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3201 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-9174
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Photo of Sadie P Sadie P
Nov 2, 2023 4

Visited two different locations on a recent trip to Durham. I live abroad and was very keen to eat all the biscuits and drink all the sweet tea on my trip. I tried the steak biscuit (plain), pork chop biscuit (also plain) and sweet tea. Jennifer at the first location was very helpful and made sure I had exactly what I wanted.

Photo of Doug Belt Doug Belt
Oct 9, 2023 3

Service at speaker to order and window were both great. Had an item missing from my order. Went in to correct and wasn't as smooth to get an item I paid for. Overall not a bad l9cation.

Photo of Business AsUsual Business AsUsual
Oct 1, 2023 4

Saw the billboard and it was appealing and new so l had to try it. Meatloaf biscuit. While the ultimate biscuit with the egg, hash brown and the bacon and meatloaf was phenomenal. The meatloaf with egg was not. I think it was the sauce that was overpowering for me but the service was good, the food came fast, was hot fresh and made correctly. Good job Biscuitville

Photo of Bryn Johnson Bryn Johnson
Sep 24, 2023 5

We ate at Biscuitville sparingly when I was a kid because there wasn't one close. Fast forward 30 years since leaving the area, anytime I'm near a Biscuitville I make a stop. My kids and wife know the order is going to be epic and it's everyone for themselves. This place (any location really) doesn't miss!!

Photo of Michael MM Michael MM
Sep 23, 2023 4

Great place for a quick bite before a busy day! Super fast service and the staff are so polite. I do, however, wonder if they've changed the biscuit recipe because it just isn't the same as it used to be.

Photo of Larry Anderson Larry Anderson
Jun 17, 2023 4

The biscuits are superb, and the food overall was delicious. Made my first stop ever there today and was thoroughly impressed with the food. The bacon and egg biscuit and the loaded sausage biscuit were outstanding. Will definitely return when in the area again. The place is obviously popular as the drive-through had a steady line of cars, sometimes out into the roadway.

Photo of Andrew Green Andrew Green
Mar 28, 2023 5

The staff was fast and friendly. The food was delicious. We had a mix up on our order and the managers were quick to assist sorting everything out. Overall an awesome experience.

Photo of Brenda Byes Brenda Byes
Jan 29, 2023 4

I am not a local. I am from Ohio. In all of my travel, I have never heard of a Biscuitville. While going somewhere else it caught my eye. I love breakfast foods and the name peaked my curiosity. First the prices were extremely reasonable and the portions were unbelievable. I almost had too much food. I got the standard..grits,scrambled eggs and bacon..of course the grits. With such a cozy and comforting breakfast I wished my surroundings were cozier....like a booth that I could have snuggled down into with that nice cup of coffee. Oh...by the way the staff were quick with service and just as warm as the food.

Photo of Ginger Newton Ginger Newton
Jan 22, 2023 5

I go often. Always pleased with food, drink, condiments. Best service ever. When eating in you don't have to stand around. They bring the food 2 you. Everyone is courteous & makes you feel welcome. Biscuitville Hillsborough Road Durham NC Always busy but fast service.