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1806 Holloway St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 682-3658
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Photo of king williams 29 king williams 29
Aug 14, 2019 5

Biscuitville mostly everything with bread. But very good and fulfilling for a breakfast and maybe lunch . They are very clean and good best place to get breakfast real quick and easy . Everything is fresh especially their muffins so many different flavors to try there. My favorite place to eat breakfast/lunch .( trust me it is amazing)

Photo of william tapp william tapp
Aug 8, 2019 1

Normally I get a great breakfast at this site in the village . But today maybe it was the stuff maybe it was cuz they were busy I don't know they let me down and then let my co-workers down as well. The food was dry overcooked we didn't get everything that we wanted in my order I'm very disappointed

Photo of Angela Mayo Angela Mayo
Jun 9, 2019 5

I love this place! The food is great. The service is usually great. Only once have i had a rude server.

Photo of Yashica Wimberly Yashica Wimberly
Apr 15, 2019 4

Biscuits were decent. Definitely not the setup that I was expecting. It's fast food breakfast served all day. I did happen to fall in love with their Strawberry Muffin! Great staff at the time I was there.

Photo of lorece brooks lorece brooks
Apr 2, 2019 5

I am thoroughly impressed with this Biscuitville! The management should be proud. The staff is always friendly and I've NEVER had a bad experience here. The service is quick and accurate.

Photo of Deborah Tedder Deborah Tedder
Mar 4, 2019 3

I got there around 12:10pm. They said they were out of sausage for the day. Then they were out of honey buns. The bacon was chewy which is why I switched to sausage months ago. Grits just weren't good. Extra biscuit mashed and no butter added. I usually have a pretty good experience there. Not today.

Photo of Rick Brown Rick Brown
Jun 7, 2019 2

Well this use to be a great Biscuitville BUT now the vagrants/beggers have made it into a hang out for them since the Hardee's has closed down because of the vagrants/beggers and the drug use inside their restroom. Customers cant even walk in without being stopped and asked for money, cigarette or to use your cell phone and then it happens again on the inside while waiting in line.The bums are now doing their drugs and drug deals inside the restroom and even in the lobby area. Its also been noticed that a few employees are selling drugs because multiple times i myself have seen people walk in and wait in the hallway leading to the restrooms and an employee will come and make a transaction in plain site. I guess this Biscuitville will be the next to close in that area because management seems to not care what goes on. I wish someone would step up and have the guts to stop this type of activity!!

Photo of danny mcghee danny mcghee
Jun 28, 2019 5

Great food. Not the best service. And could have been cleaner.

Photo of Dwayne Worthington Dwayne Worthington
Jun 23, 2019 5

Biscuitville somehow make it like your great Aunt or Grandma make it.