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Blaze Pizza


5320 McFarland Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 251-6095
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Photo of Teddy Spiliopoulos Teddy Spiliopoulos
May 22, 2019 4

I like this place...options are great and ingredients look and taste fresh. Try their recommends or go nuts making your own. Their boutique soda offerings at the dispenser are yummy...give them a try

Photo of Debbie Wong Debbie Wong
May 22, 2019 5

Might be my favorite pizza place in town. The build-your-own pizza is great value for money AND it's good pizza! Perfect, proper crisp. My favorite combo is pesto sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken and turkey sausage, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, (might be forgetting something else), sea salt and oregano. Top it off with extra pesto drizzle, because why not??

Photo of Robbed Often Robbed Often
Feb 25, 2019 5

I know it's a chain, but it is a small chain. They have 3 types of crust, regular, and gluten free, garlic knots, and several fresh salads. Not many preset pizza choices, but a very good selection of toppings to make your own decisions. They also have 4 of their own juices, which is always a plus in my book. The pizza is brick fired, and quite good. I would recommend, except on date nights, then it is very VERY crowded, but it'll be worth it.

Photo of Lori Carlson Lori Carlson
Apr 7, 2019 4

I've eaten here a handful of times now. The staff is very friendly even when there's a crowd. I love the Simple Pie the best, but also love the BYO. Pricing is reasonable. The flavor of the pizza is outstanding. The roasted garlic is truly roasted. So many topping choices that I'll be eating my way through the menu for awhile.

Photo of Donald Compton Donald Compton
Apr 16, 2019 5

Always delicious! Great prices and friendly staff. Food only takes a few minutes and is fresh and how you want it.

Photo of Erica Bartsch Erica Bartsch
Jun 28, 2019 5

Best pizza I've ever had in my life! Thin crust, fire oven, any toppings you want... Doesn't get better than that.

Photo of Rob Puckett Rob Puckett
Aug 20, 2019 4

Food: 5/5 Service: 2/5 Cleanliness: 3/5 The pizza is fantastic! The staff working this particular day must also be zombies on their off time. Zero emotions, no pride in what they are doing and just overall sluggish.

Photo of Chad Rychlewski Chad Rychlewski
Jul 30, 2019 4

The subway/chipotle of pizza. A whole one is more than enough for one person. Fun concept.

Photo of Vin Carrano Vin Carrano
Aug 11, 2019 4

Fun place, make your own like a Subway or Chipotle kinda thing but for pizza. Good, fresh and just the way I wanted it

Photo of Alan Finn Alan Finn
Oct 1, 2019 4

Pretty good pizza for being "fast food". The basic pizza is Roman style with a thin, crispy crust. You can just walk down the counter and have it built to order. It gets cooked in 2-3 minutes. There aren't any unusual or unique toppings, but you can still make something you like. The available side salads are pretty poor- 2 star at best. Skip these.

Photo of Nancy Naujoks Nancy Naujoks
Oct 13, 2019 5

More and more choices to truly personalize your pizza experience. We enjoyed a take 2 with arugula berry salad, and each of us built the perfect pizza for us. A great meal in no time at all.

Photo of Gaby W Gaby W
Sep 14, 2019 5

Great service! Awesome place to eat. You can make your own pizza, kinda like subway.

Photo of katherine andrew katherine andrew
Oct 6, 2019 5

Awesome cauliflower flour crust!!!!! Love the variety of toppings available including roasted garlic and artichoke. Beverages are natural and unsweetened tea is good.

Photo of Dynasia Ballon Dynasia Ballon
Sep 15, 2019 4

Maybe I didnt see it but I wish their was options for bigger pizzas and not just a personal size. Other then that it was a good experience. The workers were helpful and patient with me since it was my 1st time there

Photo of Melissa Porter Melissa Porter
Nov 13, 2019 5

I enjoy the create your own pizza option because I can try new combinations of ingredients. Tonight I had the thicker crust with the white sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, pepperoni, black olives, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms. My friend also built their own, and we shared an order of the pesto dough knots, which are so good with the marinara dipping sauce. I always come home with the leftovers, so it's a good deal at about $6 for dinner for two nights. I've been several times and the quality of the food has been consistent. I saw several families with toddlers there dining in, plus lots of people getting to go orders. It's fast and good, and the price doesn't break the bank. If you want a change from the well-known chains, give them a try.

