcoming. I loved the prenatal classes while I was pregnant. It's also super helpful that they have some classes that are an hour in case you don't have much time, but want to fit some yoga in.

Photo of Leslie T Fidburn Leslie T Fidburn
Nov 8, 2017 5

Since I joined BPY a year ago my strength, balance and flexibility have improved. The schedule is convenient; the teachers (established and new) are well trained and thus able to teach simultaneously to several levels. Each month features a new pose, thus ensuring a beneficial institutional pedagogy. When I joined I wanted to improve specific aspects of my practice. These aspects were addressed as a matter of course. The teachers welcome questions at the end of class. I think that BPY offers a "practice for every body." There's neat stuff to buy at each studio too.

Photo of Natalia Schradle Natalia Schradle
Mar 22, 2017 5

This studio is the first I've encountered in a long time that treats their employees - both teachers and front desk staff - with incredible respect. All teachers are paid as employees, not freelancers, and are paid regardless of how many students show up. Teachers are not punished for having lives - family commitments, continuing educational studies, babies, vacations, etc. The atmosphere of the studio is non-competitive, supportive, and friendly. Sara Doyle, the owner, is also a professor of Anatomy at Duke University. To someone who values alignment and injury prevention above all else, it has been a joy to study with her and learn so much about my personal asana practice. I highly recommend this studio with its versatile and diverse teaching staff, incredible monthly packages, and joyful vibe.