Photo of rahne telly rahne telly
Nov 7, 2019 5

First time going. Good food. Nice variety of choices. Food sensitivity friendly. Reasonable prices. I would go back if the opportunity arises.

Photo of Mara W Mara W
Oct 6, 2019 4

Delicious pizza. Get the toppings you want with no extra charge. Delicious gluten free. They will ask if you have a gluten allergy and clean the our off if you so. Yummy!

Photo of Alise Willis Alise Willis
Nov 19, 2019 5

Been at least a dozen times. As of the last time I went they had 3 gluten free crust options (which is unheard of!) but the original gluten free crust is still my favorite.

Photo of Marc Moore Marc Moore
Nov 27, 2019 5

Good pizza! The personal size is a perfect size. I didn't get too full. And they have some creative soft drinks to choose from. I suggest the black cherry!

Photo of M.J Romano M.J Romano
Nov 20, 2019 5

Blaze pizza on 15-501 in Durham is awesome. Friendly staff...good concept of one size pizza and set prices for build your own or specialty. Great pizza. Will return.

Photo of Fred Lorber Fred Lorber
Dec 8, 2019 4

Great pizza. Way too slow. Took 45 minutes to get up to the counter to place my order. There were only 8 people in front of me. Assembly line pizza makers could learn a little from Domino's Pizza makers.

Photo of Cat Le Cat Le
Dec 11, 2019 5

Great perfectly-sized pizza (compared to other franchises). The place is always nice and clean. Friendly staffs and fast services.

Photo of Erle Smith Erle Smith
Jan 7, 2020 5

Interesting approach for a pizza lunch. Feels like a Chipotle process applied to getting pizza out quickly and hot. Plenty of choices ensuring you can make your lunch just the way you want it. Blaze Pizza also has several suggested pizzas to choose from if you would like. Over all it was a delicious option that performed quickly. I recommend you give it a try.

Photo of Richard Bobholz Richard Bobholz
Jan 19, 2020 5

Absolutely love Blaze. The pizzas are delicious and you get to customize them to your liking. And the size is just right for sharing or taking half home for leftovers. Really like their dedication to the environment. No straws and as much recyclable stuff as possible. Service has always been excellent.

Photo of Patrick Smith Patrick Smith
Feb 6, 2020 5

I tried Blaze Pizza today for the first time. I was surprised by the selections there. Fresh salads, build your own pizza or one of the many already on the menu. The crust is made on site, regular, gluten free, vegan or even cauliflower! The staff was great and food had great flavor. I will most definitely head to the local Blaze that just opened in my area. Enjoy!!!

Photo of Steven Stryker Steven Stryker
Mar 2, 2020 4

Like not love... I am a pizza guy. To me this was just another pizza. The portion was great. I liked the presentation and the pizza looked great. It tasted...well kind of bland. It really had little flavor to speak of. Seemed like maybe the oven stone had too much char, because one flavor I did get was burnt dough. The pepperoni was sliced super thin so its flavor didn't shine through either. There was a good selection of drinks, and some great cane sugar root beer. The black cherry was out, but I bet that is good too. I left full, and would go back again.

Photo of Jesse Locklear Jesse Locklear
Nov 29, 2019 5

Brought the family here after Black Friday Shopping. We all got what we wanted. The staff was super friendly and helpful and every pizza was delicious. I tried the Keto Crust and it was amazing!!! It's a total game changer!!! It tasted much better than the original gf crust, but it is $4.00 extra. The toppings and sauces tasted fresh and the staff can really make just the best pizza!!